List of 100+ PTE Essay Topics (Updated 2019)

Source: E2 PTE Academic

Pearson Test of English, also known as PTE exam, is the leading test of English Language conducted across the world. It is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration purpose. This test of English Language provides the non-native English speakers a chance, who aspire to study abroad. PTE Academic is trusted by all the universities, colleges and governments around the world and holds a respectable position. The Essay Writing part of the PTE requires some sincere preparation and is not too tough to crack

List of PTE Essay Writing Topics

These are the most common PTE Essay Writing Topics:

  1. The environment we are living in is in danger due to various problems…so who do u think should be responsible for solving it? Is it the governments, organization or each individual?
  2. Do you think the consumer should avoid over packed products or it is the responsibility of the producer to avoid extra packaging of products?” Give your views or any relevant example with your own experience.
  3. Large shopping malls are replacing small shops. What is your opinion about this? Discuss with appropriate examples.
  4. Communication has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Discuss the positive and negative impacts of this change.
  5. People pursue dangerous activities like skydiving, motorcycle sports, white-water river rafting etc. Do you support? If yes, why and if not, why?
  6. Nowadays TV has become an essential part of life. Medium to spread news & awareness and for some, it acts as a companion. What is your opinion about this?

Now, moving further, here are some of the topics from different genres that you can consider for PTE preparation and exams as well.


  1. Everyone should stay in school and complete their education until they attain the age of 18. Do you agree or disagree? Support your answer citing valid arguments.
  2. In the education system, assessment through written formal examinations is valid or not.
  3. It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  4. Illiterate of the future would not be one who does not know to read, but people who do not know how to learn
  5. Do you think that formal written examinations are a good way to assess knowledge at school and other institutions?
  6. The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education- Einstein. What does he mean by that? And do you think he is correct?


  1. Discuss the pros and cons of the era filled with inventions. Support your answer with your views.
  2. Is a new development in technology a boon or curse? Discuss
  3. Out of the computer, antibiotics, and the airplane, which invention according to you holds the highest relevance. Discuss.
  4. Some people believe that technology change human behavior. Do you agree with it?
  5. Discuss both sides of Space travel vs. Current crucial problems faced by the human?

Corporate and Economics

  1. The Top level Authorities of the Company should take employees suggestions or ideas to take any decisions or should not. Discuss
  2. Marketing strategy for big companies should be placed on offer and discounts, and in what ways this can impact on their reputation.
  3. It is believed that tourism causes disadvantage to many countries. Do you agree or disagree?

