How to prepare for GMAT? Are you prepared enough?

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How to prepare for GMAT exam

The Graduate Management Admission Examination, also known as GMAT, is a significant part of applying for business school. The GMAT is a web-based, multiple-choice, and computer-based examination that is needed for admission to business schools all over the world.

  1. Understand the format of the exam
  2. Check the official syllabus
  3. Check the practice sets
  4. Check GMAT preparation material
  5. Balance the college exams with the GMAT preparation
  6. Deal with personal issues
  7. Keep giving online mock exams
  8. Analyze the mistakes
  9. Save the best practice score as a benchmark
  10. Work on your weak areas

11 best ways to prepare for GMAT exam

It is very important to go through each section and its difficulty level before starting the preparation for GMAT. Here a few guiding tips:

  1. More GMAT prep exams
  2. Check out the weak areas
  3. Practice verbal analysis daily
  4. Get clear with the concepts of quantitative aptitude
  5. Get clear with the concepts of puzzles in reasoning section
  6. Practice each section daily
  7. Revise the mistakes
  8. Give mock exams on each particular section
  9. Compare the marks with the standard average
  10. Redo the exams each week
  11. Stop stressing

How to prepare for GMAT at home

With the help of online, free of cost materials, any exam is possible to crack without coaching classes. Here are a few ways to guide you through it.

  1. Get a clear insight of the syllabus
  2. Get to know your strong and weak areas
  3. Start with the concepts of quantitative aptitude
  4. Give daily mock exam on each topic
  5. Analyze the mistakes
  6. Get to the reasoning section
  7. Check each topic and your hold on them
  8. Daily mock exam on the topics
  9. Get to the language section
  10. Read daily newspapers to update vocabulary

Best way to prepare for GMAT

Many learners start preparing for the GMAT by buying a book or else by enrolling in a GMAT classroom course, devoid of fully assessing all the selections on the board. Actually, the best way to prepare for GMAT is to select and follow an approach that suits your capability and style of studying. Here are a few tips to help you with that.

  1. Understand and judge your own capability before selecting any option of preparation
  2. prominence of availability of study materials
  3. charge of materials should be under control
  4. flexible studying hours
  5. superiority of proper training is preferred
  6. superiority of exercise problems besides practice examinations
  7. proper customization of study materials
  8. teaching superiority is a must
  9. willpower to crack the exam
  10. time management

How to prepare for GMAT in 3 months

It is a lot of time to prepare for GMAT in a span of 3 whole months. Proper planning and motivation is all that is needed to do so. At the end. It is totally possible. Follow the steps for success.

  1. Take regular tests
  2. Study your strong points
  3. Study your weak points
  4. Get a study plan
  5. Time management is everything
  6. Download proper study materials
  7. Access the weak points daily
  8. Give exam on each topic
  9. Analyze mistakes
  10. Revise mistakes

How to prepare for GMAT in 2 months

2 months is a decent time gap to prepare for GMAT examination expecting good score as the end product. The only difficulty may be in keeping up with the stress and time management needed through the journey. Here are a few ways to help you with that.

  1. Habituate yourself with the exam pattern
  2. Get a proper goal set up, to motivate you
  3. Engage in group studies
  4. Utilize the time properly
  5. Work on weak areas
  6. Keep the last few days for thorough revision
  7. Study for consistent hours
  8. Take tests daily
  9. Utilize holidays
  10. Take rest or you will blackout

How to prepare for GMAT in 1 month

For your GMAT training, timetable for 1 month is not at all enough time to prepare intensely, but you have to make the best of the time that is provided to you. Here are some tips to help you through it:

  1. Take a GMAT practice test
  2. Check your strong and weak areas
  3. Develop a sample study plan 
  4. Download study plans over the internet
  5. Follow strict time management programs
  6. Utilize every second
  7. get some will power to be consistent
  8. daily mock exams
  9. analyze mistakes
  10. be stress-free

How long does it take to prepare for GMAT

Preparing for the GMAT is time-consuming. Plot to devote about three to four months, studying the material and working on it habitually. The toppers of the exam spend about 125 hours on an average, studying for Examination Day.

