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Cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students in 2022

Source: Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development

For Indian pupils, studying overseas opens up a world of job opportunities. Earning a degree outside of your own country adds weight to your portfolio, provides foreign exposure, & aids personal growth. However, studying internationally remains a faraway goal for about 60% of Indian learners from middle-class families. Lets know that which is the Cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students?

Tuition costs, living expenditures, health costs, and a variety of other aspects all contribute to the expenses of studying overseas. While applying for a loan or scholarships are two choices, not everybody is qualified for loans, scholarships, or grants.

Here are a few inexpensive study abroad options for Indian students:

  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Poland

In the pool of countries like Taiwan, France, and Norway, that offer good education at affordable cost, we’ve covered all there is to know about the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students

Cheapest Country to Study Master’s Degree for Indian Students

Norway is among the 3 Scandinavian countries, with a population of little over 5 million people. It is regarded as among the most incredible places to live in the world, with a very low crime rate.

Norway is also the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students. Its public educational institutions are free to all students. Yes, you read that correctly! In Norway, there are no tuition fees. However, living expenses might be a bit extravagant in actuality. A person’s monthly costs in Norway can range from Rs.60,000 – Rs.100,000.

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Here are a few reasons why one should consider studying in Norway.

  • The nature of Norway is pleasant.
  • Norway is considered to be among the safest place to study & live in.
  • No tuition fees at public establishments.
  • Easy communication in English.
  • There isn’t any sort of gender discrimination in Norway.
  • The country is home to excellent quality universities.

Top Universities in Norway

Following is the table of top Universities in Norway:

UniversityGlobal Rank        Top Courses Average Fees
University of Oslo   90Arts & Humanities, Clinical medicine, Computer science USD 60/year
University of Bergen            183    Marine scienceUSD 131/year
Norwegian Uni. Of Science & Tech266Chemical engineering, electrical engineering, geo techniques & geohazardsNo fees
University Of Tromso445Environmental science & climate changeUSD 70/ Semester
Norwegian Uni. Of Life Sciences675Agriculture & forestry USD 12350/year
Western Norwegian Uni. Of Applied Science1053Climate change management, maritime operations, software engineeringUSD 182/year
University Of South-Eastern Norway1061Electrical engineering, management info. system, process technologyUSD 21,600/year
University Of Stavanger1068Civil engineering, psychology, archaeology, biological science, lawUSD 179/year
Oslo Metropolitan University1233Product design, int. education & developmentUSD 203/year
University Of Agder1408Mechatronics, business administration, sustainability managementUSD 90/semester

University of Oslo

The Uni. of Oslo is the country’s biggest & oldest higher education institution. It was established in1811, while the country was still ruled by the Danish. Approximately 30,000 students & 4,500 staff attend the Uni. of Oslo nowadays. The University’s research is of high quality, as evidenced by the presence of 4 Nobel Laureates.

Avg. Fees: USD 60/year.

Top Courses: Arts & humanities, computer sciences, cardiovascular, clinical medicine

University of Bergen

The Uni. of Bergen is a public university in Bergen, Norway, that focuses on research. Today, the institution employs over 4,000 people & has about 18,000 students. It is Norway’s 2nd oldest University, having been founded in 1946 by a parliamentary act based on many previous scientific organizations going back to 1825.

Avg. fees: USD 131/year

Top Courses Marine science

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Norwegian University of Science & Tech

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is a Norwegian public university with campuses in Trondheim, Gjovik, & Alesund. NTNU employs about 8,000 staff and has about 40,000 students. In 1996, the King-in-Council merged the previous Uni of Trondheim & other university-level organizations, with origins reaching back to 1760, to become NTNU, which has since expanded to include several former university institutions.

Top Courses: Chemical engineering, electrical engineering, geo techniques & geohazards

University of Tromso

The University of Tromso is a state university as well as the globe’s northernmost institution. It was founded by a parliamentary act in 1968 & inaugurated in 1972 in the Norwegian city of Troms. The University of Tromso is the biggest research & educational establishment in Northern Norway as well as the 6th largest University in Norway. Because of its location, this University is an ideal place to further research into the region’s natural environment, society, and culture.

Avg. fees: USD 70/semester

Top Courses: Fine arts, law, tourism & social work, bioscience & fisheries, economics

Norwegian University of Life Science

NMBU is a public educational institution in Norway. It has about 5,200 students & is located near Oslo, As in Viken, and at Adamstown. Over 93 universities throughout the world have exchange agreements with NMBU, including 44 European, 6 Nordic, and 8 North American organizations. Building good academic networks, promoting international interchange, and adding to the development of competence with institutions in the south are all goals of NMBU’s international collaboration.

Avg. fees: USD 12350/year

Top courses: Agriculture & forestry 

Which is the Best Place to Study MBA Abroad?

Universities in the United Kingdom provide some of the greatest MBA courses in the world, attracting students from all over the world. If you wish to pursue MBA in a country other than the UK, there are lots of options, ranging from long-standing strongholds like the United States and France to developing powers like China & Singapore.

Let’s have a look at some of the best yet cheapest countries for MBA.

