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Humber College is a prestigious public college in Canada. It was established more than five decades ago in 1967. The college is actually called the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, but it is commonly referred to as Humber College. It has many campuses, and the North Campus of the college is located near the Humber River of the country. It is one of the best colleges in Canada. 

Humber College is the leader of polytechnic education. It helps students to broaden their learning experiences and develop their intercultural skills. It allows them to move from a certificate to a diploma and become the professionals they want to be. It also allows them to develop creative and entrepreneur thinking. 

The college offers a wide range of credentials, which include bachelor’s degrees, certificates, diplomas, and postgraduate certificates. Choosing this college will help the candidates to chart the best path towards their goals.

Why Humber College Canada? 

Humber College focuses on the holistic growth of a student. The college encourages collaboration among students and fosters innovation. From its elite campuses to its top-notch faculty, Humber College has everything a student needs to excel.

  • Humber College has approximately 190 full-time programmes in over 40 different areas, ranging from certificate programmes to diploma programmes to ESL programmes to degrees. The college is noted for providing career-relevant information. Check out Humber College’s programmes.
  • The university charges a tuition price of 17,840 to 22,580 CAD, which is around 10 to 12.91 lakhs in Indian rupees. These expenses can be managed with the aid of Humber’s scholarships for overseas students.
  • According to the annual report for 2021, approximately 85 percent of Humber College alumni were employed within six months after graduation. In addition, 75% of Humber College’s programmes guarantee job placement, demonstrating the value of a Humber College diploma.

Humber College Canada Ranking 

Humber College Canada has been ranked 76 in the country on this year’s Webometrics ratings. In 2018, the college’s Lakeshore Campus became the first college campus in Ontario to receive the Fair Trade Campus Network designation from the Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN). In 2019, the North campus also received the same designation from CFTN. The college ranked 5th on the list of Canada’s Top Research Colleges. It also received a continental ranking of 929.

Down below are the rankings of Humber College:

Country Rank 76
Continental Ranking
World ranking
Presence 3380

Humber College Acceptance Rate

It is highly recommended that you submit your application here, as the Humber College acceptance rate is  70% to 74.9%.

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Humber College Admissions

Mentioned below is the admission procedure for Humber College:

  • Choose a program and check availability for that course (international.humber.ca/apply)
  • Submit proof of academic standing ( secondary school certificates/ graduation certificates)
  • Submit additional program requirements ( for specific courses )
  • Review the tuition fee and the fee schedule
  • After acceptance, students need to apply for their student visa, pay the tuition fees, and submit the financial documents to support the claim of your financial proof.

Admission Fees: CAD 75

Humber College Campus 

Humber College has a handful of campuses in Canada. The campuses are loaded with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for the best learning experience for students. Each campus is a hub of education in various domains. The campuses of Humber College are:

  • North Campus
  • Lakeshore Campus
  • Orangeville Campus
  • The International Graduate School, Toronto Campus

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Humber College Courses for International students  

Humber College provides a lot of excellent courses to international students. Their diploma, certificate, bachelor’s degree, and post-graduate courses attract international students from more than 138 countries.

Some of these popular courses have been mentioned below:

  • B.Com Management Studies
  • Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • B.Com Human Resources Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology
  • Bachelors in Public Relations
  • B.Com Marketing
  • Diploma in Business – Marketing
  • B.Com Digital Business Management
  • Bachelors in Digital Communications
  • Advanced Diploma in Computer Engineering Technology
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Humber College Eligibility

The following table discusses the eligibility for Humber College:

ProgramAcademic RequirementsEnglish Requirements
Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Senior Secondary School Certificate/ Higher Secondary school certificate
a minimum score of 65% overall and in specific subjects required by the program.
IELTS: Overall 6.5 (with no band below 6) 
TOEFL: 560 (PBT), 84 (IBT)
Advanced Diploma/ Diploma ProgramsSenior Secondary School Certificate/ Higher Secondary school certificate
a minimum score of 70% overall and in specific subjects required by the program.
IELTS: overall band 6 (with no band less than 5.5.)
TOEFL: 550 (PBT), 80 (IBT)
Graduate Certificate ProgramsBachelor’s Degree in any discipline (First Division)IELTS: Overall 6.5 (with no band below 6.) 
TOEFL: 580 (PBT), 88 (IBT)

Requirements for Humber College

The College requires the following documents for admission:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Proof of funds
  • LOR
  • Resume
  • SOP
  • Proof of English profficiency

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Humber College Fees

The fees of courses of Humber college of all courses differ based on the course. Courses may also have an equipment requirement with specific device prerequisites which cost extra. Some courses may require the purchase of books which is an extra cost too.

