Study Abroad: You Will Not Be Able to Stop These 4 Feelings!

Going to Study Abroad?

Excited. Happy. Sad. Lonely. Independent. Homesick. When you decide to study abroad, you will experience an entire bottle of emotions. It is true that when you take that initial decision and sign up for a program, you are very thrilled and excited to move to a different country. And you should be definitely. Believe it or not, each semester abroad, is going to be one of the best experiences of your life. However, on a more practical scale, each day you spend there will come with a complete set of distinct emotions.

You Will Not Be Able to Stop These 4 Feelings!

So, what are the four most common feelings that each one of us faces when we decide to study abroad?


New country, new culture, new people, new dreams and new hopes! You get to explore an entirely different country and a new city, try out new foods and meet a whole new bunch of people. It is really exciting to add a new country to the list of places you have been to. How about being able to celebrate your birthday halfway across the world?Irrespective of how humble you are as a person, these sure are some good proud points for you!


There will be a certain part of you that is still struggling to get used to the fact that you’ll be soon leaving home. You’ll now be spending your summer in a different country that is thousands of miles across the globe. It will be time to leave soon and the time might just seem to run at a pace faster than usual. More so just the thought of having to pack all your life’s possessions that you want to carry along with you is hard? This, however, is one feeling that you cannot let go off.  

     Stress and Panic

Strangely enough, for the first few days post your decision of studying abroad and the last days before actually moving abroad, you’ll be alternating between excitement and stress about every 10 minutes. Leaving in a month, a week, a day? That feeling just wouldn’t seem to rest. In addition to it, the stress of being able to have everything in place and on time will give you goosebumps. Finally, the biggest panic is that loaded question, ‘Are you ready, yet?’ And the less time that is left, the more will the feeling aggravate.


It does not matter how independent you are or have been all your life, the thought of moving to a different country and starting your life afresh is scary to the bits. And anyone who tells you any differently is only lying because there is a big yet new and oddly different world out there waiting for you. So yes, there will be a part of you that will be scared with the thought of being lost in that big city. You’ll be afraid of that homesickness that might just not leave you. You’ll be scared of being all on your own. You’ll be scared of not being able to speak your mother tongue that often. You’ll be scared about not being able to make new friends. You’ll be scared of the new academics that you have to get used to. And you’ll be scared not to be able to see your people just when you want to see them. But as they say, “Don’t ever let fear hold you back, break free and never give up.”


These are just 4 of the many emotions and feelings that you’ll go through. There will be days when you’ll feel lucky about this tremendous opportunity of being able to study abroad. Then there’ll be days when you’ll be gripped by the nostalgia of the days and times spent with your favorite people.Whatever it is, it is time you put these feelings to rest and give your mind go ahead.

In the end let’s conclude with the words of Robert Louis Stevenson, “There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign”.

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