Other Relevant Topics

  1. Polygamy has increased in recent years. Devise solutions to combat it.
  2. Parents should be held responsible for the acts of their children. Do you agree or disagree
  3. More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve this problem?
  4. The only way to improve unemployment is to increase urbanization. How far do you agree with this?
  5. The newspaper is no longer a need in the society. Express your opinion.
  6. The negative and positive effects of technology through mass media.
  7. Do you think English will continue to remain a global language in spite of globalization? Express your views for or against the topic.
  8. Employees should be made a part of the decision – making process along with the company’s top authorities. Discuss.
  9. The present youth is very interested in imitating celebrities and sports stars. According to your opinion, is this good or bad?
  10. Environmental danger on a global level.
  11. Climactic changes and its effect on humans and nature.
  12. International trade and exchange have seen a massive increase in terms of production and transportation over long distances. Do the advantages of such a system outshine its demerits?
  13. Technology and mobile phones have proved to be immensely helpful for older adults. What are your views on it?
  14. What are your views on migration?
  15. Technology is seen to have affected many relationships, both positively and negatively. What is your opinion on this?
  16. Formally written exams are an assessment criterion practiced widely. Do you opine this practice is the most valid form?
  17. “Education is the biggest barrier in my learning.” – Albert Einstein. What do you think did Einstein mean by this statement?
  18. Is learning a new language at an infantile stage advantageous or disadvantageous?
  19. How has communication changed in the past ten years?
  20. How has the information technology brought about a revolution in society? Discuss your views for or against it.
  21. People should attend college and university for educational reasons. Why else do you think is it necessary?
  22. Write an essay on the purpose of schools.
  23. Primary schools should make foreign language mandatory. Discuss.
  24. Developing countries like India invite multi-national companies to open offices to aid their economy.
  25. Creative artists should be given more significance in the economic scale.
  26. The Internet has helped students to study and complete their lessons with much lesser effort.
  27. Does a woman belong to the home or world?
  28. The government must spend money on art. Express your views on this statement.
  29. Endangered species of animals should be protected.
  30. In many countries, citizens have access to guns which has led to shooting massacres. Do you think one should possess a gun? Give examples to support your answer.
  31. In the present scenario, most children have both working parents. Does this affect the normal working of the family? Give the advantages and disadvantages of such a situation.
  32. In some countries, the government pays the cost of education for students since it is highly expensive. Do you think its advantages outweigh its disadvantages?
  33. Do you agree that university level students should live in separate accommodation? If not, specify your reasons.
  34. Leisure time is often regarded as the time to be spent on recreational activities that would develop one’s mind. Specify with examples whether you agree or disagree.
  35. Should consumers avoid extra packaging of good? Or should it be the responsibility of the producer to avoid over packaging? Discuss your views.
  36. While some think that studying the past has no relevance in the present life, many others give a lot of importance to the study of history. Discuss your views on both sides.
  37. Today, the increasing sales of many popular goods for consumers is a consequence of advertisement rather than the real needs of the consumers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  38. Travelling has become widely common among youth. Why do you think people opt to travel throughout the year? Are there any benefits? Express your views.
  39. Freshwater resources continue to diminish each year at large cities. What do you think are the reasons leading to this drastic change? What solutions can be implemented?
  40. Some people opine that the native place of an individual is the reason for their success, and a change in the region leads to a contradictory outcome. How far do you agree or disagree with this?
  41. Globalization has had a positive effect on the world economy. However, its negative effects must not be looked over.
  42. In some countries, paid labor of children is prohibited while some others consider it beneficial as part of work experience. Express your opinion along with examples.
  43. Many young people are getting involved in learning about their family history and their trajectory. Do you think it has a positive or a negative effect?
  44. Some believe that schools to take students based on their academic abilities. While some others believe that all students with different abilities should be accepted, express your views on this light.
  45. Zoos can be considered a prison for animals. Zoos can also be considered as a protective place for various endangered and other creatures. Discuss both the views.
  46. Many local languages are dying due to an increased emphasis on learning only English. How can these languages survive?
  47. Some people believe that parents should teach their children to be good members of society. Some others believe that school is the best place to learn how to become a better individual. Discuss your opinion on both the views.
  48. As technology develops, the traditional ways and skills are dying out. There seems no point in trying to keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  49. Blood sports are becoming popular with every passing day. Cruel killing of animals is an uncivilized activity and should be banned immediately. Discuss your argument on the given statement and give your views.
  50. Deforestation leads to multiple deaths and dying away from the natural habitat of the animals as well as the ecosystem. Discuss.
  51. Everybody should adopt a vegan eating lifestyle and avoid consuming meat as it causes serious health problems. Should everyone become a vegetarian? What are your views?
  52. Some working parents believe in the idea of their children being taken care of by their grandparents. Some other working parents find child care centers extremely helpful. Put forth your argument on both the views.
  53. Does modern technology like the internet have the potential to replace books or written words as a source of information? Discuss.
  54. Some countries have retirement at the age of 50 while a few others extend it till 60 and some others allow the employees to work as long as they wish to. What is the ideal age to take retirement according to you?
  55. Developing countries should focus on improving industrial skills rather than giving importance to education first. What is your opinion?
  56. Children must never be educated at home by their parents. What are your views?
  57. It is better to have more money and less time instead of having less money and more time. Discuss both the views and state your opinion.
  58. Children’s actions are often a result of their upbringing. Discuss.
  59. Men are recruited for a higher level of jobs. The government should make amends to provide equal opportunity for women. Discuss your opinion.
  60. Computers have made life hassle free and much faster. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  61. Successful and prominent sports stars and celebrities are the ideal role model for the present youth. Do you support this?
  62. Leaders are born and not made. Discuss.
  63. Our older generations have a very traditional and backward view on life which is of no use to the younger generation. What is your opinion?
  64. Increasing demands on a global scale can be met through nuclear energy. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.
  65. There are numerous social, technical and medical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What can be these possible problems? Does the benefit of a mobile phone outweigh its demerits?
  66. Smoking should be banned in all places and not just limited to public space. Discuss your views in this light.
  67. Developing and rich countries should help developing countries with food and education. Should this be followed or what other solutions can be provided for the poor countries?
  68. Is education the only factor essential for the successful running of a country? Express your views for or against it.
  69. Co-curricular activities should be given up at the cost of academics. Do you agree or disagree?
  70. Books have lost their importance as a source of information and entertainment.
  71. Students must stay in school until the age of 18. Do you support this?
  72. Television removes loneliness. How far is this true? Discuss your opinion.
  73. The present generation spends more time at work rather than spending time with their families. What are your views on this?
  74. Sending children to boarding school is the best way to discipline them. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  75. Many young professionals are leaving their own country to work in another country. What problems does this cause? How can it be provided a solution?
  76. Many criminals tend to commit more crimes after serving their first punishment. Why is this happening? What measures can be taken to tackle such a problem?
  77. Stress is a common and increasing problem among all age groups. What do you think are the factors contributing to this issue? What steps can be taken to curb its increase amongst other unaffected individuals?
  78. More and older people are trying to get employed to compete with the younger generation. What problems can this cause? What are some possible solutions?
  79. Many people are growing overweight. Some people believe that increasing the prices of food that leads to fattening is the best solutions. What effects can he have? To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  80. Euthanasia is not accepted in any modern society anymore. Discuss.
  81. Increased migration from rural to urban space. Discuss its positive and negative effects.
  82. The government plays a vital role in combating climate change. Discuss.
  83. Global warming is the most serious problem in the world right now. State your argument in this light.
  84. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a nuclear family?
  85. Many couples plan on having children much later in life. Why do you think is this trend becoming so common? How can this affect a family and society?
  86. Extreme or adventure sports. Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.
  87. All modes of communication have changed. Discuss.
  88. What are the merits and demerits of hiring a foreign worker?
  89. Imported goods are better than indigenous goods. What are your views?
  90. Mothers play a better role in bringing up children rather than fathers. Do you agree or disagree?
  91. Should libraries invest in books or should they become technologically advanced?
  92. Can motivation and practice prove to be better than classroom teaching? Discuss your opinion.
  93. Famous people are treated unfairly by the media. State your argument for or against the situation.
  94. How has medicine evolved and developed since the 20th century? How has it benefited society?
  95. Should the government be held responsible for the deterioration of nature or are we individuals responsible?
  96. Old buildings are a heritage and should be preserved as part of national history. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  97. What have been the best inventions since the past 100 years in terms of medicine and technology?
  98. Rich countries should forgive the debts of developing countries. How does this affect the economy of both countries? How is it beneficial?
  99. Discrimination among men and women in terms of pay should be made illegal. Discuss.


