Study Abroad: Have You Got These 8 Things Done?

What all should you do before leaving to study abroad?



Going abroad soon for studies? So are you ready for your ultimate packing list? This post focuses on the things which you should do before going abroad, in addition to the things which have already filled your packing list. Let’s have a look at what they are.


  1. Apply for a passport and visa


Visa Application

We are sure that you might have already started the process to get a valid passport and visa to the country you are leaving to. We just want to ensure that you do this well in advance so that no difficulties you will face at the time of traveling to abroad. If you already possess one, then be sure to check that it has not expired.


   Visit a Doctor



Have you checked about immunization requirements for the country you are leaving to? If not, check those details and get immunized before traveling. Center for Disease Control and Prevention can help you to get the latest up-to-date disease information. Also, it is advisable to get a physical check-up done before you leave abroad. Ensuring good health should be your primary concern. So, learn about the diseases you may fall prey to in the new environment at abroad and take necessary precautions. And, do not forget to carry a copy of your medical records in case an emergency arises in a foreign land.


   Acquire Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance

Prevention is better than cure! So it is always important to manage a reliable health and accident insurance policy while studying abroad. Moreover, one must also have coverage for emergency evacuation and repatriation. Now you may be thinking, why do I need to take travel insurance and not a health insurance. Sometimes, it is noticed that even though health insurance may cover you abroad, there are a couple of things, which travel insurance cover successfully and health insurance does not. So, at the time of taking an insurance, try to choose the best one that gives you more coverage and quality service.


   Information Gathering About Local Customs and Culture

You will be exposed to a new culture when you go abroad. It will be better for you if you may familiarize with the country where you are planning to study. Learn briefly about its culture, history, economy, geography, government. This will surely help you to get involved easier there and hence will get more meaningful and amazing experiences. Best ways to learn can be by talking to someone who already stayed or staying there, or watching a movie related to that country or reading books which can make you more informed about the country’s culture.


  1.    Update Your Language Skills

If the local language of the country you are planning to study is new to you, then there comes the need to update yourself with the same. But you may find it difficult to learn a new language at this age. So you are not required to learn it completely but should be aware of the most basic phrases of it. Because in the initial days of adjustments, this is going to help you a lot. Natives tend to be more helpful if they are communicated in their language. You can take help in learning the language from language centers or online tutorials or apps or friends who are fluent.


   Money Management


Money Management

Do you have an online bank account? If not, set it up as soon as possible. Because it is considered as the easiest way to manage your money while staying abroad. Also, do not forget to ask your bank about how you may avail the same internationally. Most of the international travelers use their ATM/Debit or credit cards to get cash in the local currency. As in the initial days, you may be busy in settling up, make sure to pack some extra cash.


   Cell Phones

Cell Phones


As you are planning to stay abroad for more than a week, try to get local SIM card there. Also, as these days, calling on the internet is much cheaper, you may use it for calling locally only. But better to keep your home SIM card and plan so that you may use it occasionally once you come home. But, check what you may need to avoid it from getting deactivated when it is not being used for a long time.


Stay Mentally Prepared 

You may be excited about a lot of experiences that you will get once you are abroad. At abroad, you will surely meet people with different concepts and ideas. So, always be ready to learn and observe differences, without being judgmental. With the proper analysis of these differences, you will undoubtedly improve your understanding of own culture.So, be mentally prepared for the same.


If you have already taken care of the above-mentioned tips, then well indeed!! Else, try to keep above get done and you will surely feel the difference once you are abroad. Wishing you a very wonderful stay at abroad.

Do not forget to post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestions. In case you feel that you would require more help in your new journey abroad, always feel free to reach out to us @ [email protected] or +91-120-653-3966.


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