  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Malaysia
              University FT Rank              Avg. Fees
National Uni. Of Singapore14USD 49,000
Sungkyunkwan University GSB35USD 43,500
TUSEM, China67USD 31,000
UCTGSB, South Africa94USD 35,600
ESMT, Berlin80USD 52,000
Essec Business School, France81USD 55,000
CEIBS, China 7USD 68,000

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Cheapest Country to Study Bachelor’s Degree for Indian Students

Germany, sometimes identified as “the land of ideas,” is gaining appeal among foreign students, and it’s easy to understand why: it has prestigious universities, affordable expenses, and a good standard of living. The country is also the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students

All public institutions, except for Baden-Württemberg, do not charge students at the undergrad or Ph.D. levels. Master’s candidates who did not complete their undergrad degree in Germany should expect to spend up to nearly €20,000 each year. However, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Depending on your lifestyle, region, and spending patterns, you’ll need about €10,200 every year to meet living expenses.


Main reasons for Indian students wanting to study in Germany:

  • Public universities offer free education in Germany.
  • Many scholarship organizations in Germany offer financial assistance to exceptional students, but the DAAD, especially, provides a program specifically for Indian students.
  • Staff & infrastructure in higher ed is excellent.
  • Degrees that are recognized internationally.
  • Studying in Germany isn’t only free but it may also be done in English if one’s German abilities aren’t up to par.
  • Germany is a highly developed country with a thriving economy that creates thousands of new opportunities every day, allowing a lot of international students to find work.
  • After graduating from your studies in Germany, you will have the opportunity to stay & look for a job. International graduates are allowed to live for an extra 18 months to look for jobs under the law, and they may choose to stay a bit longer if they wish to.
        University Global Rank      Top CoursesAvg. Fees
University of Tubingen175Biochem, Nanoscience, economics, computational linguistics, neurobiologyUSD 3,330/year
Technical University of Dresden173Nano biophysics, molecular bioengineering, cartography, ecosystem services, intellectual property lawUSD 1,100/year
Technical Uni. Of Berlin148Computer science, economics, computer engineering, energy managementUSD 13,000/year
RWTH Aachen University145Cell biology, chemistry, biology & biochemistry, chemical engineeringNONE 
Karlsruhe Institute of Tech131Mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, computer science, information systems, bioengineeringUSD 3,300/year
Freie University130Finance, mathematics, management & marketing, bioinformatics, visual & media anthropologyNONE
Humboldt University117Endocrinology & metabolism, ecology, geosciences, immunology, condensed matter physicsUSD 1,000/year
Ruprecht Karls University Heidelberg64Applied CS, molecular biotechnology, economics, biomedical engineering, int. lawUSD 3,100/year
Ludwig Maximilian University63Business administration, computational linguistics, orthodox theology, data scienceUSD 350/year
TECHNISCHE University Munchin50Aerospace engineering, environmental engineering, industrial chemistry, robotics, transportation systems, quantum science & techUSD 290/year

Cheapest Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students


✅ Which country is the best for Indian students to study abroad?

Ans. Germany and Canada are the best countries for Indian students to study abroad. Germany is well known for its low tuition fees. For Indian students, Canada has become one of the most popular study destinations. In recent years, the number of students travelling to Canada for higher education has expanded dramatically.

✅ Which is the cheapest country to study abroad?

Ans. These countries have been selected as the Cheapest Countries to study abroad by Top Universities:
1. Norway
2. Taiwan
3. Germany
4. France
5. Mexico
6. Sweden
7. Poland

✅ Can I study in Germany for free?

Ans. Germans, Europeans, and all non-Europeans are all entitled to free education in Germany. It makes no difference whether you are from the EU or the EEA. This is true for practically all public university study programmes. But institutions other than the public have very low tuition fees and provide different scholarships to aid your finances.

✅ Is Under Graduate better in India or abroad?

Ans. Undergraduate education in India is far less expensive than education elsewhere. Even if your child attends one of India’s most costly universities, the cost will be less than half of what it would be elsewhere.

✅ Is Canada cheap to study?

Ans. In comparison to many other nations, studying in Canada is substantially more economical. Studying in Canada is a good option for international students seeking for an inexpensive degree. International and domestic students can benefit from Canada’s inexpensive tuition rates.

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Comments (12)

  1. Ishika :

    Is Canada cheap to study?

    • Isha :

      Studying in Canada is far less expensive than in many other nations. Studying in Canada is a good option for overseas students seeking for a low-cost degree. International and domestic students can benefit from reduced tuition prices in Canada.

  2. Harshit :

    Is Australia cheap to study?

    • Isha :

      As in many other areas across the world, studying in Australia is less expensive for domestic students, particularly those who are successful in applying for a Commonwealth sponsored seat, which implies that study fees are primarily subsidised by the government. 

  3. Abhishek :

    Which foreign country is cheapest to study abroad?

    • Isha :

      Following are countries that provides cheap education:

  4. Risabh :

    Which university is afoordable in Canada?

    • Isha :

      Following is the list of most affordable universities in Canada:
      – University of Regina – tuition fees: 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year
      – Memorial University of Newfoundland – tuition fees: 2,150 – 11,460 CAD/year
      – Royal Roads University – tuition fees: 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year
      – Athabasca University – tuition fees: 1,625 – 17,250 CAD/year
      – University of Saskatchewan – tuition fees: 4,110 – 24,000 CAD/year

  5. Sejal :

    what is the cost of living in Germany?

    • Isha :

      Germany is quite inexpensive when compared to other European countries. To live in Germany, you would need around INR 74,229 per month or INR 890,752 per year. Rent is the most expensive item in Germany; the rest of the expenditures, such as food and utilities, are decently priced.

  6. Arunav :

    Can I study in UK for free?

    • Isha :

      Although there are no tuition-free institutions in the UK, international students can apply for a number of private and government scholarships. They not only pay your tuition but also provide provisions for other expenses.

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