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19 Universities related to Teaching found in Australia

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Campus - parkville, Australia
University Rank - #1
Address - Creswick VIC 3363, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - st-lucia, Australia
University Rank - #2
Address - 293 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - sydney, Australia
University Rank - #4
Address - Sydney NSW 2052, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - north-terrace, Australia
University Rank - #6
Address - Mudla Wirra Rd, Roseworthy SA 5371, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - perth, Australia
University Rank - #7
Address - 1151 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3K7, Canada
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - wollongong, Australia
University Rank - #11
Address - Hanging Rock Pl, Batemans Bay NSW 2536, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - kelvin-grove, Australia
University Rank - #12
Address - 2 George St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - sydney, Australia
University Rank - #14
Address - 15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - bundoora, Australia
University Rank - #15
Address - 264 Plenty Rd, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
Campus - melbourne-burwood, Australia
University Rank - #16
Address - 221 Burwood Hwy, Burwood VIC 3125, Australia
Rating -
Rating -
About Teaching

   To obtain the quality education in this world, we need someone to guide us. This guide is known as a Teacher. The value of a teacher is unparalleled.  The responsibilities of a teacher are huge because what they teach and how they teach determines the future of the student and the values instilled by a teacher creates the character of a student. If you believe you have what it takes to be a teacher, you should pursue teaching as a career. Read on to find the various types of teaching, the degrees available for teachers, the best universities for teaching courses and the future of teaching.          

What is Teaching?

        Simply speaking, teaching is the science of helping other people to expand their knowledge and understanding. In recent times, the term “teaching” is related only to schools. To answer this question of “What is teaching?”, we need to go deeper. This is because “teaching” is very vague in a literal sense. We all have been teachers at some point in time. Whenever we help someone solve a question, we teach them. Does this mean we are teachers? No. Because what teacher does and what responsibilities he has are very different than what we do when we help someone.

When we talk about teaching, there are some things that differentiate teaching from helping, such as:

1.        Teaching should be carried out with the intention of someone learning something from our experiences.

2.        Teaching should consider the feelings, needs, and experiences of people because teaching takes place only if people can understand what they are being taught.

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned points, we can carve out a perfect definition for teaching:

“Teaching is the method of attending to the needs, feelings, and experiences of people, and intervening so that they can learn things and go beyond their limits.”

In education fields, teaching is the sharing of knowledge and experience, which is often accompanied by reinforcing the concept of discipline.

It may seem easy to become a teacher, but it is not. To be a good teacher, you need good education and degree yourself, gather good information about your topic of teaching, have good communication skills and most importantly, have the ability to share that knowledge with your students. There are many teachers with good knowledge but unable to teach their students efficiently. This is also disadvantageous to students. All these factors make the job of a teacher very daunting and difficult for new aspirants.  Let us have a look at the various types of teaching techniques that teachers follow over the world.

Degrees offered in Teaching

There are various universities providing graduate programs in teaching. Here we list some of the best-known courses from universities around the world:

1.        Bachelor of Arts (BA) with QTS

In case you aspire to teach higher secondary class students, then obtaining Bachelor of Arts with QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) degree should be your priority. This course focuses on the development of specialist knowledge in the subject of your choice. It also provides ample time in the classroom and allows gaining practical skills from experienced teachers from the same field. This course is provided in almost all universities in the world and there is no good university for this.

2.        Bachelor of Science (BSc) with QTS

An alternative for BA with QTS, BSc with QTS is also a similar course. The value of both the degrees are equal and allows the students to apply for their master’s courses. The difference lies in the subjects and field of studies provided here. Also, Bachelor of Arts courses is more focused on honing the writing and communication skills, while Bachelor of Science courses aims to develop analytical and practical knowledge, along with in-depth knowledge about the subject.

3.        Master of Education in Learning and Teaching

This course provided by Concordia University, Chicago, is one of the best when your aim is to deepen your knowledge in your subject of choice. It also provides a good understanding of the curriculum, assessment theory and instructions that one must have when aiming to obtain QTS and become a good teacher. It also teaches aspirants to utilize various technologies involved in teaching field like smart boards. At the end of the course, you are supposed to complete a project where you do research work related to your interests in teaching and learning. 

