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9 Universities related to Occupational Therapy found in Canada

1-9 of 9
Campus - quebec, Canada
University Rank - #3
Address - 845 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H3A 0G4, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - toronto, Canada
University Rank - #8
Address - 4350 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7L 4X5, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - ottawa, Canada
University Rank - #81
Address - 1385 Woodroffe Avenue Ottawa, Ontario K2G 1V8
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - toronto, Canada
University Rank - #82
Address - 631 Station A Toronto, ON, M1K 5E9
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - kitchener, Canada
University Rank - #96
Address - 108 University Ave, Waterloo, ON N2J 2W2, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - niagara-on-the-lake, Canada
University Rank - #97
Address - 135 Taylor Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - barrie, Canada
University Rank - #135
Address - 1 Georgian Dr, Barrie, ON L4M 4H8, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - north-bay, Canada
University Rank - #147
Address - 100 College Dr, North Bay, ON P1B 8K9, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - south-porcupine, Canada
University Rank - #172
Address - 4715 Highway 101 East, South Porcupine, ON P0N 1H0, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
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Country Rank - #3
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Country Rank - #8
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Country Rank - #81
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Country Rank - #82
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About Occupational Therapy

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY (OT) is the utilization of evaluation and intercession to create, recover, or keep up important exercises, or occupations, of people, gatherings, or networks. It is an associated wellbeing profession practiced by OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Assistants. OTs regularly work with individuals with psychological wellness issues, inabilities, wounds, or hindrances.

The American Occupational Therapy Association defines an occupational therapist as someone who "helps people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations). Common occupational therapy interventions include helping children with disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations, injury rehabilitation, and providing supports for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes."

Regularly, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS are college instructed experts and must pass a permitting exam to practice. OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS regularly work intimately with experts in active recuperation, language training, audiology, nursing, social work, clinical brain research, and solution.

 Occupational therapy services typically include:

  • A personalized evaluation, during which the client/family and occupational therapist determine the person’s goals,
  • customized suggestions  to improve the person’s ability to perform daily activities and reach the goals, and
  • An evaluation of the results achieved to ensure that the goals are being met and/or make required changes to the intervention plan. 


Children and youth-

In this branch Occupational therapists work with infants, toddlers, children, and youth and the people related to them or their families in a variety of places like schools, clinics, and homes. Occupational therapists help or teach children and their guardians to build skills that enable them to do meaningful occupations. These activities center around: eating, playing, socializing, and attending school.        

Occupational therapy with children and youth has different types.

  • Creating and promoting wellness programs in schools and educational institutes to prevent youth obesity
  • Encouraging handwriting development in school-aged children
  • Providing individualized treatment for sensory processing difficulties
  • Teaching coping skills to a child and helping them inhabit the skills and activities with generalized anxiety disorder

Health and wellness-

 Health and Wellness is an emerging branch due to the increasing focus for health-related services in occupational therapy. A correlation between wellness or physical health and mental health is consequently, helping to improve the well- being of clients.

 Health and wellness include:

  • Prevention of disease and injury
  • Prevention of secondary conditions (co-morbidity)
  • Promotion of the good health of those with chronic illnesses.
  • Reduction of medical disparities or inequalities
  • improvement of factors that impact the quality of life
  • Promotion of healthy habits, social life participation, and occupational justice

Mental health-

Psychological wellness and the ethical treatment period have been perceived as the base of word-related therapy. According to the World Health Organization, dysfunctional behavior is one of the quickest developing types of disability. OTs center focuses on treatment of psychological sickness in all populations. In the U.S., military workforce and veterans are populaces that can profit by word related treatment, yet presently, this is an underserved rehearse area.

Psychological wellness diseases that may require word related treatment incorporate schizophrenia and other insane disarranges, depressive issue, tension issue, dietary problems, injury and stressor-related clutters (e.g. post-awful pressure issue or intense pressure issue), fanatical habitual and related scatters, for example, storing, and neurodevelopment disarranges.

Productive aging-

Occupational therapists work with more established grown-ups to look after freedom, take an interest in important exercises and live satisfying lives. A few precedents of zones that occupational therapists address with more seasoned grown-ups are driving, maturing set up, low vision, and dementia or Alzheimer's disease (AD). While tending to drive, driver assessments are managed to decide whether drivers are sheltered in the driver's seat. To empower autonomy of more seasoned grown-ups at home, occupational therapists perform falls chance evaluations, survey customers working in their homes, and suggest particular home alterations. While tending to low vision, word related specialists alter undertakings and the environment. While working with people with the AD, word related advisors center around keeping up the personal satisfaction, guaranteeing well-being, and advancing autonomy.

