Scholarship For MS in USA for Indian Students (Updated 2020)- Complete List, Eligibility & Application Process

Scholarship for MS in the USA for Indian Students is a good opportunity for MS aspirants to reduce their MS fee expenses. Getting a scholarship for your studies is a dream come true. Scholarships are just free money that can help you financially. However, the application for scholarships is not always easy.

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There are some courses that are very expensive, like MS and B.Tech, and this makes it difficult for some students to afford them. Colleges usually provide scholarships to some students who are academically strong. Therefore, if you want to bag some scholarships, follow this guide where we help you by providing some tips for a successful scholarship application.

How to Get a Scholarship for MS in the USA?

Getting a scholarship for MS in the US is not an easy task. A hyper-competitive environment makes it necessary to do meticulous planning for getting a generous amount of scholarship.

A scholarship can be full or partial depending upon the institution and course you are opting for as well as the organization offering it. The scholarship is generally need-based, however, some organizations and universities also provide need-free scholarships.

The requisites for earning a scholarship for MS in the US are as follows:

  1. A letter of admission from a recognized university.
  2. A bachelor’s degree from STEM from a recognized university.
  3. An exceptional scholastic record.
  4. A good extra-curricular feat like in sports or arts.
  5. Work experience. The tenure may vary according to the universities’ policies.
  6.  Promising leadership skills and social awareness.
  7. An affidavit showing the need for scholarship in case of poor economic background.
  8. A good IELTS/TOEFL and GRE score.

Scholarship To Study In Usa For Indian Students

Scholarships from several governmental and non-governmental organizations are available to Indian students. The requisites depend upon the policies adopted by these organizations.

Some of the prominent scholarships in the US for Indian students are:

  1. Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship: It is a federally-sponsored scholarship for Indian students who want to pursue MS or masters in recognized US universities. Disciplines such as gender studies, environmental sciences, legal studies, urban planning, public health, and public administration among others are the areas where the scholarship can be availed. Candidates with a work experience of at least three years and exceptional leadership skills are preferred.
  2. Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship: It is in the form of a partial grant and partial loan given to the students from developing countries India who want to pursue post-graduate studies like MS from the US. It is a competition based process. Students with a strong academic record are preferred. 
  3. Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarship: It was launched in 2002 to support India’s brightest students in their pursuit of higher education. It is in the form of an interest-free scholarship loan to the tune of ₹20 lakhs. Meritorious students who want to pursue post-graduate courses including MS are eligible for the program.
  4. Sushil Jajodia Indian Student Scholarship: It is a merit-based scholarship program provided by the University of Oregon for Indian students. Up to USD 3000 are awarded to three candidates each year.
  5. New York University Wagner Scholarship: It is an application-based scholarship program. It is largely based on the strength of the application submitted by the applicants. It can be a full or a partial tuition scholarship depending upon the strength of the application.

Scholarship for MS in the USA for Indian Students

As a student of India aiming to study in the USA, you have a lot of scholarship options to choose from. In this section, we list the various scholarships available for studying MS in the USA.

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Tata Scholarship at Cornell University

Tata Group has started a scholarship franchise – called Tata Education and Development Trust which aims to enable Cornell University to provide financial support to the undergraduate students at Cornell. It spends about $25 million and supports around 20 students per year.

These students receive this scholarship for the entire duration of their study time. However, the main criteria for getting this scholarship is the academic ability of the students and not their financial health.

Application Process for Tata Scholarship at Cornell University

The students applying for the Tata Scholarship at Cornell University must fulfill these criteria to be eligible for the scholarship:

  1. He/she must be a citizen of India
  2. The student must have completed secondary school in India
  3. He/she must be offered admission to Cornell
  4. Must be eligible for need-based financial support.

Also, the students must fill and submit the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile with Cornell’s CSS code (the code is 2098). Some other documents that can be requested are the ones mentioned in the above section.

Note that students from the stream of Architecture, Arts, Engineering, Economics, Management, Physics, Biology, and Social Sciences will be preferred.

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S.N. Bose Scholars Student Exchange Program

This scholarship is the joint venture of the Government of India and WINStep Forward. It aims to support the international transfer of students between top-tier colleges of India and the USA. The scholarships consist of Stipend, airfare, and health insurance. The students of Engineering Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Physics Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Chemical Sciences can apply for this program.

Application Process for S.N. Bose Scholars Student Exchange Program

The eligibility criteria for applying for this scholarship are as follows:

  1. He/she must be a resident of India
  2. He/she must be currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a recognized university in India.
  3. He/she must be pursuing studies in Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, and Mathematical Sciences.