4.        Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Master of Education courses by Carthage College, Wisconsin, USA is a collection of various concentration courses which you can select based on your interests. The M.Ed. aims to develop professional and intellectual learning. It enables the teachers to stay in touch with the various issues related to the education field such as curriculum and administration. The specialized concentration courses provided by Carthage are:

  1. Curriculum and Instruction: Prepares the students for fulfilling their roles in curriculum development and data-driven decision making.
  2. Higher education: Prepares students for administration roles at schools and colleges.
  3. Leadership in Teaching: Prepares students for leadership roles in curriculum development, assessment programs, and action research.

Top Universities for Teaching Degrees

        Getting admission in a good college is very important. Here are some of the best colleges you can apply for obtaining your degree in teaching.

1.        University College London

University College London, or UCL for short, is a public research university in London, England. It is one of the largest universities in England in terms of total enrolment strength. Established in 1826, this makes it one of the oldest universities in the world. The main campus of UCL is in Bloomsbury of central London and has several branches in countries like Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford and Doha, Qatar. It ranks number 7th in QS World Ranking overall and number one for Teaching courses. This makes it one of the best universities to join to get the best education for pursuing your teaching career.

2.        Harvard University

Another top-tier college in the world, Harvard University doesn’t require any introduction. Located in Massachusetts, it is USA’s oldest institute for higher studies, established in 1636. It ranks number 3 in the list of QS World Ranking system overall and holds 2nd rank for teaching courses, making it one of the best colleges you can join to obtain your degree. The degrees like Bachelor of Science and Master of Science are quite well known for their quality of material, hence making Harvard University a good option to choose.

3.        Stanford University

Located right in the middle of Silicon Valley, home to popular companies like Apple, Google, and Yahoo, Stanford University makes it to the list of top universities in the world. With its campus spanning 8180 acres, Stanford boasts of one of the largest campuses of US.  It was founded in 1885, making it one of the oldest universities. Stanford University ranks number 2 in QS World Ranking, bagging number 3 for teaching programs. It has several master’s programs like Master of Education for Senior Secondary and Master of Science in various fields.

4.        University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a research college located in Cambridge, England. It has more than 18000 students from various countries. It was founded in 1209, which makes it one of the oldest universities in the world. QS World Ranking puts it at number 6 overall and number 4 for teaching. The master’s degree programs in MPhil, PhD and Undergraduate Education are known for their extensive curriculum and worth the consideration.

5.        University of Oxford

The University of Oxford, located in Oxford is the oldest university in the USA, founded in the 11th century (the exact date is unknown). It currently has 22000 students in its campus with more than 40% of students being international. There is no dedicated campus, instead, the buildings are scattered around the city of Oxford. Having an overall QS World Ranking of 5th and 5th for teaching also, it makes University of Oxford one of the best to gain your degree from.

Jobs after Graduation

Teaching is a very broad field of study and hence it provides many career options to choose from. Once you get your degree from a college, you are supposed to obtain your Qualified Teacher Status by practising your knowledge for some time before you can start teaching. After that, you are entitled to get various jobs like:

1.        Primary School teacher

2.        Secondary School teacher

3.        Online instructor

4.        Administrator of college/schools

5.        Research analyst

6.        Lecturers

7.        Professors in colleges

8.        Head of Department

9.        Associate research scholars

10.        Tutors

Future Opportunities in Teaching

         In recent years, people have started understanding the importance of education in their lives. Hence, there has been a constant rise in the need of teachers in various institutions. And with the advent of online teaching, it has made it very easy to share your knowledge with many knowledge seekers all over the web. Everyone needs a teacher to hold their hands and lead them to enlightenment. Therefore, you can rest assured that pursuing your job in the teaching field is going to pay off in the future.

About Australia

Did you know, over 37 Australian universities have made it to the 2018 QS list of top universities in the world? The Australian education system offers quality education combined with great employer and industry reputation.

The primary and secondary level of education in Australia is no different than the other countries since it sets up the basic concepts of knowledge in the mind of young. What makes a difference is the tertiary education programme in Australia.

Australia has around 43 universities and in order to keep in check the working of these universities the Australian government has initiated  programmes such as:

• The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) established in 1995 as a national policy for tertiary education in Australia.

• The Tertiary Education Quality and Standard Agency (TEQSA) which monitors the quality standards of higher education in Australia.

The top quality institutions in Australia offer a variety of courses. The best courses to study are:

  • Engineering
  • Accountancy
  • Law
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Architecture
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Humanities and Social Work

Some of the globally renowned institutes and universities of Australia are:

  • University of Sydney, Sydney
  • Australian National University, Canberra
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  • Monash University, Melbourne
  • University of New South Wales, Kensington
  • University of Western Australia, Perth
  • University of Adelaide, Adelaide
  • RMIT University

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