This article provides a PTE Academic preparation material for PTE exam preparation online.

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PTE Essay Writing Preparation Material

Essay writing aims to assess and mark the writing skills of any individual.  Essays are used to judge the mastery and comprehension of the material. The academic essay tests the student’s ability to present their thoughts in an organized way and is designed to test their intellectual capabilities.

PTE requires you to write an essay of word limit ranging between 200-300 words. This essay is a response to the prompt(topic) given to the candidate and the candidate is required to answer it within 20 minutes. The answer to this prompt has to be extremely structured and binding in nature and you will be required to maintain a standard level English.
Now, let us move forward and go through some of the important essay topics in order to understand the level of which the candidate’s intellect is tested.

Related image


Difference between PTE and IELTS

Image result for images for PTE


International English Language Testing System(IELTS) is the standardized test for English language speakers which holds a great relevance in Australian, British, Canadian and New Zealand academic institutions. Also, it is the only test approved by UK visas and immigration and also in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

IELTS was developed jointly by  British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment and its relevance is just as the other tests like TOEFL, TOEIC, etc. Read here about the best universities accepting IELTS score.

This test judges the proficiency of non-native English speakers and is ranked as the most popular English language test for higher education and immigration. Read here to get a detailed knowledge of IELTS Test – structure, pattern and strategies for preparation.

