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MBBS is a course in the field of medicine; it provides a degree in medical science, and students after completing the degree can become a medical practitioner. The scope of MBBS in the USA is increasing day by day, with more and more Indians choosing this option. The bachelor’s degree is of 4 years, and the USA has become a zenith location for MBBS.

MBBS In the USA For Indian Students

Students who complete their bachelors in the field of science e can apply for MBBS in the USA post passing the entrance examination, MBBS in the USA is one the most sought after by the majority of students willing to become a doctor. USA has many top colleges in the world that offer MBBS degrees, and thus the degree from the USA is recognized across the globe.

  • Excellent Quality of Education.
  • Degree recognized worldwide.
  • No language problem for students as the English language is used for the study. 
  • Easy admission process 
  • Great exposure and experience for students 

MBBS In the USA. After 12th

MBBS in the USA requires a bachelor’s degree; thus, students cannot undergo MBBS in the USA just after completion of their 10+2. Students can apply to colleges and universities in the USA after clearing entrance examinations necessary for international students, major universities and colleges accept the score in these examinations. Many students opt for higher education in the field of medicine from the USA.

  1. Candidate should be of at least 18 years of age
  2. Must have completed his/her bachelor’s.
  3. Should have cleared physics, chemistry, biology in 10+2 with a minimum of 60 %.
  4. An English proficiency examination is required.
  5. It provides great exposure.
  6. Worldwide recognized degree

MBBS In the USA. For Indian Students Fee Structure

Fees of MBBS in the USA is a bit on a higher side as compared to other countries. Still, the high fee demanded by colleges and universities is completely justified as these institutes provide high-quality education infused with the latest technology. Also, the degrees are recognized worldwide, which increases the value and boost students career.

CategoryExpenses for the whole course
Tuition fee250000
Accommodation fee50000
Transportation fee3000
Miscellaneous expenditure10000

MBBS in the USA for Indian students fees

MBBS in the USA is costly for Indian Students, and prices for top colleges and universities go around rs. 50 L per year, students can also choose private and other colleges that have a lower fee as compared to top colleges.

Fees of private colleges are very high as compared to public colleges 

  • Tuition fee is on average $45000 per year 
  • Cost of living RS.15000 per month 
  • Degree of 4 years 

MBBS In the USA With Scholarship

There are not many scholarships available for students pursuing MBBS from the USA, but specific colleges provide scholarships and financial aid to the students based on their academic performance. Many universities offer scholarships to Indian students based on merit, which can help save around 10 lakh rupees.


The USA is famous for its research developments in the field of medicine; more than 19000 students graduate in medicine every year. The USA is home to world-class doctors, and the degrees provided by the USA are recognized worldwide. Students who complete their MBBS from the US do not need to qualify the MCI test in India for practice.

  1. High quality of education with best in class technology.
  2. Recognized and accepted worldwide 
  3. Students can work part-time to earn and reduce their expenses.
  4. High demand for qualified doctors
  5. A handsome figure of salary

Medical Colleges In USA For MBBS 

USA is a home to top medical colleges that offers MBBS, MB, and MS courses for the students. Students should ensure that MCI should recognize whichever University or college they choose. Some of the top colleges in the USA offering MBBS are –

Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard University is an Ivy League research university. It is ranked number 1 in almost all the overall surveys of the world for medicine and research. Harvard graduates have a reputation because of the prestige and the standard maintained by the University since its beginning. Besides this, the other degrees, the University also offers Ph.D. Programs in biological and biomedical sciences, immunology, neuroscience, and virology.

John Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland

One of the first research universities in the USA, John Hopkins University, has a good reputation. It is one of the most sought after universities and medical schools in the country. As high the cut off seems, the admission rate makes it even more challenging to get in. The acceptance rate is very low i.e., close to 2 %.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League research university. In addition to MD, Ph.D. and post-doctoral degrees, the University of Pennsylvania also offers certificates courses. This University is known for producing the best doctors. Sheer and hard work and determination can quickly help you get a seat here.

Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Yale has been a pioneer institute in the field of medical science. It has been rewarded as an institute for major medical innovations; most importantly, the use of robotics to reduce trauma and recovery of surgery has won many awards. It has also been ranked first for its drug and alcohol abuse program.

Stanford University, Stanford, California

Stanford is a leading university in the world and has a global ranking ranging between 1-5. It is an American research university. It is a research-driven school that aims to promote diversity and empowering future generations to make them resourceful and adaptable. What makes it stand out from the others is its diversity, collaborative discoveries, and innovations in the field of research and education. 

The University of California, San Francisco, California

The University of California (UC) is a public university system in the US. It is a center for health sciences research, patient care, and education, widely famed as the best for medical and health sciences. There are several other departments to it, and after MBBS, one can also pursue specialization or research in related medical fields.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), California

UCLA is home to the teaching hospital, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, which ranks among the top 5 hospitals. Known for various news positive as well as negative, it still stands as one of the topmost universities for medical sciences. It is coupled with a large number of funds in donations to medical students regardless of their economic background.

The University of Washington – School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington

 The University of Washington – School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington, is a private research university. It is ranked as one of the top medical colleges. It offers Undergraduate programs in various fields.

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine is a constituent of University and was founded in 1900. The college has more than 650students enrolled and offers admission through MCAT. There are many medical centers on campus.

Cost Of MBBS In the USA.

