Spring Intake in USA : Top Business Schools, Deadlines, Myths (2022)

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USA is the best study center for international students with World top Universities in it. And these Universities are offering courses for students on a rolling admission basis to provide equal opportunities for all students. However, the Universities allow students in Fall intake, Summer, and Spring Intake in the USA. In fact, fall intake is the most popular among all intakes and universities also provide many courses for students that present their course curriculum. However, even in the Spring intake in USA, top Universities are offering high-demand courses for students but a little less when compared to fall intake. But, Spring intake in USA is the best opportunity for students who cannot catch the admissions in Fall intake because of delays in results or some issues. 

To know about Spring Intake in USA, universities offering courses and the scholarships for students in Spring Intake in USA read the below details.

Intro about Intakes

While planning to study in USA, Many students are confused about the admission period of the Universities and also when they need to apply for them. Like in the UK, Canada, etc countries, even in USA, the Universities are offering admission in 3 intakes. This will help students to clear their confusion about the admission period and also they will get sufficient time to start their application form. 

The Universities in USA are offering rolling admissions for students in Fall, Spring, and Summer intakes. The Most preferred intake is Fall intake. If any students miss the chance to get into the Universities in the Fall intake, they can apply in the Spring intake in USA.

The following is a little introduction about intakes in USA.

Intake perioddeadlinesDescription
Fall IntakeSeptember to DecemberIt is the primary Intake in USA, like in other countries. Universities are offering a wide range of courses to students at this intake. More funding facilities are also available in fall intake  in USA.
Spring IntakeJanuary to MaySpring intake in USA is the second most popular intake period after Fall intake. Students who missed to apply in the fall intake, will apply for spring intake in the USA. But, in the spring in the USA, universities do not offer a range of courses to students.
Summer IntakeStarts in MaySummer intake is the least preferred intake. It starts in May and ends in August. Only a few colleges with few courses are offering seats to students.

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Spring Intake Universities in USA

Not only in Fall intake but also in Spring intake in the USA, many Top Universities are accepting students by offering a wide variety of programs in various fields of study in Both bachelor’s and master’s programs. Students can be admitted to any of these top Universities by meeting the eligibility criteria stated on the University Website.

The following is the list of major Universities that accept students in Spring Intake in the USA.

Top Business Schools for Spring Intake in USA

The Universities and Business schools in USA are in the top position for studies. All these universities accepted students on a rolling basis in Summer, Spring, and Fall. There are many Business schools that are accepting students in different intakes. The following are the top Business schools that are accepting students in the Spring Intake in USA. It is the best chance for students to be admitted to these business schools in the Spring intake in USA if they missed them in the fall intake.

  • Columbia Graduate Business School
  • University of South Carolina
  • Barry University
  • Loyola University Chicago – Quinlan School of Business
  • Washington School of Business
  • University of Maryland
  • Bellevue University
  • ST. John’s Tobin College of Business
  • UMass Boston
  • Fordham Gabelli Business School.

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How to apply for Spring Intake in USA?

As the Spring Intake in USA will start in January, students need to know how to apply for universities in the Spring Intake in USA and also the exam needs to be taken before applying for the Spring Intake in USA. Students need to start their application as early as possible after the University released the intake deadlines. This will help students to get a seat at University without any issues. 

The following are the steps for students to apply for the Universities in USA to join in Spring Intake in USA :

  • Step 1: To apply for the Spring Intake in USA, students first need to start their selection process for universities or colleges in April-May months. Because the process will take some time and choose the colleges or universities that are a good fit for your course and money. 
  • Step 2: And also, to apply for spring Intake in USA, students need to check the exams they are required to take along with the documents they need to submit.
  • Step 3: After knowing about required exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc from the university websites, apply for those exams in June month and attempt them as early as possible to get the results within the time to apply for spring Intake in the USA.
  • Step 4: Next, in August, apply for the colleges that you have selected and provide all the documents to the University along with LORs, SOP, etc to be admitted for the spring intake in USA.
  • Step 5: However, you will receive the response from the applied universities from October to November based on the verification process.
  • Step 6: After receiving the offer letter from the University, pay the deposit fee which is non-refundable to reserve the seats at the University.
  • Step 7: Next, students need to apply for a Student visa and Education loan to meet the expenses for the spring intake in USA.
  • Step 8: Finally, buy the flight tickets and fly to the USA to start your studies in Spring Intake in USA.