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PTE Academic, on the other hand, took over in 2009 and is accredited by the QCA in association with Edexcel. It is a new entrant in the field of online English examinations and is taking over with utmost speed and determination. In order to gain the best of results, one needs to analyze and assess his own self and then take examinations accordingly, in order to score better results.

In terms of test content and its structure and system, IELTS is completely paper-based. It involves the use of pen and paper and an ample number of diagrams. Whereas, Pearson differs in certain aspects. Pearson is a computer-based test and involves no usage of hardcopy.  Pearson Test of English sample tests are also available and can be used to understand its level. In short, both the tests have their own specifications and procedure. It depends solely on the choice of the candidate which test he/ she will opt for.

Why PTE Academic?

As mentioned earlier, PTE Academic with time has become one of the most recognized English tests. This computer-based test has an ample number of academic test papers and also provides to its candidates Pearson Test of English sample tests. Also, it has its academic results available within five business days.

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Reason to choose PTE Academic

Besides providing a techno-based, comprehensive and reliable exam, PTE Academic holds a number of factors to its credit which one can consider and add to its positives. To list down a few reasons, why one should opt for PTE Academic-

  1. The PTE scores are delivered within 5 business days
  2. This test is organized all around the year and takes place over 199+ centers.
  3. Pearson English considers traditional English where English of daily requirement is tested.
  4. This test is fair, secure, non-partial and highly reliable. Yields 100% true results.
  5. This test is accepted for study applications, immigration, and Visa. Also, one can send an unlimited copy of their scores to as many sources they wish to send, fact-free of the cost!
  6. PTE exam scores are accepted by a number of professional associations for various registrations.

Not only does PTE Academic provide you with a reliable test but also helps you succeed simultaneously in it by providing a wide range of PTE Exam test preparation material and PTE exam online practice tests. A package of wholesome benefit!


PTE Exam Structure

Image result for images for PTE

         Source- google images

Pearson test involves 3 parts-

  1. Speaking and writing simultaneously
  2. Reading
  3. Listening

The speaking and writing section is the part 1 of the test structure. It involves an assessment of your speaking and writing skills. It aims to test your spoken English with the help of readout aloud section, repeat sentences and personal introduction.

Besides this, the writing section will require you to write responses in academic English using correct grammar and spelling. For now, let us constrict our understanding and interpretation to the essay section of PTE Academic.

These are some of the topics one can consider while preparing for the Pearson exam. The topics are taken from all the fields and are repeated with twisted words and are based on facts related to it. The only difference will be made by your level of analyzing and understanding of the topic and the way you present your thoughts in counted words. What are your views on the PTE exam? Do share them in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to give your suggestions and feedback.

All the Best!