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Asian Development Bank/Government of Japan Scholarship Program

This scholarship facilitates around 300 postgraduate students to apply for MS courses in the US. Scholarships are provided for studies in the field of science and technology, management, and economics. It has around 10 countries and many institutions under its blanket at this moment.

The scholarship includes facilities like full tuition fees, monthly expenditure allowances, medical insurance, and travel expenses. The cost of research preparation and conductance are also covered under this program.

Application Process for the Asian Development Bank/Government of Japan Scholarship Program

The students must fulfill these criteria to get this scholarship:

  1. Must be a female from Asia.
  2. She must be accepted for a four-year course at a recognized US University.
  3. Must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA out of 4.0.
  4. Produce the transcript from the recent college/ school/ university of study.
  5. Must produce at least one LOR (Letter of Recommendation).
  6. Must fill and submit the Scholarship Program Application.

These are only the basic requirements and further investigation may need more documents to be submitted. The requested documents are listed in the above section.

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Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships

The Nehru Master’s Fellowships program helps academically outstanding students pursue their master’s degrees from some of the US universities. It usually lasts for a couple of years.

The scholarship program covers tuition fees, health insurance, accident insurance, monthly expenditures, J-1 VISA support, and airfare. This scholarship may or may not cover all the costs of education. In such cases, students are supposed to cover the costs on their own.

Application Process for Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships

The students should comply with these requirements before applying for this scholarship:

  1. He/she must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized Indian University, with an aggregate of 55%.
  2. Must have at least 3 years of full-time professional work experience relevant to your field of study.
  3. Must be enrolled in a US degree program.

This scholarship supports fields like Arts, Management, Environmental Sciences, Legal Studies, Urban Planning, and Public Health studies.

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Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships

This scholarship has been designed to aid the Indian students to study at Stanford Graduate School. It covers all the expenses like tuition fees, living expenses, transportation costs, airfare, and health insurance. However, students are required to return to India within two years of their course completion.

Application Process for Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships

The students applying for this scholarship must:

  1. Apply for a Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program by late May of the year.
  2. Apply for any Stanford degree program.
  3. Successfully complete the registered program at Stanford University.
  4. Students are supposed to return to India and work in India for at least two years

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Go Clean Scholarships

This scholarship has been designed to aid students who are dedicated and hardworking. There are no restrictions on which courses this scholarship is valid for, as it covers all courses like bachelors’ diploma, master’s diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Ph.D., etc.

Moreover, it also covers all the universities in the USA, Australia, UK, and 235 other countries too. It only covers tuition fees though. The scholarship amounts to USD 3,500, or approximately Rs 2,40,000.

Application Process for Go Clean Scholarships

There are no predefined eligibility criteria. However, the students applying for this scholarship must:

  1. Be enrolled in any educational program in any institute of the world.
  2. Have a GPA of at least 2.5.

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Global Study Awards

The Global Study Awards program was started as a joint association between ISIC Association, British Council IELTS, and StudyPortals. It aims to make young students’ study in foreign countries and explore the world.

Like the Go Clean Scholarship, there are no restrictions on which courses this scholarship is valid for, as it covers all courses like bachelors’ diploma, master’s diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Ph.D., etc.

Moreover, it also covers all the universities in the USA, Australia, UK, and 235 other countries too. It covers tuition fees and living expenses only. The scholarship amounts to £10,000, or approximately Rs 9,00,000.

Application Process for Global Study Awards

There are no predefined eligibility criteria. However, the students applying for this scholarship must:

  1. Be age 18 or higher at the time of application.
  2. Must-Have took the IELTS test.
  3. Present a copy of the Test Report Form for the IELTS test, not more than 2 years old.
  4. Enroll for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program abroad.

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QS Undergraduate Scholarship

The QS Undergraduate Scholarship program was started to help those students who are pursuing their degrees in QS-ranked university. It is applicable to a bachelor’s degree. It also covers all the universities in the USA, Australia, UK, and 235 other countries too. It only covers tuition fees.

The scholarship amounts to USD 10,000, or approximately Rs 6,90,000.

Application Process for QS Undergraduate Scholarship

There are no predefined eligibility criteria. However, the students applying for this scholarship must:

  1. Be age 18 or higher at the time of application.
  2. Enroll for a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program in a QS-ranked university abroad.

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How much Scholarships Can I Get for MS in US?

There is no uniform pattern of availing a scholarship for MS in the US. It can be fully funded or partially funded, an interest-free loan, partial loan, or partial grant. Some organizations and institutions provide fully-funded scholarships which also include provision for airfare, accommodation, childcare, books, and other miscellaneous expenditure while others provide partially funded scholarships which may cover tuition or tuition cum accommodation. 

