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41 Universities related to Materials Engineering found in United States

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Campus - cambridge, United States
University Rank - #3
Address - 77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - new-york-city, United States
University Rank - #8
Address - 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027, United States
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - philadelphia, United States
University Rank - #11
Address - Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - austin, United States
University Rank - #15
Address - Austin, TX 78712, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - state-college, United States
University Rank - #20
Address - Old Main, State College, PA 16801, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - pasadena, United States
University Rank - #23
Address - 1200 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - gainesville, United States
University Rank - #26
Address - Gainesville, FL 32611, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - east-lansing, United States
University Rank - #28
Address - 220 Trowbridge Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - pittsburgh, United States
University Rank - #31
Address - 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - west-lafayette, United States
University Rank - #32
Address - 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN 47907, USA
Rating -
Rating -
About Materials Engineering

The Interdisciplinary field of materials science, also commonly termed materials science and engineering is the design and discovery of new materials, particularly solids. Materials engineering is a syncretic discipline of hybridizing metallurgy, ceramics, solid-state physics and chemistry. It is the first example of a new academic discipline emerging by fusion rather than fission. The experts in these fields try to come with ideas that will solve various issues related industrial area and its production. This field of engineering is an important aspect of modern Science and Technology.

 The very idea of materials engineering is based on discovering new ways to increase productivity by putting in less input. Many of the most pressing scientific problems humans currently face are due to limits of sources. To manage the sources and materials is very necessary in order to obtain essential energy from them which will benefit the humans. Materials Scientists understand the history of materials and how they influence the structure, thus the materials properties and performance.        

Studying Materials Engineering and pursuing a career in this field is becoming popular among students across the world. The opportunities in this field have attracted many students to take admission in renowned colleges of the world to study materials engineering.


What are the Courses Offered in this Field?

The students have to choose from mainly under three programs which are undergraduate, graduate and certificate degrees. These programs concentrate on the relationship between the structure and properties of materials which are explained through physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The Degrees are:-

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

Undergraduate students interested in this field can earn a bachelor of science in materials engineering. This program explores the mechanical, chemical, electrical, magnetic and optic properties and applications of various materials. This is a 4-year duration course opted mostly by the students who had completed their 12th.

  • Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate students of master degree are trained for innovation research. Most of the colleges offer this for 2 years. Students should score rank in GRE and have a bachelor degree to get admission in this course. Students can opt between thesis option or a comprehensive examination option to complete their master degree.

  • Doctorate in Materials Science and Engineering

The Terminal degree in materials engineering is the Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and engineering. It can also be completed without a master degree in 5 years. Interested students have to take GRE to get admission in this program. Proficiency in mathematics, engineering and physical sciences is necessary for the PhD student.




MIT is ranked as number 1 university for providing quality education in Science and Technology. It is situated in Massachusetts, U.S.A. and is top known for its research activities throughout the world.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: - This College offers a 4 years Bachelors program which focuses on the study of structures, properties, design, manufacturing of the materials. It is a field critical to the future economic and environmental well-being. Graduates from this college are in high demand by industry and government jobs in research, development, production and management. Students develop innovative technologies and solutions to materials science and engineering. The expert in this field tries to find solutions related to the engineering problems in the nation and the world.

ELIGIBILITY: - To get into the program in the college the students are required to submit their SAT scores and TOEFL scores (100 overall with at least 23 in each section).

FEES AND EXPENSES: - The Average fee for the course is around $51,520 and a total of around $16,000 for other expenses per year. Students can apply to generic scholarships applicable for Engineering in the U.S.A.



COURSE DESCRIPTION: - The University of Toronto offers a 1 year Master program in Materials Engineering which is ranked number 1 university in Toronto, Canada. The Program is best suitable for recent for Undergraduates from materials science. This program is also intended for working engineers who wish to augment their current knowledge add to their credentials. The students get advanced professional training in Materials Engineering. The students have the option to complete their master degree in some of the specific fields such as Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Water Technologies and Process Design, engineering and Globalization and many more.

ELIGIBILITY: - To get into this college the students need to score ranks in IELTS (7.0 on a 9.0 scale) and TOEFL (93 on a 120 scale). Apart from that, a bachelor’s degree is also necessary.

FEES: - The Average fee for the course is around $59,000 (CAD) and around $13,000 for other expenses in the first year of the college. There are various scholarship programs offered to the students from which they can apply in whichever they want.