Upcoming Application Deadlines for Master’s Courses

Many Universities offer Master’s and MBA programs in Spring intake in USA. The following are the Upcoming application deadlines for the Master’s courses in Spring intake in USA Universities.

Universities namesDeadlines for spring Intake 2022-2023
University of Massachusetts, Boston1st December 2022
Oregon State University1st October 2022
University of Utah1st November 2022
Suffolk University, Boston1st December 2022
Auburn University1st November 2022
University of South Florida  15th October 2022 
University of Dayton12th December 2022
University of Kansas1st November 2022

Guidelines for Eligibility

When applying for Spring Intake in USA, students need to pay attention to the deadlines along with the eligibility criteria. Because the eligibility criteria may differ from one university to another with slight changes. However, the deadlines for the spring Intake in USA might be between the months of July-September. It is a great opportunity for students who want to apply to USA universities but missed the fall Intake.

The following are the guidelines for Eligibility for Spring intake in USA.

  • All the academic transcripts of students.
  • Along with that, English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc exam test scores.
  • If students want to apply for master’s in spring intake in USA, they need to submit the scorecards related to GMAT, and GRE exams.
  • And, students need to provide 2-3 letters of recommendation while applying for spring intake in USA.
  • And also, students need to submit CVs or resumes along with Statement of purpose essays.
  • In addition, a copy of a valid passport, and 2 or more passport-sized photos.
  • And certificates related to work experience, internships, and extra-curricular activities.

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Which courses to apply for spring Intake in USA ?

As the USA is one of the top study destinations for students, the Universities in the USA are offering a wide variety of courses for students in several fields like Engineering, Social Sciences, Commerce, Business Management, Healthcare sciences, etc. And they offer these courses to students in Spring intake in USA along with Fall intake. Among all these courses, there are some top courses that are highly in demand and also provide high packages for students. 

The following are the top courses offered in Spring intake in USA:

  • Engineering: Engineering is a part of a STEM subject and also a top course in the USA. And many Universities are providing courses in Engineering with various specializations like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the toughest and the number one university for Engineering courses. The university also offers engineering courses in both UG and PG degrees in Spring intake in USA.
  • Business Management: As there is a need for Business experts in the companies, Business Management has become more popular in recent years. And in the USA the Business management courses are in top place both in admissions and highest paying job sectors. Many top Universities are offering MBA, bachelor’s in business management courses to students in Spring intake in USA along with other intakes. Columbia University is one of the famous universities to study the MBA or Bachelor in Business Management courses and is also accepting students in Spring intake in USA.
  • Maths and Computer Sciences: These courses are part of the STEM subject but are in high demand in USA and all over the World. And top Universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, etc are providing these courses. Especially, Harvard University is providing Master’s courses in Maths and Computer Sciences for students even in Spring Intake in the USA which is the best chance for students who want to create a career in these courses.
  • Applied Sciences: Applied sciences are the combination of both experiments and theory which help students discover new things. These courses have become popular nowadays among students who have a zeal to discover and innovate new things using science. Courses like Criminology, Forensic, Astrophysics, etc are parts of these courses. And the top Universities in the USA offer different Applied Science courses to students in both UG and PG levels even in Spring intake in USA. Yale University is one of the top Universities offering courses to international students in Spring intake in USA.
  • Liberal Arts: Liberal Arts is one of the well-known streams for International students and the universities in the USA are offering a wide range of major and minor courses in Liberal arts for students. Liberal arts have various types of courses like Economics, Psychology, Education, Fine arts, Theatre, journalism, etc. The University of Illinois is one of the famous universities offering liberal arts courses for students in Spring intake in USA.

Scholarships available for spring Intake 

As we all know, the Cost of studying in USA is a little high when compared to India, Canada, etc. However, most the USA universities accept students in different intakes to make education easy for students. And in all these intakes students can apply for scholarships available for them to meet their tuition fees and living expenses. So, even in Spring Intake in USA the universities offer some scholarships for students.

The following are the scholarships available for students in Spring Intake in USA.

  • Dream Big: This scholarship is offered to any student who is studying at any University or college in USA. The deadline for the scholarship is March 1st. The amount granted under this scholarship is $1000 and an essay is required to get this scholarship.
  • Richard Holland Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is offered for Undergraduate students and the deadline is March 15th. The amount offered under this scholarship is $2,500 and it needs a Video essay from the students.
  • The Stewart J.Guss College Scholarship: This scholarship is offered for any present or future college students in USA Universities. And the amount awarded under this scholarship is $1000. And the deadline for this scholarship is March 31st, and it requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 along with the Infographics. 
  • The Form swift Scholarship Program: This scholarship will be offered to any students who are enrolled currently in any USA colleges. The deadline for this scholarship is March 31st, and the amount provided under this scholarship is $1000. To apply for this scholarship, students need to provide an infographic business plan to the University.

