Study Abroad: 6 Tips to Save Pocket Money!

How to Study Abroad for Free?

Best things in life are not always free! If you need to survive on your pocket money at abroad, a proper plan is essential. Because, most of the time, your expenses in a month will leave you with the only meager amount of cash. In today’s time, pocket money ranged $100-$150 is not enough for an average student. So in this post, let’s have a look at some tips which will help you to save your pocket money well.

6 Tips to Save Pocket Money While Studying Abroad

      Cook at home



It is always good to dine out! But it is much more expensive as compared to eating at home. So, even though cooking at home might be more work, to safeguard your pocket money, try to eat home-cooked food more often than visiting a restaurant. If you have a pot which can boil water, you can easily prepare all sorts of stews and soups. You can dump in whatever food item you get along with free salt and pepper packets. You will surely end up with something edible and indeed nutritious.


  Dwell an area with a recycling policy


Do You Know:  Getting four aluminum cans can transform into a meal. 

Yes. Searching for used aluminum cans can get you enough money to buy a meal. If you get more than twenty or thirty cans, it will turn into a jackpot. There are many regions in the US like California, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, New York and Vermont where you get cash for each returned can. Also other nations like Belgium, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden etc. have such programs.


  Try to Exercise

Prefer not sitting at home and be in a bad mood. Move out and walk around a lot. Try to check what all are there to see within walking distance. This will help you find some cost-effective outlets for food. Don’t worry about the loss of calories, because the efficiency you will develop will counterbalance the overkill calories you will burn.


  Grow few of your own vegetables



It does not matter either you live in the city, or any other area. Try to fill large pots with mud and utilize them to grow vegetables. Prefer growing food like potatoes which are easy to grow. For example, potato you can grow by simply cutting up a potato into smaller pieces and bury them deep in the soil. Do water them occasionally and you can see it growing fast in some days.


     Plan your grocery store visits


Get to know individuals at the grocery store. You can get things for meager values at or near their expiration date. Sometimes, you may get for free. Also, check out at stores, if there is any deal or discounts going on. This is a good way to save your money without stressing much on your pocket.


     Find someone to share your expenses



Housing costs are a major part of your expenses. You can get it reduced by downsizing your apartment or roping in some roommates. Also, you can reduce your expense if you get someone to share with. Whether it is in buying food, or groceries or in traveling expenses. So, start searching for someone to share with.

Study Abroad and Save Money at the Same Time

Hope above tips will of use to you in saving your pocket money. If you try saving your pocket money now, it will give you many life lessons to plan your expenses in the future.

Kindly don’t forget to post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestion. 

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