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22 Universities related to Public Relations found in United States

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Campus - atlanta, United States
University Rank - #34
Address - North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - boulder, United States
University Rank - #44
Address - Boulder, CO 80309, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - bloomington, United States
University Rank - #48
Address - 107 S Indiana Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - blacksburg, United States
University Rank - #49
Address - Blacksburg, VA 24061, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - ames, United States
University Rank - #57
Address - Ames, IA 50011, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - tampa, United States
University Rank - #75
Address - 4202 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - baton-rouge, United States
University Rank - #92
Address - 304 Thomas Boyd Hall, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - burlington, United States
University Rank - #99
Address - Burlington, VT 05405, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - atlanta, United States
University Rank - #103
Address - Atlanta, GA 30302, USA
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - tuscaloosa, United States
University Rank - #105
Address - Tuscaloosa, AL 35487, USA
Rating -
Rating -
About Public Relations

Have you ever heard the phrase: “Impressions make or break your reputation”.  With the digital age of more consumer and public involvement, reputation of a company or a person is constantly under the scrutiny of public eyes. Today, what you sell matters if only the public believes in the reputation of your brand. Public relations help to sustain the brand image and the goodwill of a person or a company in the eyes of the stakeholder and consumers in the market.  Public relations are a strategic move that companies or a public figure uses to build their goodwill image and credibility in the public eye.

What is it all about?

Public relations are a communication strategy used companies to build their reputation in the public eye. With public relations, companies or public figures help to build their brand and develop a positive image amidst their prospective stakeholders.  With the help of a clear public relations strategy companies attract new mergers and investors.  Public relations help the brand image amidst and focus on the target audience of the company. The strategies used by public relations officials help to do the damage control if the reputation of the company is in danger. It helps to promote the company’s brand on every form of media. They analyze the public opinion towards the company and help to build it positively.  Without Public relations, companies or public figures cannot sustain themselves in the public eye.  


To become a public relations executive, you need to have exceptional people and social skills rather than just a degree.  A public relations executive must have the best communication skills, both oral and written. They should be able to pitch the brand and ideas of the company to build a positive image. Being a good orator helps you as a public relations executive as you can connect with the target audience. The Public relations executives also need to write and market the brand in written content with the effective knowledge of social media marketing. Lastly, thinking outside the box campaigns is what makes someone a good public relations executive.

To become a public relations executive, you do not need a specialized degree; you can have a bachelor’s degree in any field and still enter this domain. All you need is confidence and social presence of mind.  You can refresh with short term courses on public relations or content marketing.


With digital media, the scope of public relations has increased. Every business needs public relations officials. This has led to the increase of jobs. The scope in PR or public relations is immense. You can be included in the political campaign marketing and write speeches or press releases of a political party. You can be a social media strategist for celebrities or a private company. Relationship management is one of the key roles in public relations.

Degrees offered in public relations

The degrees offered in public relations are limited in India, but abroad, you can get an undergraduate degree with bachelors in public relations. The majors you can take in this field are:

  •  Mass communications
  • Drafting press releases
  • Marketing and promotion strategies
  • Business communication
  • Advanced copywriting
  • Strategic planning concepts

There are master’s degree also offered with specialization in

  1. political marketing,
  2. social media marketing,
  3. strategic communication
  4. marketing and branding

Top Universities

A Degree from these above top colleges opens new ways to the students so they can play an important role in their respective fields. When someone is marketing their business, it’s important to know that how much the audience is involved and interested in the company’s Product or an idea. Implementing a PR plan enables us to establish the brand’s identity among the public in a cost effective manner which will do good for the company. There are various departments that are opened to the students after completing the degree are Content Creation, Media Relations, Social Media Community, Community Relations, Financial Communication, Spokesperson, Reputation Management, Crisis Management and many more. These are well paid jobs in PR region such as; a Public relations Assistant is paid around $36,000 per year, a PR Coordinator is paid around $42,000, a PR Associate is paid around $44,000 and a PR Director around $83,000 per year. The Handsome Salaries in these jobs attracts the students to pursue PR as Career from all across the world. There are 5,000 Internships offered to the students in the colleges and outside the college after completing their graduation from a reputed college. The Three main Disciple covered in the degree during the college are;

•        Communications and Media

•        Public Relations theory and Applications

•        Writing for Mass Communication.

