Studying Abroad: Expect These When You Come Home on Vacation

Studying Abroad

While at abroad, you will be enjoying a life of your choice. You may expect things to go worse once you come back home! Yes. Sometimes you find the transition from the fresh lifestyle at abroad to the same old routine back home little difficult. You may go restless at times!! So coming back home, how can it affect you emotionally? Let us look at these aspects in this post.

Expect These When You Come Home on Vacation


   Out of place feeling



Once back home, initially you may feel relieved that you are finally back with family. But active deep inside, you may realize that you are missing something. Whether it is noticing the cars on the other hand of the road or staring at the food when eating meals, you would be stuck. This is Nothing! But feeling out of place….since you got used to particular set of people back there at your university. So how can you come over these emotions? Stay in touch with my flatmates and friends via social media and group chats. Or write down your emotions in a journal or blog. These will help you a lot.


  You will feel Bored

There is no doubt that time flies! When it is the studying time, it moves so quickly that you will find it hard to believe it’s over. After a few days sitting at home, you will feel like starting afresh. But, the pace of two different cities will be different. Comparing to your life in the metro city at abroad, at home life may seem tiresome and slow. But do not let yourself battered down in this feeling. It is only anxiety-provoking and thinking about it would make things worse. Call up your friend and talk about your emotions to vent it out. With the perspectives you have from studying abroad, try to incorporate new habits or hobbies which you might have learned abroad.


  You feel nostalgic

Whenever you are home, you will start comparing everything with the ones you had at abroad. This may make a feeling that you are missing something important. Sometimes it grows so overwhelming that you will like to be back in that foreign country. Do you know, this is a part of ‘reverse culture shock’, which most students experience after coming back home. There are many ways to deal with this situation. Talk to those who can understand you in a patient manner. Or you can take out time to explain your emotions to a third party. The feeling of nostalgia and longing would slowly mellow down through this practice.


It is true that once you are back home, you may experience a certain level of ‘reverse cultural shock’. But ready to have a heart which can always welcome changes on the way. Because cultural differences between two places are always there and you can not avoid that.


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