The preparation time also depends on the following factors: 

  1. capability of the student
  2. dedication of the student
  3. time management skills
  4. will power
  5. determination

How to prepare for GMAT quant

The GMAT quantitative segment is perhaps the most difficult and intimidating segment of the exam. There are numerous fables adjoining the quantitative section, for example that it quizzes tremendously advanced math perceptions and that it is difficult to attain a perfect score in the section. However, it can be done with proper guidance like:

  1. review the previous year questions
  2. revise concepts of the basic arithmetic chapters
  3. Data sufficiency is an important part, so spend time on it
  4. Similarly, Data interpretation needs a lot of attention
  5. Start solving simple questions first
  6. Give exam daily
  7. Analyze mistakes
  8. Work on the mistakes
  9. Take on advanced problems
  10. Revise formulae daily

How to prepare for GMAT verbal

GMAT verbal is a scoring section as it requires a clear basic hold on grammar which is also a flaw of many. So try your best to score the maximum in this section with the following tips:

  1. Learn a whole lot of idioms
  2. study to analyze the rudiments of the Acute Reasoning dispute
  3. see what establishes an unfitting vs. an accurate response on a question
  4. Read newspapers daily
  5. Read editorials to brush up vocabulary
  6. Review whatever you read
  7. Take daily exams
  8. Work on the weak areas
  9. Know your strong points
  10. Revise

How to prepare for GMAT reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension or RC segment of GMAT is a quiz of your aptitude to understand composite philosophies as quickly as conceivable. Here are a few tips to score well in the area:

  1. Read papers daily
  2. Read perspectives to brush up terminology
  3. Evaluate whatever you read
  4. Take day-to-day exams
  5. Labor on the frail areas
  6. Distinguish your strong points from weak points
  7. Reread
  8. Work on grammar
  9. Revise previous year questions
  10. Improve speed and accuracy

How to prepare for GMAT English

The GMAT Verbal section is not a part of your daily average English. It is classy and scholastically modulated to suit the purpose of the exam. Here are a few tips to help with it:

  1. Work on reading comprehension
  2. Work on vocabulary
  3. Work on sentence correction
  4. Read a lot
  5. Review what you read
  6. Newspaper editorials are a must
  7. Create notes
  8. Create error logs to identify weakness
  9. Give daily mock exams
  10. Be stress-free

How to prepare for Cat and GMAT simultaneously

Mutually the CAT (Common Aptitude Test) as well as GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) exams form an essential portion of the admittance procedure for entities who wish to advance charges in the commercial and organization sequences.

Here are a few tips to ace that:

  1. If you are scheduling for CAT in addition GMAT, you have to begin your training at the supreme by May.
  2. Target self-made deadlines.
  3. formulate with GMAT English and CAT quantitative aptitude within 2 months.
  4. As soon as GMAT mark is done in theJuly, the application procedure starts and the preparation for the syllabus of CAT should commence.
  5. Data interpretation and logical reasoning should be covered in 2 months.
  6. Once these topics are covered, you can start taking mock tests, analyze your performance.
  7. CAT exam is conducted per year in November. So you will be able to complete your preparation for the exam by then.
  8. Once you have given your CAT exam, the results of round 1 from the GMAT exam will be announced. In case you have been selected then you must start preparing for the interview.
  9. In the event that you are not selected then you must start your application procedure for the next round of admissions.
  10. Time management is important

How to prepare for GMAT online

When you plan on online training for the GMAT exam, you should set up a plan that permits you to emphasis on your education and training. Preparing for GMAT online is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam. This is how to do it:

  1. Attempt a practice exam
  2. Plan a schedule
  3. Download proper study materials from the internet
  4. Get enrolled in online courses
  5. Make notes of the difficult questions
  6. Revise the concepts with teachers online
  7. Enroll in online courses if possible
  8. Download apps to prepare for the exam
  9. Attempt quizzes
  10. Enjoy the process

