Study Abroad: Have you considered these factors for selecting the University?

Factors for selecting the University

There are numerous Universities all around the world. But everyone wants to get into the perfect one. So, it makes the task of selecting the university very complicated. Many factors have to be considered for this. There are many questions you will face like:

  1. Do you want to enroll in the best course or in a good course with all other options you like?
  2. Do you want a course with the minimum continuous assessment or that assures a job?

Do not get worried over this! In the end, it is all a matter of your priorities.

It is you who have to study the course and spend in the University may be for one or two years or more than that. So, it is always good to do some research before picking a University. In this post, we are going to list out some factors you need to check on before choosing a college.


Have you considered these factors for selecting the University?


  Field of Studies

Have you decided on the course you want to do? Next thing you need to decide is the country known for the course, where you can pursue it. For ex., if you wish to enroll in some language course, the best choice would be a country where that language is spoken. This will help you to practice the language and improve on a daily basis. So, likewise, if you want to do any other course on medicine, economics etc., pick those Universities which are known for the course.

     University Rankings

University rankings like QS World University Rankings rank Universities on many parameters. These rankings help you to get an overview of each University. As these rankings do get much popularity, best colleges in these lists are very competitive and tough to get in. But, with hard work and right approach you can also get into these top colleges and boast of being alumni later.

Do you know: AdmitKard has helped 90% of its Study Abroad alumni to get into their 1st or 2nd choice school So how a University is ranked? There are many factors to assess a University. Most common of them are: infrastructure, teaching quality, research quality, community engagement, graduate employability, internationalization, specialist subject, and innovation. Are not these some of the factors you are also considering in choosing a University? So, this ranking will help you to get to know how good is the University in these factors.

  Expert Commentary On Universities

Expert commentary do play an important role in deciding rating and ranking of a University. Now let’s have a look at what this expert commentary is. These are articles compiled by the people who have complete knowledge of higher education can offer advice on the future developments. Make sure to keep an eye on these articles. Because sometimes, you will be able to find issues that might alter your choice of University. Like, your choice of University may be planning to hike the fee within short time or your chosen University is expected to climb high on the rankings etc.

  Tuition Fees

Most of the times, tuition fees can turn out to be the Villain! But don’t worry!.If there is a will, there is a way! There are tons of scholarship you can find on the Internet. Some Universities do offer international-free scholarships. So always try to find out all types of Scholarship you can avail.

  Job Opportunities

After your studies, you may be looking for a job. But if you can gain practical experience in your field of study while studying, it will be great. There are many Universities which can offer you major-related jobs. This experience will be very helpful when you start searching for a job after your course. Also, the monetary gain of working can help you to cover your expenses also. So look for these options also when you are choosing a University.

     Get Help from Alumni

If you have listed out your choices of Universities, then alumni of that college can help you a lot to know about it more. Find someone who is studying in the University or already graduated from the same. Get your doubts regarding student life, diversity, culture, pedagogy etc. cleared from them. They can really guide you on whether to choose it or not. Sometimes, it will be difficult to find alumni whom you can talk to. Don’t worry…Search for the blogs written by alumni about their experience in college life.

Above criteria may help you to pick out some of the options of best Universities for you. But always remember that there is nothing more important than pushing your limits and get out of your comfort zone. We wish you best luck for getting into your dream University.

Kindly don’t forget to post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestion.

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