These Colleges have excelled in the providing quality education in Public Relations by providing them talented faculties and a huge platform to experiment with their ideas and share them with big personalities through International Information Exchange programs. Here are the top universities to study public relations

1.        University of Texas

The University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A. provides a bachelor degree in Public Relation known as Bachelor of Science in Public Relations which is a 4 year duration course. The Curriculum focuses on Strategic thinking, professional writing, ethical practice and innovative use of new media. The Average Fee is around $36,000 and $16,000 other expenses. The UT Texas is a Bold, ambitious leader. Ranked among the Biggest and Best research University in the country and it is home to more than 51,000 students and 3,000 teaching faculty. Many scholarship programs are offered to the students that act as a financial aid to the students. The Admission requirement is getting through IELTS, TOEFL and SAT. Various Internship and information exchange programs are offered to the students that help them develop their strategy and communication skills. The main aim is to provide the students the idea of how to maintain a relationship between the audience and the organization. The students are provided a huge platform to experiment with their ideas and plan to work as team. Graduates from this college stand a great chance to mark their name in the world.

2.        Humber College

The Humber College in Toronto, Canada is a Public university with more than 29,000 full-time students, including 3,800 international students from over more than 100 countries. The College offers more than 180 full-time programs in more than 40 departments of education. It receives admission applications more than any other college in Ontario, Canada. The College offers a Bachelor Degree in Public Relation which is 4 year duration program.

The Average Fee for the degree is around $15,000 (CAD) and $15,000 (CAD) for other expenses. The College offer many scholarship programs to the students who are financially weak. The Program prepares the students for all the aspects of Public relation in a variety of sectors including corporate, nonprofit, government and agency. The Curriculum is based on the planning, managing and implementation of the departments such as Brand management, marketing communications, media relations, investors and government relations. The admission requirements are IELTS, TOEFL and PTE. Graduate from this college will able to develop, execute and measure comprehensive, multi-year communications plans that help them to build strategy to solve issues.

3.        University of Sydney

The University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia is a Public University which offers a Master of Strategic Public Relations which is 1 year duration Master program. This University is one of the world’s top research Universities in the world. The University has 60,000 international students from more than 130 countries. The Average Fee is around $35,000 (AUD) and $18,000(AUD) for the other expenses. The Admission requirements are IELTS, TOEFL and PTE to get into this college. The Master degree focuses on developing professional public relations knowledge and expertise. The Students who take this course wants to take up career positions in Public relations directly. The mentors are current industry professionals with extensive experience teach the students under a good environment. The college is well-known for its ranking in various surveys. Various Internship and information exchange program provide the students with the key essential of managing relations in Public Administration.

4.        University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is a Public University situated in Leeds, UK. This college is one of the top colleges in UK. The students Capital in the college is more than 30,000 from more than 130 countries. This University has one of the largest sports centers. The College provides accommodation and other facilities to the students. The Average Fee is around 23,000 (pounds) and 6,000 (pound) for the other expenses. The college offers a 12 month duration master degree program known as MA Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations. The Curriculum focuses on the latest thinking in important areas of marketing, communication and Public relations. Students can choose from the various optional modules in which ever the field they are interested. Many research, internship and information exchange program helps the students to know the essential of working in a team and how to manage time. The theory is taught by talented mentors who teach the students about key priorities such as sustainability.

