Studying abroad: The Next Big Thing in the World of Education

The education system has advanced over the years to benefit the students in every possible manner. In the recent time, the trend to study abroad has grown a lot since many aspiring candidates have successfully placed themselves in foreign lands. It is surely the next big thing in the world of Education. Moving to a new country allows you to gain knowledge both academically and culturally.

Here are certain lessons which would surely define your future, if you travel abroad for building an academic career:

Why is Studying Abroad, The Next Big Thing in the World of Education?

Ignite your Education

After studying abroad, it has been noted that most students do not see their education as they used to in the past. Because studying abroad is a powerful experience which influences subsequent educational plans. Study abroad students return home with a higher interest for academic pursuits as well as renewed interest towards lifelong learning. According to a survey, nearly 63 percent of students told their experience had influenced their decisions to change their academic majors. Moreover, nearly 90 percent of students revealed their experiences abroad had affected all their subsequent educational experiences.

Launch your Career

After studying abroad, your chances of getting a good job will be higher. Do you know, presently employers are looking out for culturally aware and experienced employees who can function effectively in an advancing global workplace. Internships at abroad helps you to get a taste of local culture in the workplace as well as to improve foreign language skills.

Personal Growth & Development

Studying abroad leads students to understand their own cultural values and biases more. Additionally, students who study abroad develop skills to navigate effectively and positively across different cultures. Living in a foreign culture can help you to enhance personal growth. A count of more than 96 percent of students surveyed revealed that they believe studying overseas increased their self-confidence. Also, over 97 percent said that their time outside helped them to learn new aspects of themselves and lead to increased maturity.

Make Life-Long Friends

One of the most important and influential reasons for studying abroad, according to students is to make new friends. Also, no matter whatever time has passed, many friendships formed abroad still proves strong. It is also found that the host countries made a powerful impression on the candidates. According to statistics, nearly 60 percent of those surveyed candidates have successfully returned to the country where they studied. Several of them visiting friends as well as host families with whom they lived with while staying abroad.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping into a foreign land can be the best way to learn and grow into the best version of yourself. Students who stayed at abroad will learn to think about the issues with a more open mind. They will change in the ways they would not have if they stayed in their home country. Studying abroad is a worthy investment in yourself and will help you to become more interesting and globally-aware person.

You will always want to travel

Once you are bitten by the travel bug, it is hard to turn back. When you go abroad, it is highly likely that you will also be bitten by the travel bug. In a survey conducted by the International Center of the University of California,  San Diego, 95.9% of respondents said that studying abroad influenced their interest in travel later on. After studying abroad, you will find yourself filling up your passport with more stamps, stories, and memories.

So, are you ready to move with the next big thing in Education? Always plan out your studies in a way that it will become a big opportunity for you!

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