MBA Abroad Requirements and How to Apply for MBA Abroad?

MBA courses in abroad universities has lot more than to design the business stories and get fruitful placements at popular organizations. Let’s take a look at the basis for the admission process that how Indian students can find the right place abroad to study MBA. Read here about the best universities abroad for studying MBA course. Students are confused majorly on these:

1. What are the eligibility requirements for an MBA abroad?
2. What are the entrance exams for overseas MBA colleges?

How to Apply for Foreign Universities?

The admission process of foreign countries is quite different and lengthy from Indian MBA programs. This post is exactly how the admission process takes place in the international universities.

MBA abroad requirements and eligibility

The applications for MBA are evaluated by MBA Admissions Committee. Here is what they study about your application form prior to making any decision for the admission process.

Academic requirements for MBA Abroad

For MBA the foremost eligibility requirement is to have a basic bachelor level graduation degree, in any stream as MBA has the doors open for B.E., B.Tech, B.Sc, and B.Com, B.A. or any other graduate degree. A doctoral degree (Ph.D.) is also fine. The MBA course has been pursued even after MS.

In the process of applying for MBA course abroad, the applicant needs to submit the evidence to prove your credentials of academic transcripts. The process also includes semester wise marks of each subject that were covered in the degree.

Work Experience Requirements

The MBA colleges abroad expect not only the technical skills but the managerial skills like planning, decision-making, team leading. This allows the graduates of foreign MBA colleges to get mid and senior management level jobs that pay high salaries.

Some top MBA schools are willing to look at exceptional applicants who don’t have any experience, but that is rare.

MBA Application Requirements and Procedure

MBA application is the highly time-consuming that elaborates each and everything related to you including your past to your future moves.

The MBA application form consists of the following main sections:

General Information

This is believed to be the easiest part where you just need to fill up the objective data about yourself- Name, age, bio-data, and much more including the overall academic grades, known languages etc.

Writing MBA Essays

Writing an Essay in MBA entrance seems pretty easy, but actually, it is not. The MBA applicant needs to write about the career so far, why you thought of pursuing MBA abroad at this stage, your future plans, and goals, including strength and weakness. This test of essay allows the Admission Committee to see if you are a person with a bunch of statistics or not.

Evaluate your profile to find the best universities


Apart from all that you’ve shared, Adcoms also want to know what those you’ve worked with think of you. They ask for 2 (or 3) recommendations from supervisors, managers or colleagues who’ve known you well professionally and can talk about various aspects of your skills and potential.
Every B-school has its own recommendation formats. Which means you can’t have a single letter then you email to multiple B-schools. It can be a pain in the neck for your recommends, especially when the number of applications goes up.

MBA Interview

This is the ultimate hurdle to cross. Adcoms will decide based on all the other submitted material (application, transcripts, test scores, essays, recommendations) whether they should give you the final opportunity to prove your mettle.

Entrance Exams for MBA abroad

This part gets a lot of attention from MBA adcoms and for legit reasons. MBA program consists of two sets of entrance exams, the very first category designs to test the aptitude for business management. The second category completely tests the level of English language, by the mode of communication in the business school and the corporate world as well.

1. Business Management Aptitude Exam

GMAT was the standard aptitude exams for MBA course and GRE was believed to be a more popular test for MS applicants. However, things are changing and many MBA universities have also started accepting GRE scores. If you’ve already applied to MS programs in the USA, you may have a GRE score. Read here about the top universities accepting GRE scores for MBA in the USA.

Find the best universities in the USA

2. Language Proficiency Exams

TOEFL and IELTS are the two well-known exams which are accepted to open the doors of international business schools across the world. The two of the exams are similar enough as they cover reading, writing, speaking and listening. GMAT, GRE and much more aptitude exams which are completely automated, for certain English Proficiency sections to interact with the human beings and allot grades. Read here about the structure and pattern of IELTS exam.

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So, these are the requirements to apply to MBA programs. A correct application is the first step to make an impression on the adcom. When answering the ‘Why MBA?’ question in the interview, it is important to be specific about the school. So for instance, of course all MBAs teach finance, marketing and strategy, but your dream school probably has a specific professor who teaches X class that you know will just blow your socks off. We hope that we have helped you out in making the application process clear. Please do share your views in the comments. Also, suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

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