PTE Accepted colleges in Canada : All you need to know

Canada has always been the preferred county by the Indians to study abroad in order to pursue higher education. There have been various eligibility criteria and various tests which are laid down in order to get admission to Canadian by the Universities.

The Eligibility criteria also depend upon the program you wish to apply for.One such entrance test to get admission to Canadian University is the PTE test. The PTE academic exams have been trusted by most Canadian universities and it is even accepted by the other countries to grant admission based on such scores for various programs.

The PTE test is of 3 hours in which your aptitude is tested and is a computer-based exam in which objective-type questions are asked.

The test includes the following four sections:

  • Speaking
  • Writing 
  • Listening
  • Reading 

It is organized and conducted by the Pearson PLC group every year and is considered by various colleges across Canada in order to grant admission to the students in various courses.

Why should you write PTE for Canada?

The PTE test conducted by the Pearson PLC group is usually used to grant the country’s regular study permit. The student is tested based on four skills through a computer-based exam.

Many Universities in Canada accept PTE tests as English proficiency tests instead of IELTS tests.

Here are some of the reasons why you should appear for PTE Academic tests?

  • Many countries along with Canada accept PTE test scores.
  • The test results are declared within days to avoid any delay and the pattern of the exams are also simplified for the students by dividing it into three sections.
  • It also acts as a backup to students who couldn’t score well or couldn’t appear for IELTS due to some reasons.
  • It is also used for Australian immigration and has been given huge importance to these scores.
  • The difficulty level of PTE exams for colleges in Canada is the same as that of the IELTS test therefore your scores are not undermined in front of the IELTS scores of other students.
  • The regular student study permit is also granted based on the scores of PTE for colleges in Canada.
  • There are ample centers established by the authorities in charge of the exam to appear for the PTE test for colleges in Canada and can be taken with much ease by the students.
  • You are required to score a minimum of 45 in the PTE for colleges in Canada.
  • Many colleges in Canada like Algonquin College, Capilano University, Conestoga College, Georgian College, and many more accept PTE scores in place of IELTS. 
  • It is much more convenient to appear for the PTE exam due to its Computer-based exam format.

PTE accepted Colleges in Canada: Engineering colleges

There are many Canadian and even Australian universities that grant admission based on PTE exams into the Engineering program.

However, the score requirements of each of the universities may vary, some colleges may grant you admission even on low scores but some may require high scores.There are even some colleges that accept scores of English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE Academic exam or TOEFL, etc to grant admission to international students.

The PTE test is being conducted to grant admission for undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, or even for master’s or Ph.D. programs and the scores are asked according to college requirements.

Following is a list of engineering colleges that accept PTE colleges in Canada:

UniversityCourse NameEligibility CriteriaFees
The University of British ColumbiaComputer Science (BSc)PTE: 6512-13 Lakhs
the University of AlbertaBSc in Computing Science GeneralPTE: 6110-12 Lakhs
Humber CollegeBachelor of Industrial DesignPTE: 5810-15 Lakhs
Memorial University of NewfoundlandBachelor of Engineering in Computer EngineeringPTE: 582-3 Lakhs
George Brown CollegeHonours Bachelor of Technology (Construction Management)PTE: 60Approximately 5 Lakhs
the University of WaterlooBachelor of Computer Science (BCS)PTE: 6335-40 Lakhs
McGill UniversityB.Eng. in Computer EngineeringPTE: 65Approx 15 Lakhs

PTE accepted colleges in Canada: Masters Colleges

Many Indian students prefer to pursue their Masters in various Fields after their post-graduation from International Universities.

Canada is a hotspot for humongous Universities that provides Masters’s courses by using means such as Pte Academic Tests or even IELTS and TOEFL to grant admission to students.

Pte has been accepted by various Canadia Universities to enroll international students for a regular study permit.

