Medical Colleges In Germany : Fees, Scholarship, Courses (2022)

Medical colleges in Germany have a long and glorious academic history, as well as a commitment to improving teaching and research quality, which has made them rank among the top in the world. In Germany, a medical degree guarantees you a high level of employment and a high salary. According to Statista, Germany spends roughly 2.5 percent of its GDP on research and development in the fields of medicine and healthcare, despite having the world’s fourth-largest GDP. Moreover, A student working in medicine and healthcare earns an average monthly salary of roughly 16,500 EUR after completing medical studies at Medical colleges in Germany. However, For Every 15 months, the average wage in Germany’s Medicine & Health sector increases by 9%.

To know about top medical colleges in Germany, and the different postgraduate, undergraduate, and Doctoral courses available for international students at Medical colleges in Germany read the below article.

Medical University of Germany

As Germany is famous for Medical education among international students,there are various medical colleges in Germany that are providing the best medical education for students. The following are the top Medical Universities of Germany with courses they offer for students.

University nameQS rankingsCourses offered
Heidelberg University63Medicine,MSc in International Health,Medical Biometry,Medical Education.
Technical  University of Munich50Human Medicine.Radiation Biology,Biomedical NeuroScience,Medical Life Science and Technology.
University of Hamburg214Medicine,Molecular Biology,Dentistry
RWTH Aachen University165Dentistry,Logopedic COurse of study,Physical Therapy COurse of Study,Medicine Model COurse of study,MSc in Biomedical Engineering,
Minorin Medicine
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich( LUM)64Medicine
Tubingen University177Medicine,Medical Technology,Midwifery,Neurosciences,Molecular Medicine
University of Wurzburg378Medicine,Dentistry,Biomedicine.
University of Freiburg172Medicine,Dental Medicine,Molecular Medicine,Nursing Science,TEchnical Science,Palliative care,Periodontology and Implant Therapy.
Leipzig University447Human Medicine,Dentistry,Pharmacy,Midwifery( Masters of Science),Medical Computer Science( Masters of Science).
University of Humboldt128Health and human Sciences,Dentistry,Nursing Care,Public Health

Medical Colleges in germany for Indian Students

Indian students who want to study Medicine related courses or even MBBS have a wide range of choices. Many universities from different countries are offering MBBS and medical-related courses for international students. Among them, Germany is one of the best countries which offer Medicine courses for Indian students free of cost. Most of the public Medical colleges in Germany offer different programs like UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses in Medicine free of cost for Indian and international students. The Medical Council of India( MCI) and NCM recognize and approve many Medical colleges in Germany. But, Indian students need to qualify for the NEET exam to join any Medical college in Germany.

Top Medical Colleges in Germany

Germany is one of the best countries to complete the MBBS or medical-related courses in any program like UG, PG, or doctorate. Because many medical colleges in Germany are providing these courses at no tuition fee or less tuition fee when compared with other countries. The following are some other Top Medical colleges in Germany for international students.

  • Free University of Berlin
  • University of Bonn
  • Hannover Medical school
  • RWTH InternationalAcademy
  • University of Bremen
  • KIEL University of Applied Sciences
  • MacroMedia University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Luebeck
  • Technical University Dortmund
  • University of Duisburg

MCI recognized Medical Colleges in Germany

The tuition fee is relatively modest in comparison to the quality of education supplied in Germany. It’s also one reason Indian medical students look forward to studying in Germany. And there are few MCI ( Medical Council of India) approved Medical Colleges in Germany with nominal fee structures. The following are a few MCI-approved Medical colleges in Germany.

  • Heidelberg University
  • Humboldt University
  • Phillips University
  • Hannover Medical School
  • University of Bonn
  • Bochum University
  • University of Freiburg
  • Magdeburg University
  • Tubingen University
  • Goethe University Frankfurt

Medical colleges in Germany: degree Courses

Medical Colleges In Germany have a wide range of degrees and specialties available in Medicine and its related fields. Students interested in pursuing a medical degree from medical colleges in Germany must make up their minds before choosing a course. Medical Colleges in Germany provide a variety of degree options, including:

Undergraduate Courses like Bachelors of Science, Bachelor of Art, etc courses in Medicine field. 

  • BSc in Health Informatics,
  • BSc International Health Sciences, 
  • BA International Health Care Management,
  • BSc Psychology
  • BA Integrated health and Cognitive Psychology
  • BSc Health Informatics

Postgraduate Courses like Masters of Science, Master of Arts, and MBA in Medicine field. 

