Public Universities in Germany : All you need to know (2022)

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Public Universities in Germany offer a great option for Indian students for various reasons you’ll get know after reading this blog. Firstly, Germany is known for providing higher education at no cost or with very minimal tuition costs. Secondly, Germany is home to some of the top-ranked academic institutions in the world. Thirdly, Germany is known as the Land of Ideas.

Germany has approximately 450 officially recognised institutions and offers more than 17,000 programmes in practically every discipline, including Engineering, Medicine, Business, and the Arts and Fine Arts.

The Public Universities in Germany offer courses with no tuition fees and only a small amount for enrollment and administrative costs.

Read along to know everything about Public Universities Germany!

List of Top Public Universities in Germany

Public Universities in Germany are among the best in the world. Also Public Universities in Germany offer courses that are taught both in English and German.

Germany is home to around 59 of the world’s top-ranked universities, so if you weren’t already enthusiastic to study there, this information will just heighten your excitement. The best options are available to you on a platter as a result in the table below.

Check out the table below for top Public Universities in Germany:

Top Ranked Public Universities In GermanyQS-Ranking
Technical University of Munich (TUM)50
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich63
Heidelberg University64
Humboldt University Berlin117
Freie Universität Berlin130
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)131
RWTH Aachen University145
Technische Universität Berlin148
Technische Universität Dresden173
University of Freiburg175

Let’s get started by going into more detail about the list of free universities in Germany. Your whole potential will be unlocked by attending one of these universities. It is guaranteed that students who attend these universities will find high-paying employment with multinational corporations. However, these universities typically have a very high degree of competition. So, put out your best effort!

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Technical University of Munich

One of the top universities in the world is Technical University of Munich. Due to the high standard of instruction and the diversity of its student body, this public university is among the most popular in Germany with international students. This university excels in academics and research while also providing a vibrant cultural environment to enhance your time as a student. In general, this is the greatest university in Germany to attend!

QS World Ranking 202250
Mode of InstructionEnglish (But Basic German Proficiency required for International Students)
Average Tuition Fee0
Semester Enrolment FeeCosts anywhere between €100- € 200 per semester
CoursesOffers more than 170 courses, some of the most popular ones are Aerospace Engineering, MBA, Automotive Engineering, Brewing and Beverage Technology, Cartography and more

 Ludwig Maximilian University

Ludwig Maximilian University

Ludwig Maximilian University, one of the oldest and best universities in the nation, was established in 1472. Ludwig is one of the forerunners in facilitating teaching and research in English and is one of the oldest public universities in Germany for international students. Students studying here have the chance to learn from Harvard faculty members and others. Additionally, the university provides dual degree programmes. You may undoubtedly realise your aspirations and pursue an ambitious profession thanks to the study you are doing at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich.

QS World Ranking 202263
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee0
Semester Enrolment FeeRanges anywhere between   €100- € 300 per semester
CoursesOffers more than 100 courses, some of the most popular ones are Data Science, Software Engineering, Geophysics, Meteorology and more

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University

The Heidelberg University, formally known as the Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg, provides numerous bachelor’s, master’s, concurrent, and other degrees. To enrol here, international students must have a certificate of German language proficiency (DH2 level). The university is renowned for placing a significant emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching and research. You have the option to select from more than 160 courses if you wish to pursue your education in Heidelberg.Career

QS World Ranking 202264
Mode of InstructionEnglish and German
Tuition FeeDepends on the course
Semester Enrolment Fee€ 0-1500 per semester
CoursesThe most popular courses are Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Law, Biomedical Engineering, Corporate restructuring and more

Humboldt University

Humboldt University

A novel approach of teaching was developed at Humboldt University. They were the forerunners in bringing academia and research together. This is where Wilhelm Von Humboldt’s 200-year-old idea of emphasising the interdependence of research and teaching originated. There are a few English-taught courses offered by Humboldt University, so be sure of the course kind and delivery method before registering. You might also need to take a few language exams, such the TestDaf or German language exam.

QS World Ranking 2022117
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee0
Semester Enrolment Fee€200-325 per semester
CoursesSome of the most popular courses offered are Business Science, Economics, European history, etc

Freie University 

Freie University 

The Berlin-based Freie University places a strong emphasis on training and research. One of Berlin’s free public universities, it is supported by a number of organisations. The university offers studies in the arts and humanities, social sciences, sciences, and other fields, and it has 12 academic departments. The good thing about attending Freie University is that you can enrol in a range of English-taught courses without having to submit a certificate from a German language exam.

QS World Ranking 2022130
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee0
Semester Enrolment Fee€312.89 
CoursesSome of the most popular courses are Mathematics (Master of Sciences), Bioinformation, Business Studies and many other fields of Science. 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, is one of the eleven “Universities of Excellence.” The institute ranks among the top colleges in the world because to its cutting-edge infrastructure, high-tech amenities, appealing post-study prospects, and more. You must present a German DH2 level certificate in order to enrol in classes here. There are few English courses available at Karlsruhe University. However, you should think about enrolling here if your field of study is taught there because of the promising job possibilities.