5.        Boston University (College of Communication)

The Boston University (College of Communication) in U.S.A was the first college in the world which provided a University-level degree in Public Relations, in 1947. In 1947 the college created the first student run public relations agency. The College has a vast experience identifying the rapid change in media and technology. The talented faculties work very hard in order to develop the skills of the students to learn the essentials of Public Administration. The Average Fee is around $ 52,000 but many scholarship programs are offered to the students who are financially weak that act as aid to the students. The course is 3 semesters Master of Science in Public Relations program in which the students gain the overview of contemporary public relations, nature of human communication and the role of media. After the students have the thorough knowledge they are ready to assume a leadership role in Public Relations. The college also provides an Undergraduate degree in Public Relations that prepare the students for the professional careers in fields related to corporate, nonprofit, public affairs and media-based communication.

Career prospects

PR or public relations are a highly competitive field. You need to have utmost confidence in your communications to sell the goodwill image of your brand. PR executives work with celebrities, political parties, government bodies, NGOs.  Here some career prospects you can have in this field:

  1. Social media strategist: Here you can promote the company's goodwill with effective social media strategy. This helps to keep the company connected and build a relationship with the millennial generation.
  2. Campaign manager: Choosing this career will help you to think outside the box. Campaigns help to bring the cause of the company into the public eyes
  3. Celebrity publicist: This is one of the glamorous aspects of PR. In this role, you have to build the reputation of the celebrity and promote their presence in every platform.
  4. Speech writer: Every public figure needs to be prepared while addressing the audience, and hence, comes the requirement of speech writer. As a speech writer, the role is to help build a connection between the speaker and the audience.
  5. Political strategists: These days government bodies need to also market themselves for the elections. Political marketing strategists work effectively to build the election campaign and connect with the public opinion

Job Description

PR is competitive field, but as you progress the pay and the recognition gets higher. Most PR executives are hired by public figures and government bodies. The pay scale depends highly on the job description. The highest amount a PR executive earns is when they handle the political or the celebrity marketing strategy and relationship building. The highest salary a PR executive earns in India is rupees 1 lakh a month depending on their job profiles. Let us have a look at them.

  • Media Relations: Establishing the positive brand image of the company in all media platform.
  • Investor Relations: Building the brand of the company to attract investors. PR executives in this field also help in stakeholder and relationship management with the investors. In addition to this, they also analyze the financial reports of the companies and make marketing strategies to earn revenues.

  • Government Relations: PR executives also help to build the goodwill of the government especially during elections. They do political marketing and analyze the public opinion. They are also a part of the speechwriting and campaign strategy of the government.

  • Community Relations: PR executives in this domain help to promote the companies for their philanthropic works. Sometimes it is a damage control strategy  to erase the negative image of the company.

  • Customer Relations: Without customers, companies would not sustain. PR officials help to build the companies relationship with the consumers by carrying out market surveys. They conduct research to know whether consumers are satisfied with the brand, and if not, they come with alternative strategies to rebuild customer satisfaction. Here, PR officials use human centric approach to build the credibility of the company



About United States

USA stands out as the most popular destination to pursue abroad studies among the students all around the globe due to the presence of quality education with academic excellence and the opportunities for a bright future.

Best Universities in USA

. Some of the best known universities in the United States are-

  1. Harvard University
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Stanford University
  4. University of California
  5. Princeton University
  6. Yale University
  7. Carnegie Mellon University
  8. University of Texas
  9. Cornell University
  10. John Hopkins University

Best Courses to Study in USA

Some of the best known undergraduate and postgraduate courses are:

  1. Undergraduate courses in Computer Science, Engineering and Technology such as B.Tech and B.Sc course, B.Com in Commerce and Finance, Mathematics,etc.
  2. Postgraduate courses such as MS, MSc, MBA, E-MBA, PhD, etc  are the most sought after in the United States.

Scholarships in USA

If you wish to obtain a scholarship for studying in USA, then these are some options to consider.

  • Avvo Scholarship Program
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  • Berkeley College International Student Scholarships
  • Cappex American Scholarships
  • Global Scholarships for International Students
  • Federal Student Aid Types
  • Organization of American States – The Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund

With the US economy growing steadily each year, there is no shortage of job opportunities in the country and studying there assures a bright future for all international students.

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