  • MSc in Molecular Medicine, 
  • MBA Healthcare Management,
  •  MSc Masters in Food systems, 
  • MSc Health Economics
  • MSc Biomedical Engineering
  • MSc Nutrition and Biomedicine

Along with these, there are also Ph.D. programs for students.

Different Medicine Specializations available at Medical colleges in Germany :

International Health

  • Dental Technology
  • Medical Informatics
  • Clinical Exercise and Therapy
  • Dentistry
  • Molecular Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Structural Medicine
  • Regenerative Biology and Medicine
  • Cardiovascular Science
  • Medical technology
  • Midwifery

Medical colleges in Germany: Undergraduate courses

The Medical Colleges in Germany not only provide MBBS for international students but also, different medical-related courses such as 3-4 years undergraduate degree courses with or without tuition fees. The following are some medical colleges in Germany with undergraduate courses and their tuition charges.

Undergraduate courses University nameTuition fees
BSc in Medical TechnologyGoethe University of FrankfurtNo Tuition fee
Bsc in Molecular  MedicineUniversity of ULM2.5 lakhs
Bachelors in MedicineUniversity of Munster40.6 thousand
Bachelor of DentistryUniversity of BerlinNo tuition fee
BSc in MidwiferyLeipzig UniversityNo tuition fee
BSc pharmaceutical sciencesLMU,MunichNo tuition fee
BSc international Health SciencesFluda UniversityNo tuition fee
BSc in NeuroScienceUniversity of CologneNo tuition fee

Undergraduate courses in Medicine  in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for Indian students to join Undergraduate courses in Medicine in Medical colleges in Germany.

  • A high school degree with university required scores.
  • And students should have a good command in Maths, Physics, Biology subjects.
  • And, Test for Medical studies certificate.
  • And also English proficiency test with a minimum score like IELTS: 6.5, TOEFL: 75-80, PTE:55-58 
  • And, German Language Proficiency cut off:
  • TestDAF with TDN-16
  • German Language Diploma: Second Level(DSD-II)
  • Goethe Certificate: C2 Level.

Medical colleges in Germany: Post graduate courses

After completion of MBBS or medical-related undergraduate courses, students can have time to pursue a Masters’s degree in the same field or the related field. And many medical colleges in Germany are providing Medical related Postgraduate courses for students in various subjects. The following are the medical colleges in Germany with postgraduate programs along with tuition fees.

University namePost graduate programTuition fee( per year)in INR
University of FreiburgMSc in Biomedical Sciences7.24 lakhs
Technical University of MunichMSc in Medical Neurosciences23,355 Thousand
TEchnical University of KaiserslauternMSc in Biology-NeurobiologyNo tuition fee
Hamburg University of AppliedSciencesMSc in Health SciencesNo tuition fee
Charite, Universitätsmedizin BerlinMasters in Molecular Medicine4.02 lakhs 
University of StuttgartMSc in medical technology2.5 lakhs 
University of TubingenMSc in Medical Informatics2.41 lakhs
Goethe University Frankfurt MSc in Molecular MedicineNo tuition fee

Postgraduate courses in Medicine in Germany : Eligibility criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for joining Postgraduate courses in medical colleges in Germany.

  • Academic certificates related to 10th, and 12th.
  • Undergraduate degree certificate in medicine, healthcare, chemistry, nursing, pharmacy, etc with a minimum GPA of 2.62 or a minimum of 70% scores.
  • And Also a German language certificate with a minimum of B1 level.
  • English tests like IELTS: 6.5-7.0, TOEFL: 80-90 scores cards.
  • And also students need to submit a GRE score with at least a minimum score of 310-350.

Medical Colleges in Germany : Doctorate Degree

It is an excellent opportunity for students in the medical field to do a Doctorate degree in the same field they did their post-graduate and undergraduate degrees. And even some of the medical colleges in Germany are offering Ph.D. courses for students in various subjects and too with no tuition fee. The following are some of the medical colleges in Germany with Doctorate courses with their tuition fees.

