Study Abroad: Are you doing these 9 things?

What to do when you study abroad?

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Do you want to make your stay abroad a worthwhile one? Ok, who does not want? But sometimes, when students return home after their studies at abroad, we hear them saying that: “ I should have done this” or “ I should have done that”. Here in this post, we are trying list those 9 should have done things for you so that you do them to make your stay a memorable one.

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You should definitely do these 9 things while you study abroad:

1.Record Daily Routine


Are you a kind of person who likes writing on diary every day or video recording of your daily life? This really proves advantageous when you go abroad. Because down the line, when you return home, you would have that amazing feeling, when you look at that video or diary. So, if you do not have a habit of recording your daily routine, try to keep a record of any special day or event there, which you want to make a memorable one forever. After many years, you will surely love this idea.


2.Attend or Participate in School Events


Studying abroad will give you another chance to brush up your talents. So don’t be shy and run away from those school events. Try to attend or participate in all the school events. It could be a sporting event or a club meeting or a performance. This helps you to nurture your talents and make good friends with other students of similar interests.


3. Make a scrapbook of your photos


Photos speak a thousand words! When you are abroad, do not you want to record those ‘friends time’, or ‘trekking time’ or ‘ festive time’ etc.. I am sure you would. So to keep a good memory track of your time abroad, click as many pictures you can. At the end of your stay, you can make a great scrapbook which would stay forever.


4Immerse in the Regional Culture


Living in North Eastern US compared to living in South Eastern US is like surviving in two different countries. So you can face a lot of cultural differences when you go abroad. But welcome the new culture with very open mind and heart. This will help you to ease down earlier and be a part of the surrounding in a quick way. Also, there will be great learning from new experiences.


5.Make a List of Top Songs during your trip


Do you like listening to music?. Have you ever noticed that songs have the power to take you to a specific moment of time? That can be the time when that song was popular or moments happened during that time. Yes. Songs do have the power to remind us of a special memory. So it will be great, if you may note down all the songs which were popular during your time abroad and also form a playlist. Once you are back home, you may take another trip in time by playing that playlist.

6.Take Numerous Group Photos


You will be meeting several people during your stay abroad. After some years, it will be hard for you to remember each one’s face or name. So make a habit of taking many group photos and tag them to identify each person better. These photos will help you to remind of those best times in an easier way.


7.  Keep a Journal


You will not deny the fact that living abroad, away from your home will give you many experiences which can evolve the person in you. You may undergo many emotions and feelings. Blogs or journal can give you a space to express yourself. This can give wonderful lessons to your younger ones who aspire to go abroad. After some years, you can be proud of yourself after looking at those blogs or journal and see how you grew as a person during your stay abroad.


8.Stay in Touch with People You Meet


As you may be meeting lot of new people abroad, it may be hard for you to keep in touch with all of them daily. But, it is also important for you to not to let those friendship die. Social media helps you to remain connected with those new friends without a need for daily interaction. Or you may try for any other way to remain connected with them like taking their phone numbers, or Skype accounts etc. It is always great to be in touch with a large number of good friends that they can of real help whenever you need.


9.Learn the language


It is always great if know many languages. Also learning a new language can help you to improve your memory and communication skillsKnowing the language can help you to absorb with the new country in an easier way. Longtime stay can even help you to get the ‘local slang’. So try for learning the local language of the country you are going to. This will surely give you an awesome experience.


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The above-mentioned points can be quite beneficial for your stay abroad if they are well taken care of. Always keep in mind that: “ wherever you go, go with all your heart”. Wishing you lots of amazing experiences abroad.


Kindly do post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestions.


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