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Canada is one of the highly popular study destinations in the world due to its high-quality universities and low-cost investments. Amongst a plethora of courses offered, a post-graduate diploma in Canada is gaining massive traction among international students. PG Diploma in Canada, also referred to as the Graduate diploma, is offered to students who have completed their undergraduate studies. 

This 1-2 years program allows students to gain specialization in the field of their choice, whilst opening doors to lucrative job opportunities in Canada. However, if you are looking to pursue PG Diploma in Canada, it requires thorough planning. Hence we have compiled this article as a comprehensive guide to help you with this process covering the following important aspects:

  • The top universities for the PG Diploma in Canada
  • Top courses in PG Diploma in Canada
  • Eligibility criteria for PG Diploma in Canada
  • Fees structure for PG Diploma in Canada
  • Admission process for PG Diploma Course in Canada

 If you are looking to pursue a PG Diploma in Canada, then go ahead and give this article a read!

Types of PG Diploma in Canada

Let us first understand the types of PG Diploma in Canada. The postgraduate diploma in Canada can be divided into two broad categories, depending on the course duration, as follows:

  1. One-Year PG Diploma in Canada (Approx. Cost: 10,000 -15,000 CAD)

One-year PG  diploma in Canada includes  2-3 semesters which offers you essential skills to enhance the chances of your employability in the chosen field.

  1. Two-Year PG Diploma in Canada (Approx. Cost: 13,000 -20,000 CAD)

This two-year PG Diploma in Canada comprises of 4-g semesters that provides the students with the option to combine two one-year PGDMs and make their own two-year PG Diploma program. The benefit of opting for a PG Diploma in Canada is that this study course provides you with a three-year work stay back option.

Best Universities for PG Diploma in Canada

The first step in making a decision for pursuing PG Diploma in Canada is finding the best universities. Making your task easier, below is a table that provides the top 5 universities that offer the best courses for PG Diploma in Canada alongside their fees-

S. No.UniversitiesFees (INR)
1University of Winnipeg10.1 Lakhs per year
2Thompson Rivers University4.2 – 14.2 Lakhs per year
3Royal Roads University10.7 Lakhs per year
4Carleton University10.4 – 14.4 Lakhs per year
5Concordia University18.2 – 21.8 Lakhs per year

Best PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Canada has the best PG Diploma courses to offer in a variety of fields, to suit every international student’s academic background. The following is the list of the top courses for PG Diploma in Canada – 

CourseBrief offerings
Operation managementIt is a one-year course.Costs around Rs.10 lakhs or more. The program focuses on the techno-managerial requirements of the manufacturing and services sector.
Business analyticsThe program focuses on technology and business. It costs around Rs.8 lakhs or more. 
Supply chain managementThe program focuses on understanding the flow of production. It costs around Rs.9 lakhs.
FinanceThe program covers the fundamentals of business and financial planning. It costs around Rs.13 lakhs.
Project managementIt costs around Rs. 10 lakhs.
Global business managementIt costs around Rs.9 lakhs, The Program covers global/international business management courses that are exclusively available only for international students.
MarketingThe program focuses on market research skills and offers opportunities to work in the corporate world.It costs around Rs.9 lakhs.
Human Resource ManagementThe program trains you to handle resources and develop a symbiotic work environment.
AccountingIt costs around Rs. 10 lakhs The eligibility requirements are less stringent than MAcc in Canada

Now that you are aware of some of the top courses for PG Diploma in Canada, let us divulge details pertaining to the top colleges for these popular courses:

ProgramPopular CollegeFees (CAD)
PG Diploma in FinanceLambton College25,260
PG Diploma in MarketingCentennial College16,169
PG Diploma in Human ResourcesSeneca College15,590
PG Diploma in Business AnalyticsSeneca College15,164
PG Diploma in International Business ManagementAlgonquin College16,680
PG Diploma in Supply Chain ManagementHumber College17,537
Pg Diploma in AccountingDouglas College19,144
PG Diploma in Project ManagementDouglas College19,144
PG Diploma in the Data ScienceUniversity of Calgary61,200

PG Diploma in Canada Admission

The next major step involves understanding the admission process of the PG Diploma in Canada. Each university/college will have an admission process that is unique to it. However, we have mentioned the application deadlines in the table below for some of the best colleges in Canada – 

CollegeApplication Deadline
Algonquin CollegeFall- October 1 to February 1
Centennial CollegeOffers are sent out in February. Applicants are suggested to apply early
Durham CollegeFall: February 1Winter: October 1
Lambton CollegeFebruary 1
Seneca CollegeRolling
Humber CollegeFebruary 1
Douglas CollegeFall: May 31Winter: September 30
Fanshawe CollegeMid October- February 1

PG diploma in Canada: Eligibility Criteria 

One of the many reasons, as to why Canada remains to be a popular study destination for international students is, that it does not require them to fulfil complex eligibility requirements. Candidates can apply for a diploma course even after a three-year bachelor’s degree. However, one needs to take note of the following important eligibility requirements for pursuing a PG Diploma in Canada-

  • Students must possess an undergraduate degree in a relevant subject with at least 65% or more aggregate marks.
  • Some of the courses in business administration, management, marketing, etc require candidates to have at least 2 years of work experience.
  • International Students must have proof of English Language Proficiency, reflected in the scores of exams like IELTS/TOEFL.