Humber College Application fee 

Humber College has a non-refundable application fee of 75 CAD. This is to be paid by every student regardless of the course they are applying to. 75 CAD = Rs.4,500 (approximately)

Humber College Tuition fee 

The tuition fees for two semesters of all courses for international students start from upwards of 15,000 CAD.  15,000 CAD = Rs. 9,05,000 (approximately)

Humber College Cost

The Humber College website recommends that a student set aside between $12,050 – $19,520 for two semesters which includes books, cost of housing and meals, cost of public transport, and other expenses such as internet, etc. $12,050 – $19,520 = Rs. 7,50,000 – Rs. 11, 75,000 (approximately)

The following is a list of the average costs and expenditures that one may have to incur while living in Canada: 

  • Rent: The Cost of accommodation can range from CAD 1100 – 1300 per month. 
  • Food: While food costs can vary depending on where you choose to eat, on average, it can cost around CAD 1100 per month. 
  • Transportation: The cost of taking public transport to commute between places on a monthly basis is around CAD 90 – 100. 
  • Internet Cost: The cost for network and internet facilities can range from CAD 70 – 100 per month. 
  • Utility Services: Basic supply connections for electricity, water, etc., can cost around CAD 150 – 200 per month. 
  • Healthcare: Health Insurance for an individual can cost around CAD 2000 per annum. 

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Humber College IELTS Requirement

Humber College accepts IELTS as English profficiency.

Below are listed the Humber College IELTS requirements:

  • For Certificate, Diploma Minimum IELTS Score Overall 6.0 and No band below 5.5.
  • For Advanced Diploma Minimum IELTS Score Overall 6.0 and No band below 5.5
  • For Degrees Overall 6.5 and No band below 6.0
  • For Bachelor of Nursing Overall 7.0 and No band below 6.5 
  • Graduate Certificate Overall 6.5 and No band below 6.0 
  • IELTS test scores should be submitted directly at the Humber college on the day of the application
  • Students who have studied in institutions out of Canada should asses test results before the admissions evaluation

Humber College Scholarships for International Students

The Humber College Scholarship is awarded after the candidates’ academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community participation have been assessed. The scholarships will only be extended if the student achieves an average of 80% or above in each of their bachelor’s degree years.

The following scholarships are available to Humber College students:

Academic Excellence AwardCAD 250
Bachelor’s Degree scholarshipsCAD 1,500- CAD 4,000
International Entrance ScholarshipCAD 2,000


✅ Is Humber College Good? 

Ans. Humber College provides a good academic experience for its students. It’s an award-winning faculty that offers advanced academic credentials. Humber College gives the students the opportunity to engage in sport and athletic activities in the fitness and recreation facilities.

The facilities are clean, safe, and well maintained which gives the students the feeling of well being and gives them a peaceful and clean environment they need. Students feel that they have the necessary knowledge after they graduate from Humber. An amazing 85% of graduates have found employment only after six months after graduating.

✅ What is the processing time for Offer Letter at Humber College?

Ans. It takes about two weeks or sometimes even more to process an offer letter. It’s a press that usually takes a different amount of time and it is individual for different applicants. 

Does Humber College have a counseling facility available?

Ans. Yes, Humber College has a safe and confidential counseling service available for students who need professional help dealing with personal or professional issues. 

✅ What GPA is required to get into Humber College?

Ans. Students must attain a cumulative program grade point average (CPGPA) of 65 percent to be able to graduate, according to promotion and progression standards.

✅ Which College is better Humber College or Seneca College?

Ans. Finding out if Humber College or Seneca College is better for you by comparing their reviews, salary, and ratings. Work-life balance is a top priority at Humber College, whereas culture is a top priority at Seneca College.

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Comments (14)

  1. Vidita :

    What is the acceptance rate of Humber college?

    • Isha :

      The acceptance rate of Humber College is 70%-74.9%. It is highly recommended that you submit your application here.

  2. Mansi :

    What marks do you need to get into Humber College?

    • Isha :

      For diploma to diploma level courses, 60% is necessary, 65% is required for diploma to degree level courses (only specific courses are eligible), 60% is required for degree to diploma level courses, and 60 percent is required for degree to degree level courses.

  3. Manish :

    How long will it take Humber to reach a decision on admissions?

    • Isha :

      Humber will only process one programme choice for each student, therefore it is critical that they list their favourite preference as their first decision. As a result, the processing period will be 2-3 weeks at first.

  4. Ketan :

    Can I receive more than one offer letter by Humber?

    • Isha :

      Yes. A student may get up to three offer letters at the same time if they fulfil the admission requirements and the programme has room available. In addition to these three programme offer letters, EAP candidates may get an EAP offer (four offers in total)

  5. Ashwani :

    Do we need to confirm programme with Humber College?

    • Isha :

      Yes. By the requisite time (specified on the offer letter), the student must confirm their first chosen programme with Humber. Even if money is received, the student will not be able to enrol in any programme until they confirm via MyHumber before the deadline.

  6. Diksha :

    Do we need to confirm the offer if we have paid the tuition fees?

    • Isha :

      Yes. Humber can only reserve a spot for students who confirm their acceptance via MyHumber by the time specified on the offer letter.

  7. Shikha :

    Do i get any confirmation from Humber College, when it receives an application?

    • Isha :

      Yes. Within 24 hours after submission, the student will get an acknowledgement e-mail.

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