Full Scholarship for Indian Students in the US

Many organizations provide fully paid scholarships to international and Indian students which can cover tuition fees, accommodation, and even childcare for women.

Some of the full scholarship programs for Indian students in the US are as follows:

  1. Global Study Awards: It was established in 2015 by the British Council. It is open to nationals of all countries who want to pursue their postgraduate degrees. Applicants with high self-motivation and high IELTS score are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship is provided to the tune of £ 10,000 and may cover living expenses. 
  2. American Association of University Women (AAUW) International Fellowships: It is a women-only scholarship program provided to non-US citizens who want to pursue full-time postgraduate and research studies. The scholarship amount is USD 18,000 and can cover tuition fees, accommodation, rent, and even childcare.
  3. Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded in six focus areas of maternal and child health, peace and conflict resolution, water and sanitation, basic education and literacy, economic and community development, and disease prevention and treatment. The scholarship amount ranges from a minimum of USD 15,000 to a maximum of USD 30,000 depending upon the focus area, candidate’s merit, and community needs. The scholarship grant must be sponsored by the Rotary clubs of the host country as well as the US.

Scholarship For MS in USA For Indian Students

A Scholarship is simply a monetary benefit given by colleges to academically good students. It is a token of appreciation for such students. Scholarships also aim to help financially weak students who may not be able to afford the fees of the college they are joining.

As mentioned earlier, scholarships are meant to be given to students who may not be able to afford the college fees but are academically sound. However, these scholarships can also be availed by other students, but it is rarely seen for a scholarship to be given to financially strong students.

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Documents Required For Applying For Scholarship

Before you can be awarded a scholarship, the selection committee needs to verify if you are eligible to get a scholarship. For this, they need a lot of documents and scores to determine if you can perform well in the program you are applying for.

The required documents may vary between scholarship programs, but the following is the list of commonly demanded documents:

  1. Undergraduate Score: This can either be GPA, CGPA, percentage or even percentile scores. This is one of the most important things that the selection committee needs so that they can judge your potential and see if you are worth the scholarship.
  2. GMAT or GRE Scores: Applicants having a score lower than the threshold scores are often rejected. Some universities declare the minimum score requirements, some don’t. As is generally seen, having your scores in the top 10 to 15 percentiles can get you the scholarships.
  3. Letter of recommendation: Letter of recommendation is actually a very important document. It helps the selection committee members see how you are as a person. Sometimes, if your reference shares something that is interesting related to your goals and studies, it can lead you to get the scholarship.
  4. Professional experience: This statement helps the committee acknowledge your ability to cope up with the academics and projects you will have to do during your MS degree.
  5. Any published research papers or texts: Though not that much needed, yet it helps your profile because it indicates that you spent some time doing some research work that was worth publishing and is passionate about studies.

Getting a scholarship should be one of the top priorities for any student applying for their degree programs. It acts as a source of free money for your academic achievements, while also giving you some recognition.

There are many international scholarship programs available to help students. Many universities also provide their own scholarship programs. Be sure to read their guidelines, rules, and eligibility criteria before applying for scholarships to avoid confusion later.

This article lists out some of the most popular programs that aid students worldwide. You can use them to choose the scholarship that suits you the best.


Q. Can I get a full scholarship for MS in the US?

Ans. The Fulbright Program is full of scholarships in the USA for international students who want to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. The scholarships can also be awarded for non-degree postgraduate studies. The grant covers tuition fee, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance

Q. When do I start applying for a scholarship program for MS in the US?

Ans. Getting a scholarship for MS in the US can be a tedious process as the competition can be cut-throat. You should start applying for the scholarship program well in advance. You can apply for a scholarship 8-9 months before going for your degree program.

Q. How to increase my chances of getting a scholarship for MS in the US?

Ans. You need to apply for as many scholarship programs as you can to increase your chances of landing a scholarship. Make sure that your application has fulfilled all the pre-requisites.

Q. How much does an MS in the US cost?

Ans. It may cost around ₹48 lakhs to pursue MS in the US which includes airfare, GRE/ TOEFL exams, visa application, tuition, and cost of living.

Q. Can I get government-sponsored scholarships for MS in the US?

Ans. The chances of getting a government scholarship for MS in the US are rare. There are some federally sponsored scholarship programs in the US but the threshold level is too high.

Q.What are the criteria for doing MS in the US?

Ans. Pursuing MS in the US requires 10+2 school level education, a three or four- year degree, or a diploma. You also require a modest GRE and TOEFL/IELTS score.

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