Documents Required for PG Diploma in Canada

Although the admission process for diploma courses in Canada is highly flexible, the following documents are required for getting into PG Diploma programs

Documents Requisites 
Transcripts of previous educationMandatory
Study permitsMandatory
SOP for PG diploma courses CanadaMandatory
Proof of finances Mandatory

Student Visa for Canada

International Students are required to have to a study permit for Canada. This permit can be applied only if the students fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

Sr. No.Eligibility Criteria
1Student must be enrolled at a designated learning institute (DLI).
2There must be proof of sufficient funds to finance the Tuition fees, Living expenses and return transportation expenses.
3Applicant must have no criminal history and must not be a threat to the security of Canada. Students must be law-abiding citizens and might also have to provide a police certificate.
4Applicants must be in good health and may require to submit a valid medical certificate if required.
5Applicants must be able to prove to an immigration officer that they will leave Canada at the end of their authorized duration of stay. 
6Documents Required: Proof of acceptance, proof of identity,proof of financial support,letter of explanation, SOP for the student visa. 

PG Diploma in Canada: Cost of Expenses

While planning to study abroad, every international student needs to evaluate the cost of studying and living in Canada. This evaluation helps the students to plan their expenses in order to remain within the budget and understand the sum required for the entire duration of their stay in Canada. Making this evaluation easier for applicants, let us provide you with a detailed bifurcation of the cost involved in for studying a PG Diploma in Canada.

Pre-Admission Expenses

This set of expenses involves the money spent on application fees, visa fees, fees for English language tests required, and other expenses, before leaving the home country. The following is the detailed bifurcation of the same:

Type of ExpenseCost (CAD)
Program Application Fees75-100
Study Permit Application Fees235
Health Insurance13,000
IELTS Fees243-250
TOEFL Fees210-320

Tuition Fees for PG Diploma in Canada

The tuition fees for PG Diploma in Canada in some of the top colleges for Indian students is as follows:

CollegeAvg. Fees (INR)
Algonquin College8.8 Lakhs
Centennial College8.0 Lakhs
Durham College7.4 Lakhs
Fanshawe College4.18 Lakhs
Fleming College10 Lakhs
George Brown College2.73 Lakhs
Humber College9.48 Lakhs
The Sheridan College10.5 Lakhs
Sault College8.86 Lakhs
Mohawk College9.83 Lakhs

Cost of Living in Canada

The cost of living in Canada depends on various factors such as the province, accommodation type, lifestyle, etc. The table below provides the details of the expense of living in Canada:

Type of Expense (Monthly CAD)
British Columbia871279108342
New Brunswick45824571237
Nova Scotia50024568247

Note: The costs mentioned above is subject to changes in the accommodation and lifestyle.

Value of PG diploma in Canada

Like we mentioned earlier, the PG Diploma in Canada offers courses for a shorter duration, thereby allowing the students to get the right industry exposure while studying. Some of the major reasons as to why pursuing a PG Diploma in Canada is sure to add value to your career are:

  • PG Diplomas is comprised of programs are that job-oriented and have their prime focus on helping students develop the required skills for the industry and businesses.
  • PG Diploma in Canada allows the students to intern while studying and also avail of subsequent job offers.
  • The courses for PG Diploma offered in colleges of Canada are much cheaper than in universities. 
  • PGDM Programs in Canada are career-oriented and research-based, focussing on helping students gain the right industry experience.

Jobs in Canada after a PG Diploma

PG Diploma courses in Canada are highly career-centric and research-oriented. It focuses on providing the best educational infrastructure, to enable the students to gain rich industry experience, that catapults their careers. Once the students complete their PG Diploma in Canada, finding a job in Canada is not at all difficult. You are prepared to work with the global marketplace and are sure to land a lucrative job profile.

Depending on the course, relative field, the sector and the job profile, a fresher, can earn an average salary of 35,000 CAD to 50,000 CAD per year after completing PG Diploma in Canada.

Salary after PG Diploma in Canada

Want to know why we say that Canada offers lucrative job opportunities for a fresher who has completed the PG Diploma in Canada? Well, have look at the table below of some of the popular job roles for freshers alongside the salaries offered to them:-

Job RoleAvg. Salaries (CAD/year)
Graphic Designer41,000-42,000
Marketing Specialist42,000-45,000
HR Manager78,000-80,000
Executive Assistant52,000-54,000
Accounts Manager40,000-44,000
QA Technician32,000-37,000
Project Manager (IT)90,000-94,000
Programmer Analyst57,000-61,000

How is PG Diploma in Canada different from MS in Canada?

Wondering what sets the PG Diploma in Canada apart from the Masters in Canada? Let us provide you with a brief comparison to help you make an informed decision-

CriteriaPG DiplomaMasters
Duration1-2  years1.5 – 2 years
Fees8,000 to 20,000 CAD15,000-60,000 CAD
Post-Study Work Visa1 year of study students can get 1 year of work visaOn 2 years of study, students can get 3 years of work visa
UG degree Requirements3-4 years UG degree4 years UG degree
IELTS Requirements6.0 to 6.56.5 to 7.5
Other tests requiredNoneGRE/GMAT(depending on course/institute)
Fresher Salaries35,000 to 90,000 CAD50,000 to 130,000 CAD

PG Diploma in Canada with Scholarships

Apart from providing a great educational infrastructure, the colleges and universities in Canada, also provide financial aid to its international students. Various scholarships are offered to international students wanting to pursue PG Diploma in Canada. Some of the most popular scholarships are listed below – 

International in Canada Scholarship (Niagara College)Provided to international students holding a study permit admitting with one of their courses.Value:2000 CAD 
Paul Foundation scholarshipsOffered to all Indian students planning to study abroad. Value – 26,900 CAD.
Forktip Women Innovation ScholarshipsOffered to women who wish to study abroad.Value- 2000 CAD.
Brokerfish International Student ScholarshipsOffered to help students cover their health insurance expenses.Value-1300 CAD. 
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