One of the oldest and renowned college in the world, the University of Oxford is an ideal place for learning and experimenting with ideas.

COURSE: - The College offers a 4-year bachelor course which focuses on the transformation of ideas of basic physics and chemistry to the mechanical, electrical, magnetic, design, manufacture and applications of the alloy. The objective of the program is to produce world-class graduate materials scientists and engineers and to conduct world-class research into manufacture, structure, properties and applications of materials. The students are taught to break down the complex problem, designing an experiment or model, managing a project to produce better results.

ELIGIBILITY: - The students should have passed their 12th at least with an aggregate of 90% and should score ranks in IELTS (at least 7.0 in each of the four components).

FEES: - The Average fee for the course is around 24,000 pounds and around 17,000 pounds for other expenses in the first year of the college.



COURSE DESCRIPTION: - The College offers 4 years Bachelors Program in Materials Science and whose aim is to prepare the students for research, professional practice or advanced study in a more rapid in advance interdisciplinary from. The program builds on the core curriculum to develop analytical competence and use it for individual research which will ultimately result in benefitting the society and its people. They develop the creativity, leadership, and the capacity for intellectual growth. They are needed to complete their course with many topics such as differential equations, mechanical behaviour and many more.

ELIGIBILITY: - The Eligibility for the course are SAT and TOEFL.

FEES: - The Average fee for the course is around $50,000 and around $22,000 for other expenses in the first year of the college.



COURSES DESCRIPTION: - The British Columbia University offers a 2-year master program in Materials Engineering. The Curriculum includes advanced coursework and a research thesis on the topic materials sciences. It is a fully accredited interdisciplinary program offered within the faculty of applied science. It is concerned with the characterized processing and uses in the design of metallic and non- metallic materials. The college provides many industry oriented projects and fundamentally oriented research. Every year 14,000 students from 162 countries apply for this college.

ELIGIBILITY: - To get admission into this college the students have to score ranks in IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.

FEES: - The Average fee for the course is around $8,000 and around $16,000 for other expenses in the first year of the college.



The Top three materials engineer jobs are:-

  • Senior Production Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Environment Services Project Manager

The median annual wage for materials engineer is around $93,000. According to the survey, most of the material engineer work full time but 1 out of 3 works more than 40 hours a week.

 There is a huge number of opportunities and jobs associated with this field such as Ceramic engineers, Composites engineers, Metallurgical engineers, Plastics engineers, Aerospace engineer, Architectural engineer, biomedical engineer, a chemical engineer and many more. To become a materials engineer they must have a bachelor’s degree or a master degree. The important qualities of material engineers are Analytical skills, Math skills, Problem Solving skills, speaking skills, writing skills and many more.


Materials Science and engineering are crucial to the success of industries that are important to the strength of a country’s economy. If we take an account of US the materials engineers in the eight industries collectively employ more than 7 people and crossing the sale at a whopping rate of $1.4 trillion. These facts show that material engineers play an important role in the industries and it provides a huge number of opportunity. These facts attract thousands of students across the globe to take Material Science as a course and pursue a career in it.


About United States

USA stands out as the most popular destination to pursue abroad studies among the students all around the globe due to the presence of quality education with academic excellence and the opportunities for a bright future.

Best Universities in USA

. Some of the best known universities in the United States are-

  1. Harvard University
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of California
  5. Princeton University
  6. Yale University
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. University of Texas
  9. Cornell University
  10. John Hopkins University

Best Courses to Study in USA

Some of the best known undergraduate and postgraduate courses are:

  1. Undergraduate courses in Computer Science, Engineering and Technology such as B.Tech and B.Sc course, B.Com in Commerce and Finance, Mathematics,etc.
  2. Postgraduate courses such as MS, MSc, MBA, E-MBA, PhD, etc  are the most sought after in the United States.

Scholarships in USA

If you wish to obtain a scholarship for studying in USA, then these are some options to consider.

  • Avvo Scholarship Program
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • Berkeley College International Student Scholarships
  • Cappex American Scholarships
  • Global Scholarships for International Students
  • Federal Student Aid Types
  • Organization of American States – The Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund

With the US economy growing steadily each year, there is no shortage of job opportunities in the country and studying there assures a bright future for all international students.

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