Top 6 Ways on How to Crack IELTS Exam in 2019

IELTS is the standardized English language proficiency test conducted jointly by the IELTS Australia, British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment Test. It has been officially accepted by more than 9000 organizations worldwide as a means of measuring language proficiency. Not only students, but professionals and job-seekers also appear for this exam to suffice the English requirements of Universities and Organizations. 2 million people give IELTS test every year all across the world. IELTS is thus accepted by most Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand academic institutions, by over 3,000 academic institutions in the United States, and by various professional organisations across the world.  

Structure of IELTS:

This test is divided into four modules that will test your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Each module will fetch you a certain band score as per your performance. Your results will be reported on a 9-band scale and will be valid for a period of two years. The structure of the module is as follows:

Listening: This 30 minute-module has four sections and will basically have you listening to an audio recording and have you answer questions from a booklet.

Reading: This 60 minute-module comprises 40 questions that will test you on a wide range of reading skills include reading for main ideas, skimming, reading for detail, and understanding logical argument. It is divided into two versions: the academic and general training versions.

Writing: This 60 minute-module has two versions: academic and general training. The academic comprises two tasks, in short — one: describing a chart or a diagram; two: writing an essay in response to a 1) writing a letter in response to a situation; 2) writing an essay in response to a problem or argument.

Speaking: This module may last from anywhere between 11-14 minutes and assesses your spoken English skills. This will be nothing but a conversation with a certified IELTS examiner.

Ways to Crack IELTS:

Here are 6 proven ways that will help you hone your modular skills, crack the IELTS and secure your seat in your dream college abroad:

1) Get the right material to Crack IELTS:

Most of the students remain confused about what to study and from where to. This is a type of test which requires not your bookish knowledge, but practical ability to read, speak, listen and write English. Purchasing guides for reference is perfect to start. But main emphasis shall be given on reading journals, articles and newspapers and be informed of current events and issues.

2) Prepare a time table:

Preparation for IELTS has to be divided into same four parts as that of the modules. However balancing time for each module is extremely important for your preparation. Time table becomes extremely handy in this regard. It will not only strategize the completion of your syllabus in a time bound manner, but will also ensure productivity if implemented well. You should divide your time for each module as per your weaknesses and strengths. More time should be given to Listening and Writing as they are more technical in nature. Apart from this, try to divide your time into as segments as possible. It will enhance your productivity and increase your efficiency.

3) Practice it out and Crack IELTS!!

This is the most important part of your preparation as the real battle begins from here. Adhere to your time table whatsoever happens. Your real motivation to crack this exam is challenged here. Regular practice is key to success therefore.

After long hours of study, take proper breaks in between and refresh yourself. You shall make targets and give rewards to yourself on its timely completion. Practice thinking and also speaking in English as much as you can with your buddies and your family members. Work on your pronunciation instead of accent for Speaking part. Practice the reading passages on a daily basis for perfecting it up. For listening, tune in to any news channel or English movie and listen the words carefully understanding their meaning and reference.

Improve your Vocabulary to Crack IELTS

Its imperative for you to use right word at the right place for developing a meaningful inference from anything. Vocabulary thus is extremely crucial in deciding your score as insufficient vocabulary may end up in bad score. For improving vocabulary, you should read more books and articles and wherever you spot words unknown to you, you should write them separately with their meaning. Doing this constantly and revising your word list, and then using it in your writing and speaking module will definitely enhance your answer.

Assess your preparation:

Its very important to give tests and assess your preparation on a regular basis. It will help you in developing your skills, practicing more and more questions and also enhancing your vocabulary. At the same time, it will also make you understand your level of preparation and how to improve the same.

Consulting trainers and mentors:

Those students who do not have fluency, lack vocabulary and thus are not coherent in their English language. They can consult a good mentor, trainees and successful candidates to improve their area of inefficiency, and work on their basics accordingly. Proper guidance from coaching classes is also helpful for the amateurs in their test preparation.

Besides these, what matters is your hardwork, perseverance and your courage and determination to overcome all the hurdles. Your desire and dedication to achieve your goals is what becomes the deciding factor of your results. So pull up your socks and get ready for your IELTS exam. All the Best and Crack IELTS.

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