QS World Ranking 2022131
Mode of InstructionEnglish (few)
Tuition Fee€1500 per semester
Semester Enrolment Fee€150
CoursesMaster Water Science and Engineering, Master Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University

The largest technical university in Germany is RWTH Aachen. RWTH Aachen offers a full package with an excellent student culture, infrastructure, and future for its students. For international students, the university provides a variety of English-taught master’s degrees. RWTH is thus one of the top choices if you intend to study for free in Germany. One of the most well-liked student cities in Germany is Aachen. The welcoming student environment in Aachen would make deciding on a specialty and relocating there simple.

QS World Ranking 2022145
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee0
Social Contribution€ 300.19
CoursesSome of the popular courses to study here are Applied Geophysics, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Micro and Nanoelectronics, Electrical Power Engineering, Civil Engineering.

Technical University  of Berlin

One of the most well-known universities in Germany is the Technical University of Berlin. One of Germany’s largest technical colleges, TU Berlin has approximately 30,000 students enrolled in about 100 courses. The institution provides 26 English courses, all of which are free for all students. The university, which is renowned for its technical programmes, guarantees the holistic development of its students through research and global collaboration.

QS World Ranking 2022148
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee0
Semester Enrolment Fee€307.54 + €19.94
CoursesArchitecture Typology, Building Sustainability, Business Engineering Energy, Computational Neuroscience.

Technical University of Dresden

Technical University of Dresden

Students studying here have the fantastic opportunity to see the nation and its neighbours because the location is close to the borders of Germany and the Czech Republic. Pack your luggage and head to Dresden if you’re seeking for an attractive, reasonably priced town in Germany. With 5 schools, TU Dresden features programmes in more than 120 fields. Research opportunities for students studying here include those in the domains of health sciences, biomedicine, and bioengineering, as well as information technology and microelectronics. All of this is provided free of tuition costs.

QS World Ranking 2022172
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee0
Semester Enrolment Fee€270
CoursesGeology, Environmental, Earth and Marine Sciences, Civil Engineering, General Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Communication and Media Studies.

University of Freiburg

The university, officially known as the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, is home to numerous Nobel laureates. One of Germany’s finest universities, it is renowned for fostering the creative ideas of its students. More than 24000 students are enrolled in various undergraduate and graduate degree programmes at the university. You can improve your international learning experience by studying here.

QS World Ranking 2022175
Mode of InstructionEnglish
Tuition Fee€1500 per semester
Semester Enrolment Fee€161
CoursesSome of the courses to study here are Microsystems Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering and Management, Solar Energy Engineering, Global Urban Health and Neuroscience.

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How To Apply To Free Public Universities In Germany?

After learning about all the wonderful options Germany has to offer, if you are eager to apply to one of your top German colleges, so the section below. You’ll need fulfil the eligibility criteria and submit required documents.

Follow the steps mentioned below for application in the German Universities :

  • Select your desired university
  • Take the required tests necessary for your admit (IELTS, GRE etc.)
  • Gather LORs, write an SOP
  • Submit your application attaching your test scores, answer scripts, LORs and SOP. (Within the deadline of the university)
  • Await the university response – A follow-up interview might be conducted by some universities before your admission.

How to Get Free Education in Germany?

Both European and non-European students can enrol in programmes at Germany’s state-funded institutions for no tuition. Germany has about 300 publicly supported universities since the national government has long held the view that education should not be commercialised.

You must, however, pay specific enrollment fees, administrative costs, and union fees, which are assessed to both domestic and foreign students, in order to receive free education in Germany. Additionally, because public colleges offer nearly free tuition, there is more competition for admission to these schools, making admittance to private universities simpler.

Do you want to study in Germany? Get your profile evaluated for free and book a counselling session for best career advice!


Are public university in Germany free?

Ans: The 16 states that make up Germany eliminated undergraduate tuition costs at all public German institutions in 2014. This indicates that both domestic and foreign undergraduates presently have access to free education at public institutions in Germany, with only a nominal fee per semester to cover administrative and other costs.

How many public universities are in Germany?While there are several excellent private ?

Ans: 240 public universities make up the majority of the German higher education system.

Can foreigners study free in Germany?

Ans: Germans, Europeans, and all non-Europeans are not required to pay tuition to study there. Whether you are from the EU or EEA is unimportant. This holds true for nearly all academic programmes at public universities.

Do public universities in Germany teach in English?

Ans: You may be wondering, as an international student, if any of these programmes are taught in English. Yes, to put you at rest! Around 220 institutions in Germany offer English-language programmes to all students, including non-EU students! The majority of these colleges are public and tuition-free.

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