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    Ключем до знищення Короля монстрв може стати Мехаодзла – зброя-робот, яку, схоже, втратили близько 20000 рокв тому одзла: планета монстрв (частина 1) (2017). одзла: мсто у розпал битви (частина 2) (2018). одзла (частина 3). ТЕХНЧНА НФОРМАЦЯ. 1080p. Контейнер: mkv. Вдео: WEB-DL, x264 10bit, , 1920х1080, 3830 kbps. Аудо-1: Ukr, AC3, 2ch, 48000 Hz, 384 kbps Нов останн стор 5 серя. 5 серя. 5 серя. Зникл фе 4 серя. 4 серя. Нетерпляча домогосподарка та егостичний художник. Кошик фруктв 4 серя.
    Годзилла 2: Король монстрв 2019. Оригнал: Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Перегляд: 120 хв.2:00. Яксть HD 720. Крана: США. Рк: 2019 Вн не раз рятував людство вд повно загибел, хоча це прямо суперечить його сутност. Ггант перш за все дбати про свтовому рвноваз, тому його з натяжкою можна назвати позитивним гером На Lost Film можна дивитися Годзилла 2: Король монстрв 2019 хорошому 720 HD якост безкоштовно росйською мовою. Залиште свй вдгук, а також подлться посиланням в соцальних мережах, для нас це стане найкращою нагородою.
    Завантажити псню: artist -: song, слухати трек, подивитися клпзнайти текст псн
    Вышел дублированный трейлер фильма “Годзилла 2: Король монстров”. 11 грудня 2018 09:08:00 . Премьера картины запланирована на 30 мая 2019 года. Читати дал . . нформаця. Про проект.
    Сьогодн свй 60-й день народження святку Шон Бн! . Премри цього тижня!Дивись у кнотеатр Smart Cinema з 18 квтня “Псля”, “Прокляття Ла Йорони”, “Код Червоний”, “На висот”. Друз! “Там, де нш дивляться, що взяти, справжнй король виршу, що вн може дати” . Сучасна сторя Птера Пена про пошук шляху до дорослого життяусвдомлення власного стилюталан Премри цього тижня!Дивись у кнотеатр SmartCinema з 11 квтня “Хеллбой”, “Комашки 2. Карибсь2019. Inspired by Laziness.
    Про що фльм Годзлла 2: Сюжет бойовика “Годзлла 2 “, який оснащений елементами фантастики, знову поверта кноглядачв до створення, що було тисяч рокв стражем Земл. Безпосередньо Годзлла оберга людей вд пдступних монстрв, як зароджуються в земних глибинах. нод виходить так, що люди сам створюють цих чудовиськставлять пд загрозу зникнення все людство Але тепер на Землю обрушилася нова загроза, настання яко нхто не очкував. Чудовиська виникають, немов з пд земл,швидкими темпами захоплюють велик територруйнуючи все на свому шляху. У мегаполсах пану розруха, страх, маса людських жертвнхто не в силах припинити цей жах.
    одзла 2: Король монстрв Godzilla: King of Monsters, 2019. Прем’ра в Укран: 31 трав. 2019 Прем’ра у свт: 31 трав Офцйний трейлер 2 (укранський) 3:50Сусдськ вйни на Тернопльщин перетворила кумв на затятих ворогв 3:53Як вдпочивають дти укранських полтикв 2:33Смертн машини. Офцйний трейлер 1 (укранський) 3:14Олег Ляшко розписався з свою цивльною дружиною Ростою Сайранен 1:59Каптан Марвел. Офцйний трейлер 1 (укранський) 1:53Кладовище домашнх тварин.
    19 просмотров Что показали в трейлере “Годзилла 2: Король монстров”Киновселенная Monster Verse 2019 – Продолжительность: 13:08 Cut The Crap 320 718 просмотров.
    одзлла II: Король монстрв. Зал: Сеанси: з 30.05. Жанр: фантастика, бойовик, пригоди Цкав факти про фльм “одзлла II: Король монстрв”: – Це сиквел фльму 2014 року “одзлла”. – Тльки Салл Хокнс Кен Ванатабе повернулися в сиквел кнострчки. – Кноробота “одзлла II: Король монстрв” стане фльмом, що пдводить, до блокбастера “одзлла проти Конга”. – Це друг спльн зйомки Чжан ЦзинКен Ватанабе, ранше вони знмалися у фльм “Мемуари гейш”. – Знмали фльм влтку 2017 року в Атлант (штат Джорджя) пд робочою назвою Fathom. – Це повнометражний дебют актриси Млл Боб Браун на великому екран. – Милл Боб Б
    одзлла Король монстрв. Godzilla: King of Monsters. Жанр. бойовик пригоди фантастика одзллаКороль монстрв у Вксховищ? У Вкпедстатт про нш фльми з такою ж, або схожою назвою: одзлла (фльми). одзллаКороль монстрв (англ. Godzilla: King of Monsters) — майбутнй фльм 2019 року, продовження американського фантастичного бойовика одзлла 2014 року. Прем’ра в США запланована на 31 травня 2019 року. Тод як прем’ра в Укран на 30 травня 2019 року.1. Змст. 1 Сюжет. 2 У ролях. 3 Створення фльму.Виробництво. 3.2 Знмальна група. 4 Примтки. 5 Посилання.