The cost of MBBS in the USA is comparatively high as compared to other countries; also, the fees of private colleges are very high than public colleges. Though the chances of getting admission to public colleges are very slim. Thus the cost of pursuing MBBS from a reputed private college is around $50000 per year. Cost of living RS.15000 per month 

  • Expensive compared to other countries 
  • The fee is about $45000 per year 
  • Cost of living is around 15000 rupees per month excluding accommodation 
  • Students can work part-time to reduce expenses 
  • Scholarships available to students on merit 

Courses After MBBS In USA

MBBS degree is the first step in a medical career, a student who has completed his/her MBA can go for practice right away. Still, most students go for further studies because there is a lot of scope of post-graduation after MBBS Specialization courses are available for students. MD or MS can be done along with diploma courses to gain knowledge and add value to one’s career. Students have to pass the USMLE entrance exam for PG aspirants in the USA.

Top 10 courses after MBBS.

Practice in Dermatology

It is a PG level course of 3 years, which gives specialization in skin, hair, and other parts of the human body.

Practice in General Surgery 

It is a PG level course of 3 years which gives specialization in general surgeries, which include minor surgeries which can be done in case of emergencies. 

Practice in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

It is a PG level course of 3 years, which gives specialization in pregnancy and childbirth.

Practice in Ophthalmology 

It is a PG level course of 3 years, which gives specialization in eye disorders and its treatment.

Diploma in ENT.

It is a PG level course of 3 years, which gives specialization in Ear, Nose, and Throat and deals with neck and head problems.


Immuno-technology is an emerging field in medicine which relates to developing antidotes and preventive medicine.

Diploma in Radiotherapy 

Radiotherapy deals with reducing cancer cells and the removal of cancer and its cure.

Early Detection of Cancer

Study in this field is research-related and helps to identify ways to detect cancer at its starting stage.

Biomedical Simulation 

This course is also research and applied science-based; students learn to facilitate the transfer of cognitive, psychomotor, and proper communication competences.


MBA is also an option after MBBS, and many students pursue an MBA to get better knowledge about the management of staff and work.

MBBS In the USA For International Students 

The USA is the leading destination in the world to study medicine and attracts many students from all over the world; some of the top universities and colleges are present in the State for medicine. The USA boasts the latest technology and quality education with worldwide recognition.

Also, there are excellent employment opportunities in the USA for medical practitioners.

  • Excellent Quality of Education.
  • Degree recognized worldwide.
  • No language problem as only the English language is used for the study.
  • Easy admission process 
  • Great exposure and experience for students 
  • Number of employment opportunities available 

MBBS In USA Duration

The duration of MBBS varies with different courses and specialization, generally, the MBBS course is of 4 years and is known as MD in the USA. Still, one cannot do MBBS in the USA without a bachelor’s degree, so students studying abroad go for a bachelor’s in the USA in the field of medicine and then go for MBBS MBBS in the USA comprises of the residency program and thus can stretch to 7-9 years.

  1. MBBS is known as M.D. in the USA ( doctor of medicine )
  2. MD is of 3-4 years after bachelors
  3. Residency program in the USA.
  4. Duration, of course, depends on the specialization
  5. Students need to appear for USMLE exams at different levels, of course.  

MBBS In India Vs. The USA.

There are several differences between pursuing MBBS in India and the USA, and these factors help students decide whether to go abroad or study in India.

NameKnown as MBBS in INDIA.Known as MD in the USA.
EligibilityCan be pursued after 10+2Only be pursued after bachelors
Duration5.5 years including 1 year of internship4 years
ExamAdmission through NEET and AIMSAdmission through MCAT
After courseMD or MS can be pursuedResidency and fellowship

How To Apply For MBBS

Applying for MBBS in the USA is not tricky and comparatively easy, students should meet the minimum eligibility required. They should shortlist the universities they want to pursue their education.

Steps To Apply

  1. Fill forms and applications of various prospective universities 
  2. Appear for the MCAT exam 
  3. Qualify English proficiency test – IELTS/TOEFL
  4. After passing the exam, students can apply through AMCAS.
  5. Letter of recommendation is also required

MBBS in USA Eligibility 

Students who meet minimum eligibility criteria can apply to colleges and universities in the USA. The student should be of at least 18 years. MBBS in India is an undergraduate degree, whereas, in the USA, it is a postgraduate degree; thus, either student can go to the USA after completing their graduation in India itself or pursue their graduation in the USA.

  • Should be of at least 18 years of age 
  • Completed 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology 
  • With more than 50% marks 
  • The cleared MCAT entrance test 
  • Qualified English proficiency exams – IELTS/TOEFL 
  • As there is a lot of competition, students with extraordinary marks have a more competitive edge.


Ques 1. What is the duration of the MBBS course in the USA?

Ans. The duration of MBBS in the USA is 4 years.

Ques 2. How much salary offered in the USA after completing MBBS education?

Starting salary is around $25000 and goes upto $300000 depending on experience.

Ques 3. Can the Indian students work in the USA after accomplishing MBBS from India?

Ans. Yes, after clearing the USMLE exam and getting the necessary visa approvals.

Ques 4. What is the cost of Medical Education in USA?

Ans. The cost of medical education in the USA is quite expensive as compared to other countries but is worth it and costs around $ 200000.

Ques 5. Does any stipend given to the Medical Interns in America?

Ans. Yes, the stipend is provided

Ques 6. Is the MBBS degree from USA valid in India?

Ans. Yes, a degree from the USA hold great value in India

Ques 7. What is the monthly cost of living in the USA?

Ans. The cost of living is around 30000 per month excluding accommodation.

Ques 8. Do one need to clear English proficiency exams?

Ans. Yes, students need to clear IELTS/TOEFL. 

Ques 9. How is the climate in the USA?

  Ans. The climate in the USA is different than that of India and is prone to harsh winters.

Ques 10. Can students work part-time?

  Ans. Yes, students can work part-time, along with their studies.

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