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Counseling is the concern and needs of every next student; there have been many of the ways of online counseling one of them is college predictor .the students are running towards better colleges for fame, name, and placements.

Every generation is aspiring to be on the top and in top colleges or universities; thus, this portal helps to come up with solutions for your future needs. A college predictor helps any student to generate his/her stand currently and upgrade in the future. Every student knows their place, but the college predictor helps to give a better clarification on the student’s thoughts.

A College Predictor helps to decide the better choices by comparing it with the best options. The utmost result of this portal arises due to the admission system of the colleges using a hybrid technique to tackle the student’s admission and the loss of better college choices because of the number of students taking up admissions in prestigious colleges.

In addition to the high prediction accuracy rate, flexibility is an advantage, as the system can predict suitable colleges that match the student’s profiles and the suitable track where the students are recommended to enter.

The aspiring students either go for pre-admissions examinations like JEE/CLAT/CAT etc. or continue with their 12th-grade percentage scored where universities like DELHI UNIVERSITY give the college as per their merits scored in the 10+2 EXAMINATIONS. 

Specific Course Admission Like

  • JEE Examination Predictor-

Students aspiring to get into the right engineering college, after their grade 12 board examinations, appear for JEE exams.

Engineering is the stream where most of the orthodox parents and students become good dreamers on and have conceptualized the norm that there will be no lack of monetary aspect in future life.

Studying engineering also helps them to follow their ambition of dealing with machines, chemicals, or computers, depending upon their choice of branch. This is where a college predictor comes into the picture.

  • Percentage Score Admission –

Delhi University, where the students find them successful after entering into such a prestigious university by try and focus on getting admissions in the top-ranked college.

The criteria of admissions in Delhi University is sub-categorized – 

  • Domicile – the privilege of being within the state is provided to students by having seats reserved for admissions 
  • Percentage – the students are given admissions as per their percentage of marks being scored in 10+2 examinations.
  • Gender – there is a specific campus where admissions are categorized only for female gender along with the cut off being presented.
  • Courses– the cut off also depends on the course which has been opted by the students in admission like commerce, arts, etc

All this while the counselor i.e., the college predictor, comes in a role where it imparts relaxation to students beforehand to move to options where better certainty prevails.

There are many other applications nowadays which help the students to pick their fruitful future colleges, and these applications work as college predictors like CAREER360 and CAREERKICK.

The choice one makes at this point, will determine the career in the long run. Thus the online aspect has been so diversified that now the need for physical counselor has erupted, and online counselor has taken its place calling it in the name of college predictors.

One of the online portals has given its overview that 2014 has been a year where the college predictors have been used around 25000 times at its initial stage, which shows how keenly the career goals are to be predicted by the new generation. 

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