    Дивться онлайн фльм Годзилла (1998) в хорошй HD 720 якост на . Из тихоокеанских джунглей на Нью-Йорк надвинулась страшная катастрофа. На США, Япония 1998 Бойовики, Фантастика, Триллери, Краще за тиждень, Full HD 02:19:59. IMDb Рейтинг. . Канал. VIP Megahit HD. Запис доступний до. 10.04 20:00. Мова. Русский.
    Другий трейлер (укранський) HD вд каналу Warner Bros. Pictures Ukraine. Ти Диви – cервс, на якому вс вдео з укранського youtube (украномовн) Дата старту: 30. Формат: 2DIMAX Крана: США Студ: Warner Bros. Pictures Жанр: Фантастика, пригодницький, бойовик Режисер: Майкл Догерт (“Крампус: Викрадач Рздва”) Актори: Майлл Бобб Браун (“Дивн Дива”), Салл Гокнс (“одзлла”), Вера Фармга (Дилогя “Закляття”), Чарльз Денс (“До зуcтрч з тобою”), Кайл Чандлер (“Вовк з Волл-стрт”), Томас Мдледч (“Вовк з Волл-стрт”), Кен Ватанабе (Початок”). сторя розказу про герочн зусилля криптозоологчного агентства Монарх, яке намагаться стримати гган
    одзла 2: Король монстрв Godzilla: King of Monsters, 2019. Прем’ра в Укран: 31 трав. 2019 Прем’ра у свт: 31 трав Годзилла 2 Король монстров Трейлер (Русский) 2019. Ms atrs. Smasher. GODZILLA 2: King of the Monsters (2019) Teaser Trailer 1 Concept – MonsterVerse Movie HD. 2 meses atrs. ТСН 18 horas atrs. Непредсказуемая Предопределенность. Мария Иваткина: КУДА КАТИТСЯ РУБЛЬ .
    Что показали в трейлере “Годзилла 2: Король монстров”Киновселенная Monster Verse 2019 – Продолжительность: 13:08 Cut The Crap 320 718 просмотров. 13:08. King Kong vs Skullcrawlerwith healthbars – Продолжительность: 5:42 With Healthbars 63 645 487 просмотров.
    Мета Новости. Самая полная лента новостей Украины и мира за сегодня одзлла 2: Король монстрв (Godzilla: King of the Monsters) У кно з 30 травня Продовження фльму про монстрв одзлла (2014)35-й фльм Еспресо TV15:50. Смейство монстрикв: Влад Топалов зворушливо подякував Регн Тодоренко. росйський музикант Влад Топалов подякував свой дружин за все Трейлер фльму Годзилла 2: Король монстрв вийшов укранською мовою 23 квтня.
    Скачати скн по нку godzilla413 для гри Minecraft, в формат 64×64модел Alex Скн по нку godzilla413. contentcopy. share. home Головна chevronright Скни chevronright godzilla413. navigatebefore navigatenext. 3D. 2D. rotateright.
    Годзлла II: Король Монстрв Godzilla: King of Monsters Рк: 2019 Крана: США Режисери: Майкл Догерт Студя: Warner Bros. Pictures, Legendary Pictures Жанр: бойовик, пригоди, фантастика, фентез Премра (в Укран):Премра (у свт):Дистрибютор: Кноманя Рейтинг IMDB: очкуваний рейтинг фльму Ваша оцнка: —10 Голосв: 100 Опис фльму Годзлла II: Король Монстрв. Ранше люди думали, що монстри кайдзю снують тльки в казках, якими лякають дтей. Але коли свт побачив Годзллу, усе змнилося. На жаль, вн не диний монстр, який сну
    Допрем’рний показ 2D, 3D з 22. Аладдн (12+). Фентез, Пригоди, Комедя, Смейний. 2D з Брайтбьорн (16+) 2D, 3D зодзллаКороль монстрв (12+). Фантастика, Бойовик, Пригоди. 2D зГаряч мамки (16+).
    Трейлер фльму Годзилла 2: Король монстрв вийшов укранською мовою 23 квтня З’явився фнальний трейлер нового фльму Годзилла 2: Король монстрв, який вийде на екрани 30 травня. Трейлер фльму Годзилла 2: Король монстрв вийшов укранською мовою 23 квтня. Читать в источнике. Поделиться Збрна Фнлянд зазнала першо поразки на 83-му чемпонат свту з хокею, який трива цими днями у Словаччин. Оновлено в 19:58. Економка.

    Ґодзілла ІІ Король монстрів онлайн
    Ґодзілла ІІ Король монстрів фiльм и 2019 дивитися онлайн
    Ґодзілла ІІ Король монстрів 2019 дивитися онлайн в хорошій якості
    Ґодзілла ІІ Король монстрів дивитися онлайн 2019 хорошій якості
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    Ґодзілла ІІ Король монстрів худ фiльм

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