Study MBA Abroad: The Utility of Earning an International MBA Degree

“Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital – the world’s best talents and greatest ideas.”

-Jack Welch

Pursuing education from abroad has always been a matter of enriching experience. With more advantages to its favor, the students get to experience a closer aspect of global view. The business entity along with other educational aspects is following the principles of ‘Globalization’.

This has left such psychological, methodological, technological and cultural impact on the mindsets of the working population that the corporate entity is facing certain procedural changes all across the world. Therefore, it is now very important to understand the cultural differences, the changed procedures and ways of functioning effectively in a range of societies with changed behavior.

Therefore, to understand this aspect and gain benefits from it, the MBA degree or management studies become the most sought after course. Earning a management degree from abroad not only enhances your stature in the global market but also yields you organizational skills. It not only provides you with a global experience of varied viewpoints but also a diversified cultural experience at a global platform from lecturers of different nationalities.

So, let’s move ahead and unravel the question of utilities of earning an international MBA degree; because things tend to become clearer when supported by positive arguments.

Studying MBA Abroad: The Advantages

1. Career Growth and Employment Prospects

The Universities offering management courses have student from all cultural diversities. Keeping in view this aspect and the universities in different parts of the world fulfill the demand of the present scenario and prepare them well for mid-level and management roles in businesses. Through these courses and opportunities, a student is exposed to all areas of business including finance, accounting, Human Resource, etc, under the aegis of professors belonging to different nationalities. This provides the students with exposure and thereby expands the career opportunities and mobility of the students simultaneously, enriching their experience.

Thus, a foreign degree shines bright on your CV giving you an edge over other competitors at the work place giving you an upper hand in experience and implementation alike. Data supplements this perspectiveThe Financial Times  of January 1, 2015 says that, approximately, 31% of the world’s 500 largest listed companies of market capitalization are led by an MBA graduates.

2. Expands your interests and helps to explore

For many working officials, the same monotonous work schedule tends to decrease the productivity and interest in work. The outcome of which is that there is fall in productivity and creativity in work. For the higher officials, an experienced employee serves the need. This is so because they are experienced and skilled in the work they have been doing since time immemorial. Like every coin has two sides, this prospect also has two outcomes. The other part of the scenario is that there is fall in personal productivity and employees tend to become lethargic due to same nature of the job.

But coming into the bigger picture, earning a foreign management degree tends to provide you with additional knowledge of handling work. It helps you expand your area of interest and makes you explore the other business profiles too. From development to manufacturing to consulting-the curriculum is developed in such a manner so as to provide an overall growth.

3. High Materialistic Gains

It is often noted that success is measured with the salary attainment of a person. Though this is not a satisfactory measure but is a traditional one. Studying from an International B-School enriches your chances to grab the best of job opportunities; but, with it, it also tends to bring to you high materialistic gains.

These Universities train you in such a manner that you end up with the best of exposure, experience and creativity. The ideas generated are by you are undisputedly one of its kind and thereby help you land up with the best of opportunities compared to your other peers. For instance, The London Business School has reported an employment rate of 91% with high package.

Therefore, besides job and experience if materialistic gains are what you are looking for, MBA as a course will be worth striving for.

4. Cultural Connectivity

MBA demands connectivity; and what can be better when you get an opportunity to connect with the likeminded individuals from all across the globe?

Cultural Connectivity and a better network is the most important aspect of management studies. Access to alumni and good connections with classmates also tend to increase your chances of landing up with better advices and jobs in long run. A strong network is very essential to survive in this competitive world. And that’s not all; B-schools globally tend to nurture their alumni so as to have an extended network of their wards. Lecturers from different walks of life would also tend to leave a long lasting impact thereby building an unsaid connectivity with them also. Therefore, it is the best opportunity to make strong connections and lifelong friends from all over the world, not only till classrooms but beyond it too.

5. A Student Again!

What can be better when you get to live the life of a student again? Most of the  MBA aspirants have been full time employees. Taking a break from their daily work and preparing for MBA not only fulfills their aim of a better degree but also lets them relive their long lost student life.

“There’s nothing better than going back to being a student – sitting down in a classroom, jotting down informative content, looking up at the professor with thirst to grab all that knowledge,” said a MBA student of a famous B-school. He further adds to it and says, “What can be better when you get to experience it in a new environment, in a different country with people of different viewpoints and ideas altogether!”

6. The Two Es- Exposure and Experience

As it is well said in English language, “Exposure and experience is all, what counts.”

It is often seen that most of the B-school students keep getting ideas about starting their own business. However, very less percentage of them tends to succeed. This is so because they lack The 2 Es-Exposure and Experience.

Studying from an international university environment gives you a first-hand exposure of meeting such a crowd who comes from a diversified background. Understanding from their experience and merging your ideas with them, analyzing the condition that might work in your environment, might help you start a business and then carry it further successfully. Moreover, the curriculum also offers students projects to work on in teams, so as to understand the prevailing condition better and enrich their experience simultaneously.

7. A New Perspective towards Life

A student might be eligible greatly. But when he/she comes out to compete in a larger crowd, they discover several others like them. Therefore, it is very important to adjust accordingly. To open up to them and share experience. You’d have to do everything to prove yourself to you once again, probably un-learn what you already know, and learn a new skill everyday.

A student will be required to get out of his/her comfort zone too. This is so because many B-schools tends to place their students for internships in far off places and sometimes also in remote regions. Therefore, it is very important that one gets out of the comfort zone and have a new perspective towards life entirely. Learning in such an atmosphere can be really satisfying.

 Last Thoughts on MBA Abroad

Earning an MBA degree from abroad can be an investment for lifetime. In this era of globalization, management students in all prospects are much needed. Therefore, it is the time to tackle the condition, seize the opportunity and move forth to live the life of your choice. Grab the dream job you have always aspired for.

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