Visual Impairment-

Visual impairment is one of the best 10 inabilities among American grown-ups. Occupational therapist work with different callings, for example, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and guaranteed low vision advisors, to expand the autonomy of people with a visual impairment by utilizing their outstanding vision as proficiently as would be prudent. AOTA's limited time objective of "Living to Its Fullest" addresses people's identity and finding out about what they need to do, especially while advancing the interest in significant exercises, paying little heed to a visual hindrance. Populaces that may profit by occupational treatment incorporates more established grown-ups, people with awful cerebrum damage, grown-ups with the potential to come back to driving, and kids with visual disabilities. Visual disabilities tended to by occupational advisors might be described into 2 composes including low vision or a neurological visual impedance. A case of a neurological disability is a cortical visual impairment (CVI) or, in other words "...abnormal or wasteful vision coming about because of an issue or confusion influencing the parts of the cerebrum that give locate".

Adult Rehabilitation

Occupational therapy in adult rehabilitation may be in following types:

  • Working with grown-ups with a mental imbalance at day restoration projects to advance effective connections and network cooperation through guidance on social abilities.
  • Expanding the personal satisfaction for a person with malignancy by connecting with them in occupations that are significant, giving uneasiness and stress decrease techniques, and proposing weariness administration strategies[60]
  • Instructing people with hand removals how to put on and remove a myoelectrically controlled appendage and also preparing for useful utilization of the appendage.
  • Concerning paraplegics, there are such things as sitting pad and weight sore aversion. Medicine of these guides is the basic employment for paraplegics.
  • Utilizing and actualizing new innovation, for example, discourse to content programming and Nintendo Wii computer games.
  • Imparting by means of telehealth techniques as an administration conveyance demonstrate for customers who live in provincial regions.
  • Working with grown-ups who have had a stroke to recover quality, perseverance, and scope of movement on their influenced side.

Work and industry

        Occupational therapists work with customers who have had damage and are coming back to work. OTs perform appraisals to mimic work undertakings with the end goal to decide best counterparts for work, facilities required at work, or the level of handicap. Work molding and work solidifying are intercessions used to reestablish work abilities that may have changed because of an ailment or damage. Word related specialists can likewise avoid business related wounds through ergonomics and on location work assessments.

There are many more personified branches in occupational therapy but the above ones are the most important ones.


  1. Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts

  2. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri

  3. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

  4. University of Southern California

  5. University of Illinois--Chicago

  6. University of Pittsburgh

  7. Colorado State University

  8. Thomas Jefferson University

  9. Tufts University-Boston School of Occupational Therapy

  10. University of Kansas Medical Center

  11. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill

  12. Columbia University

  13. New York University

  14. Ohio State University

  15. University of Texas Medical Branch--Galveston

  16. University of Washington

  17. Creighton University

  18. University of Wisconsin--Madison

  19. Medical University of South Carolina

  20. Texas Woman's University

  21. University of Florida

  22. University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee

  23. Virginia Commonwealth University

  24. Quinnipiac University


In the event that you are intrigued to encourage the general population and you have a decent and lovely nature, and you need to support the general population who are for all time or briefly physically crippled or need to help to the more established people who are living in a seniority home or you wish to give your finger to help a child.

On the off chance that it so! This is the best field for you and you will contact the tallness of the accomplishment in this science field. To locate a great job or the best stage, ones expected to go for the higher investigation in this field like M.Sc or doctoral program. There is a decent professional prospect for the students who have done advanced education in this or related fields.

After the fulfillment of the degree courses, the understudies must go for the national accreditation examination to get the permit, with the end goal to rehearse separately. It is obligatory to have the permit for honing.

At present, the general population is confronting numerous issues in their day by day way of life with respect to rationally, sincerely or physically issues. The Occupational specialist is the person who fixes out such disarranges.

You can fill in as a specialist in this field. There is a decent chance to travel to another country after the fulfillment of this course.

A portion of the best occupation profiles or the titles in this field are as the accompanying:

  • Teacher

  • Consultant

  • OT Technician

  • OT nurse

  • Rehabilitation therapy assistant

  • Speech and language therapist

  • Private practitioner

  • Occupational therapist

  • Service delivery manager

  • Lab technician

  • Medical record technician

  • National sales manager

  • OT in-charge

  • Critical care nursing in charge

About Canada

Canada, ranked amongst the top 10 countries of the world by United Nations, is known for its eminent education, excellent institutions and quality of life. It has the top institutions and universities which provide excellent education to students from all over the world, thereby becoming one of the top choices for studying abroad.

A number of Canadian Institutes provide exchange programs for its students, all over the globe, which gives them the right exposure and a great experience to learn and develop as an individual. Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec are the top hubs for education in Canada where a number of international students prefer.

The country spends a lot on providing the best education to its students. Various undergraduate degrees, postgraduate courses, diploma, advanced diploma, etc. are being provided in most of the Canadian Universities.University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Waterloo and York University are counted among the best universities in Canada.

Canada can be a great choice for students planning to pursue higher degrees of education because of the high standards and lower cost of living. The universities provide excellent infrastructure and facilities, which makes it a highly favored study abroad destination.

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