Here is a list of Universities that offers masters to international students based on their PTE scores:

University of WaterlooData Science and Artificial Intelligence – MDSAIPTE: 6810 Lakhs-20 Lakhs
Memorial University of NewfoundlandMaster of Science in Computer SciencePTE: 585 Lakhs- 25 Lakhs
The University of British ColumbiaMaster of Science in Computer ScienceDepends on the University Criteria10 Lakhs- 35 Lakhs
the University of CalgaryMaster of Science in Computer SciencePTE: 6810 Lakhs -30 Lakhs
McMaster UniversityMSc in Computer SciencePTE: 705 lakhs- 25 Lakhs
the University of AlbertaMSc in Computing SciencePTE: 6810 lakh- 35 lakh
the University of WindsorMSc in Computer Science PTE: 6515 lakh-30 lakh

PTE Accepted colleges in Canada: MBA Colleges

Pte tests are accepted by various colleges in Canada by universities to grant admission in MBA courses to international students.

Some Canadian Universities offer various courses related to management such as a diploma in Management, a full-time MBA, or a Master of Business Administration

Here is the list of Pte accepted colleges in Canada for pursuing an MBA :

University nameProgram TypeExam Fees
The University of British ColumbiaFull-Time MBATOEFL: 100
PTE: 70
GRE: 310
GMAT: 550
49 Lakhs
Concordia UniversityMaster of Business AdministrationTOEFL: 95
PTE: 61
GMAT: 580
25 Lakhs- 30 Lakhs
University of AlbertaMBATOEFL: 100
PTE: 68
GMAT: 550
24 Lakhs- 30 Lakhs
Memorial University of NewfoundlMaster of Business AdministrationTOEFL: 92
PTE: 58
GRE: 302
GMAT: 550
20 Lakhs- 30 Lakhs
the University of WindsorMaster of Business AdministrationTOEFL: 100
PTE: 68
GMAT: 550
30 Lakhs
University Canada West Master of Business AdministrationTOEFL: 88
IELTS: 6.5
PTE: 61
25 lakhs
University of CalgaryMaster of Business AdministrationTOEFL: 97
PTE: Accepted
GRE: Accepted
18 Lakhs- 20 Lakhs

What is the minimum Pte score for Canada Student Visa?

The Pte test scores which are considered minimum to get admission in colleges in Canada is based upon the universities and their criteria to grant admission as every course required different pte scores.

However the minimum pte score required by every university is around 45 marks ,some colleges on the other hand may require you to have a score of 55 plus as well.

On the Contrary the Visa application form to study in Canada requires you to appear for ielts as well. Therefore, in such a situation you might have to appear for both the examinations.

Pte exam preparation 

Pte exam is a computer based exam which tests you on 4 broad categories which includes: Writing, Reading, speaking and Listening skills.Therefore you should pay equal attention to all the four heads and you should prepare for the test well before in advance.

Different students use different ways to study for the PTE test for colleges in Canada like some prefer online coaching on the other hand some students prefer to study on their own.

It entirely depends upon you on which approach you wish tio prepare for the exam.

Tips for preparing for PTE

Below are enlisted some tips on how to prepare for the PTE exams:

  • Strategise your time for the exams, as managing time is an important aspect of any exam.
  • If you wish to take any coaching purchase the same.
  • Plan way early than the time on which exams are scheduled.
  • Focus on your subjects.
  • Pay heed attention to your strength and weaknesses.
  • Its always good to have a backup therefore plan to take the exams twice.
  • Start paying huge attention to learning new vocabulary everyday.
  • Keep a check of your progress.
  • Appear for mock tests.
  • Be clear about the subject strategy.
  • Do not ignore any subject.
  • Practice a lot 


✅ Do Canada accept Pte?

Ans: Some of the Canadian colleges accepts pte test scores to grant admission to study in Canada. However, while filling the Visa application form it clearly asks you to appear for the IELTS test in order to check your English proficiency.

✅ What Pte score is required for Canada?

Ans: The minimum Pte scores may vary from college to college but the basic score required is from 45-55.However some colleges may require you to have a Pte score of 60 plus as well.

✅ Is Pte Valid for Australia Pr?

Ans: Yes, Pte is valid for Australia Pr , after Canada, Australia is one such country which prefers Pte scores for immigration.

✅ Is Pte easy than IELTS?

Ans: It would be a completely vague statement to say that Pte is easier than the IELTS because both the test have majorly the same criteria to assess a student and both the tests have equal difficulty level.

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