Ph.D program University nameTuition fee( per year in INR)
Pharmacy and Molecular BiotechnologyHeidelberg University2.41 lakhs 
NeurosciencesUniversity of GottiengenNo tuition fee
Molecular MedicineHannover Medical SchoolNo tuition fee
Infection BiologyHannover medical schoolNo tuition fee
Systemic NeuroscienceLMU, Munich19,992 thousand
Modern Molecular VirologyHeidelberg University2.41 lakhs
Molecular Physiology of BrainUniversity of GottiengenNot tuition fee
PsychologyUniversity of MannheimNo tuition fee

Postgraduate/ Doctorate courses in Germany: Eligibility Criteria

The following are the eligibility criteria for joining doctorate degree courses in Medical colleges in Germany: 

  • An Undergraduate and postgraduate degree in the same field with a minimum score required by the University.
  • GRE/GMAT test scorecards.
  • English tests like IELTS: 6.5-7.0, TOEFL: 80-90 scores cards.
  • For Indian students, some postgraduate courses even required GATE exam scores.
  • Along with these, German Language proficiency level test results as some of the courses thesis should be written in the German language.
  • And also, a short description of the project proposal with CV and present research studies report.

Medical Colleges in Germany: Scholarships

As most medical colleges in Germany provide medicine courses free of cost and the cost of living in Germany is also less than compared to other countries, many international students seek scholarships for meeting their study expenses and other cost-of-living expenses in Germany. The following are some scholarships for international students available at medical colleges in Germany.

Scholarship NameUniversity providedAmount offered
University of hamburg Merit Scholarships for International studentsUniversity of  Hamburg850 Euros to 1000 Euros per month
Martin Luther University Halle – Wittenberg PhD research GrantsMartin Luther University1,500 Euros per month
University of Duisburg – Essen International ScholarshipUniversity of Duisburg – Essen300 Euros per month
German University Foundation Medicus programGerman University Foundation( DUS)600 Euros for books and 1000 euros for using digital technology
Heinrich Boll Foundation ScholarshipsAll German higher education institutes800 Euros per month
DAAD Scholarships Free University of Berlin,Humboldt University,University of freiburgUniversity of Heidelberg870 Euros
Mawista ScholarshipAll Universities in Germany3,486 Euros
Novus Biological ScholarshipsAll Universities in Germany1,376 Euros
Konrad – Adenauer – Stiftung Scholarship programAll Universities in Germany850 Euros

Study Medicine in Germany: Different Stages

As the medical studies or MBBS in Germany is having 6 years of duration, it was divided into 4 different stages. And each stage is important for medical students to develop themselves and make them good doctors with deep knowledge and practical experience. The following are the stages in Medical colleges in Germany that students go through in total medical studies duration.

  • Stage 1: MBBS Pre-Clinical Phase: This is a two-year stage with four semesters. This is the first stage, which covers the fundamentals of science and medicine. At the completion of this step, an applicant must pass the first medical licensing exam.
  • Stage 2: MBBS Clinical Trials in Germany: This phase lasts three years and is divided into six semesters. This is the program’s main phase, and it consists of basic areas that are taught through a variety of practical methods. Lectures, practical classes, seminars, and live internships are examples of these methods.
  • Stage 3: MBBS Practical Year in Germany: This stage consists of a year of clinical training that will teach you the practical aspects of the topics you have learned thus far. Internal medicine, surgery, and an elective subject are among them. This is a crucial phase since it allows the applicant to gain on-the-job experience that helps him prepare for the future.
  • Stage 4: The MBBS State Examination in Germany: Passing the State Examination, which is a nationally standardized examination, is the final step in completing a medical degree in Germany. Only after passing this exam is it possible to apply for a license to practice medicine and start working as a certified doctor.


✅ Is MBBS in Germany Free?

Ans: Yes, MBBS is free in Germany but only in Government or Public institutions. Because the Public Medical colleges in Germany offer MBBS for international students at free cost and students need to pay a nominal fee like a semester fee to the University.

✅ How much does it cost to study MBBS in Germany?

Ans: The cost of an MBBS in Germany is totally determined by your nationality and whether you attend a public or private university. But, the Public Medical Colleges in Germany offer MBBS free o0f cost which only includes nominal semester administration charges. Tuition expenses for an academic year range from 1,500 EUR (1,23,600 INR approx.) to 3,500 EUR (2,88,300 INR approx.) for an Indian or non-EU student studying MBBS in Germany at both public and private universities.

✅ Is NEET required for MBBS in Germany?

Ans: yes, the NEET exam is required for Indian students to get admission for MBBS in Medical colleges in Germany. And the NEET score should be at least 60 %.

✅ Can I Study MBBS in Germany in English?

Ans: Yes you can study MBBS in Germany in English. There are several English-taught Medicine colleges in Germany for international students. There are almost 30 Universities that are offering MBBS in English along with German for international students at Medical colleges in Germany. Some of the famous universities are LMU University, Freiburg University, Hamburg University, etc. 

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