Myths about spring intake

As the spring intake in the USA is the second most popular intake among students, there are some myths about some issues like scholarships, internships availability, etc. In fact, all these myths are not correct. The following are some myths with explanations to them about spring intake in USA.

  • Admission to Universities in Spring Intake in USA is tough: It is one myth that students are scared about. But, students need to get panic about this myth because the admission process and the difficulty of admission are at the same level in all intakes USA.
  • Students do not get any internships in Spring Intake in USA: This is another misconception among the students. But, in reality, students can also get more internships during the Spring intake in USA but a little lower than the Fall intake.
  • Visa Issues: This is another Misbelief among students that it is impossible to get an F-1 visa during spring intake in USA. Most of the F-1 visas are issued based on the student’s eligibility and qualifications.
  • They offer lower rank study programs in spring intake in the USA: It is another misbelief, that the Universities are offering low ranked courses for students during Spring intake in USA. But, it is not true. Whatever the intake in USA universities, the courses are by top Universities are taught by expert and skilled persons. So, students no need to fear the course curriculum in spring intake in USA.
  • Lesser Scholarship opportunities in Spring intake in USA: It is another misconception that students will get fewer scholarships and funding opportunities in the spring intake in USA than in the Fall intake. But the scholarships are available based on the department’s funding ability, and all the departments will provide an equal amount of funding facilities to students in all intakes.

Spring Intake in USA


✅Which month is Spring Intake USA?

Ans: The Spring Intake in USA starts in the month of January. And it is the second most popular intake among the students in USA after the fall intake. The period for Spring intake in the USA lies between January to May.

✅ Which Intake is Spring?

Ans: The January Intake is called Spring intake in the USA. Not only in the USA, but in most countries the Spring intake starts in January month. It is the best time for students to apply to foreign Universities if they missed the chance to apply for the fall or September intake. 

✅ Does NYU have Spring Intake?

Ans: Yes, NYU accepted the students for the Spring Intake in the USA. At NYU, Students can enroll in any new or current courses while they apply in the Spring intake. NYU organized almost 200 events during the Spring intake to welcome the new students and the transfer students.

✅ Does Harvard have spring intake?

Ans: Yes, Harvard University has Spring Intake. But, it is mainly preferred and suggested the students start in fall intake to get the benefits of studying full year. Students who want to start their Undergraduates at Harvard can apply in the spring intake under Visiting Undergraduate Program.

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  1. praveen :

    What are the intakes in USA?

    • shourya dayal :

      Fall Term – From August to December
      Spring Term – From January to April
      Summer Term – From May to August

  2. vineeta :

    Is there a May intake in USA?

    • shourya dayal :

      Summer intake in the United States begins in May and ends in August. It is not applicants’ first choice because the spring and autumn intakes have more universities and courses available. Many applicants lose an entire year after missing either the autumn or spring admissions.

  3. bikal :

    Does NYU have spring intake?

    • shourya dayal :

      January 24 – May 9, 2022

  4. akram :

    Which intake is better spring or fall?

    • shourya dayal :

      Many institutions have set admissions quotas for each semester. Because class sizes are substantially greater for the Fall Intake, you may have a better chance of being admitted. If your profile is above average or extraordinary, you will have a better chance of being accepted for the Spring Intake.

  5. ayuhsi :

    Which intake is better for USA?

    • shourya dayal :

      The fall intake is typically preferable. Spring and Summer intakes are not available at all institutions.

  6. anjali :

    Which intake is best for USA?

    • shourya dayal :

      Fall Intake 

      This is one of the most common intakes in the United States, commonly known as the main intake. During this intake, all US colleges offer a diverse selection of courses. In reality, many US institutions only accept applications for autumn semesters.

  7. Geetika :

    Is summer intake good in USA?

    • shourya dayal :

      Because of the prominence of the Spring and Fall intakes, many people prefer the USA summer intake, but it does include a number of prestigious US colleges granting admission.

  8. vishal :

    Does MIT have spring intake?

    • shourya dayal :


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