How to prepare for GMAT online for free

With the help of internet, preparation for any exam has become hustle free and that too free of cost. The online materials are quality tested and well prepared as well. Here are some of the tips to follow the online free courses:

  1. Proper research about reliable sources of study material
  2. Download free of cost apps that ensure quality teaching
  3. Youtube is a very reliable source
  4. Find friends who are enrolled in online free courses
  5. Attempt online free mock exams
  6. Talk to online consultants
  7. Join groups that are enrolled in the similar courses
  8. Endure the teaching quality
  9. Get proper guidance from experienced tutors
  10. Do not settle for less

How to prepare for GMAT while working

Preparing for GMAT while working full time, is a tough nut to crack but not impossible. All you need is dedication and time management skills.

Here are some tips for doing so:

  1. Be realistic about the difficulty level
  2. Be confident and determined
  3. Make schedules to balance both sides
  4. Lots of time management skills is mandatory
  5. Be with optimistic people who motivate you
  6. Use the internet as much as possible
  7. Utilize the lunch breaks
  8. Utilize the transportation time
  9. Get proper rest and study early in the morning
  10. Stay positive

How to prepare for MBA GMAT

Chasing a graduate commercial degree is a satisfying involvement. The GMAT examination is fragment of that procedure. We are at this point wanting to aid you in comprehending the whole thing that you probably need for your greatest consequences.

  1. Start preparation with a decent time span in hand
  2. Prepare one section at a time
  3. Practice with timer
  4. Check previous year questions
  5. Daily mock exams
  6. Revise mathematical formulae
  7. Download proper apps for preparation
  8. Enroll in courses
  9. Revise mistakes
  10. Be optimistic

How to prepare for GMAT sentence correction

GMAT sentence correction is a very scoring segment of the verbal fragment of the exam. Care must be taken about it as it also fetches negative marks. Here are some tips to ace the section. 

  1. Revise subject-verb agreement concepts
  2. Update vocabulary
  3. Be accurate with the use of tense
  4. Learn idioms
  5. Practice questions daily
  6. Focus on grammar
  7. Read newspapers and editorials
  8. Review whatever you read
  9. Be consistent with the preparation
  10. Review mistakes

How to prepare for GMAT without coaching

Clearing the GMAT exam, is a precise general announcement. Though it is problematic to tally high score in GMAT devoid of training but it is not impossible. Subsequent opinions can give away to crack the exam with self-help.

  1. Have a target score
  2. Be determined
  3. Use internet as much as possible
  4. Get proper booklists
  5. Enroll in inline free courses
  6. Go for group studies
  7. Attempt mock exams
  8. Revise the mistakes
  9. Identify weak areas
  10. Work on weak areas precisely

How to prepare for GMAT essay

The GMAT essay section is a test to identify your comprehension skills as well as the communicative approach of your thoughts and ideas. It is a scoring section if handled properly. Here are some tips to ace it:

  1. Understand the process of creative writing
  2. Write one essay daily
  3. Read newspaper editorials
  4. Work on your vocabulary
  5. Review what you write
  6. Get help of online materials
  7. Read a lot of books on politics and current affairs
  8. Revise the format of essay writing
  9. Try not to choose argumentative topics
  10. Be neutral in your tone of writing


1. How often can I sit for the GMAT exam?

Ans: You can appear for the exam 5 times in a year.

2. What skills are tested through GMAT?

Ans: GMAT tests the aptitude and verbal skills of candidates.

3. How are the scores received by B-schools?

Ans: The body that conducts the exams, sends the scores to the colleges.

4. Do colleges check the previous GMAT scores?Ans: Yes, they do.

5. Can the score be cancelled?

Ans: Yes, but there is a cancellation fee.

6. Who can see my score?

Ans: Only the candidate can acess the GMAT score.

7. In which section can a candidate apply for re-exam?

Ans: Re-exam can be applied for the essay section only.

8. Which sections are used to calculate the score?

Ans: The aptitude and verbal sections are evaluated.

9. How much does GMAT exam cost?

Ans: It costs $250 to sit for the exam.

10. How to reschedule my exam?

Ans: You may reschedule your exam online.

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