A Guide to TOEFL Exam Pattern and Syllabus (Updated 2019)

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TOEFL is an important exam that you have to give if you wish to study abroad. Test of English as a foreign language ( TOEFL) is an internationally recognized test. It is a test that usually requires several months of study and preparation before you give it. This exam is really important not to just study in a foreign country even for working in an international company TOEFL is important.
TOEFL is an exam that will evaluate your command over the English language. English is a language with International standards and recognized in a majority of countries. Proficiency in this language is required when you move to another country especially for the purpose of studying.

What’s the TOEFL Exam Pattern and Syllabus for 2019?

TOEFL Exam Pattern

Are you wondering how your English would be tested? The TOEFL exam pattern will help you understand better. TOEFL, in short, is a test that will evaluate your reading skills, listening skills, speaking skills and writing skills in the English language. The important elements of a language are put to test to know your skills. Read here to know about the resources to prepare for TOEFL.
Paper pattern of the TOFEL TEST is divided into four sections they are
  1. Reading section
  2. Listening section
  3. Speaking section
  4. Writing section

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Each section contains about 30 marks and the total is calculated on 120.
Sr. No.SectionMarks
1Reading section30
2Listening section30
3Speaking section30
4Writing section30

What is the TOEFL Reading section?

Your ability to read understand and analyze written text is evaluated here. This part of the test takes about 60-100 minutes long. The contents of the reading section include academic topic. It could be science or history or any other subject. TOEFL includes subjects like extinct animals and evolution, animal behaviors, psychology, art and history, Earth science, Geography, geology, astronomy etc.
It is not necessary that you should know about these topics in detail or maybe you have never studied about them. In the reading section, you only have to read and understand. Another matter of concern is time. It’s important to know the meaning of words even if you don’t know the topic. Read here about the best ways to prepare for the TOEFL reading section.

What is the TOEFL Listening section?

This section of the test is the complete listening part. This section will take about 60-90 minutes and comprises of six tasks. In this section, you might have sessions or lecturers where your understanding capability by listening is evaluated. How you derive and understand the emotions of the speaker is important here.
The content for this section would be similar to the reading section it would include academic lectures. It might also include college life conversation like a conversation between student and professor or a conversation outside class on or in office. The listening section of TOEFL is easier than natural speech.

What is the TOEFL Speaking section?

Next is talking part of the TOEFL exam. This section is about 20 minutes and consists of 6 tasks that you have to complete by talking. Basically, you just have to communicate well your thoughts and ideas. This is to evaluate how well you can express and communicate yourself.
The content would be personal experiences and opinions, lecturers, student life etc. Independent task of 45 seconds will be given to you. This section also has integrated task for which you would be given 60 Seconds to speak.

What is the TOEFL Writing section?

The final part of the TOEFL examination is a writing section which in total takes about 50 minutes. Here you have to show how you can use the English language in writing. Knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is very important as well as the formation of sentences and paragraphs.
Contents of this section are usually academic based and personal. The integrated essay is academic-related and the independent essay is personal where you have to give your opinions. A rough time schedule for this section is 20 minute for integrated tasks and 30 minutes for independent tasks.

How is the TOEFL exam?

TOEFL is to test your English in use. Important skills that are reading, listening, speaking, and writing which form the important elements of a language are subjected to test for evaluation of the command over the language. Grammar is important in the writing section, however, there is no separate grammar section in TOEFL.

How much time is given for TOEFL?

The break-up of time in all four sections is as follows:

1.Reading – about 60 or 80minutes
2.Listening- about 60 or 90 minutes
A 10-minute break
3.Speaking – 20 minutes-(it might be longer or shorter but usually its around 20 minutes)
4.Writing – 50 to 60 minutes.
In total the whole examination takes about 3 and half hours.
So I guess you might have an idea of what TOEFL is all about. Now you have an idea about the four main sections of this exam. The TOEFL exam pattern and syllabus are designed to test your English proficiency and command over the language. This exam is important if you wish to study abroad especially in an English speaking country. Majority of education centers like the USA, UK, Australia etc are all English speaking Nations. Read here to know Important Topics for PTE Essay.

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