List of Top Medical Universities for MBBS in USA (Updated 2019)

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A doctorate degree, to do an MBBS in the USA is a smart choice. The medical course that we recognize in India as the MBBS degree is actually referred to as an MD diploma in the United States.

What are the Top Colleges for MBBS in USA?

1. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Harvard University is an American private Ivy League research university. It is ranked first in almost all the overall surveys of the world for medicine and research. Harvard graduates belong to a different class altogether because of the prestige and the standard maintained by the university since its beginning. Besides this, the other degrees, the university also offers are PhD. programs in biological and biomedical sciences, immunology, neuroscience and virology.

Fees – $58,050

2. John Hopkins, Baltimore, Maryland

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Being one of the first research universities in the USA, the John Hopkins University is the most reputed. It is one of the most sought after university and medical school in the country. The above average SAT score required to get into Hopkins is 1570. As high the cut off seems, the admission rate makes it even more difficult to get in. It is almost impossible for the average ones to get into this university as the acceptance rate is about 1.8%.

Fees – $50,560

3. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


The University of Pennsylvania is an American private Ivy League research university. In addition to MD, PhD and post-doctoral degrees, Penn also offers certificates in areas such as Global Health, Women’s Health and Aging. This university is known to have been consistently producing the best doctors and researchers over the years. Sheer and hardwork and determination can easily help you get a seat here.

Fees – $54,036

4. Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

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Yale has been a pioneer in the field of medical science. With many inventions to its credit, it has been rewarded for  major medical innovations, most importantly, the use of robotics to reduce trauma and recovery of surgery has won many awards. It has also been ranked first for its drug and alcohol abuse program.

Fees – $57,629

5. Stanford University, Stanford, California

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Stanford is one of the topmost universities of the world and has a global ranking ranging between 1-5. This is an American private research university. It is a research-driven medical school  that aims at promoting diversity and empowering future generations to make them resourceful and adaptable. What makes it stand out from the others is its diversity, collaborative discoveries and innovations in patient care, education and research. An candidate who successfully secures a seat here can have the most promising future ever. 

Fees – $54,327

6. University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), California

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The University of California (UC) is a public university system in the U.S. state of California. It is a centre for health sciences research, patient care and education; widely famed as the best for medical and health sciences. There are several other departments to it and after M.B.B.S. one can also pursue specialization or research in related medical field.

Fees – $45655


7. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), California

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UCLA is home to the teaching hospital, Ronald Reagan UCLA medical Center, which ranks among the top 5 hospitals. Known for various news positive as well as negative it still stands as one of the topmost university for medical sciences. It is coupled with large amount of funds in donations to medical students regardless of their economic background.

Fees –  $52,380

8. University of Washington – School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington

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This is a private research university located in suburban St. Louis. It is ranked one of the top medical colleges, where the graduates can an M.D., a Phd. in Biomedical Research. Undergraduate programs in bio-engineering, medical technology, neurobiology rehabilitation medicine and clinical health services are also offered through the UW Medicine program.

 Fees – $63,930

Besides these top universities there are several other reputed institutions like the University of Chicago, Illinois, Columbia University in New York, Duke University in North Carolina and more.  However, all of them demand good scores in TOEFL, IELTS and LSAT. 

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Parameters to judge the quality of a medical college

There is often a situation that the students aspiring for a medical career abroad are unaware of the good colleges or the criteria on which it should be judged. Here are three factors on which the quality of a medical school should be judged on and then selected accordingly-

  • MCI Approval of the University.
  • Approval by CAAM-HP for the university.
  • Unconditional listing on the university on “World Directory of Medical Schools” (WDOMS).

Based on these three parameters, here are the top medical colleges of US categorized on their zones.

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Why Choose USA for MBBS?


The United States of America has always been a limelight in world history and still is. Most believe that the current world economy is inordinately dependent on the USA’s economy, which in some cases is true. The changing Presidents and their policies have sure been a roller coaster ride, nevertheless, the USA is always welcoming students from around the world and constantly proving high quality education with employment benefits. Since a long time now, it has been a heaven for students with different backgrounds and for different fields of studies aspiring to lead a successful life. Indian students are highly respected there and their intellects are shaped in a better way to yield maximum productivity.

Also, secondly, there are also some universities that provide on-campus part time jobs to the students. The implication of this is that it controls the living expenses to a great extent. The scholarships control the tuition fees and the part time jobs cut the living expenses. Even if you do not get any government scholarship, the US government makes sure there are ample number of private scholarships available that do the needful of providing a financial assistance to its students.

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How to get an admission in MBBS in USA?


Every year there are thousands of students applying for M.B.B.S. in US. Getting through it is highly difficult as the competition is sky touching. There are huge number of students from USA and international arena that give MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), an entrance exam for M.B.B.S. in USA  to get the admission to top medical colleges in USA. There are more than 350+ medical universities in USA. The exam is monitored and scores are released by AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges).

To get a state medical college one needs to clear MCAT. However, you can give MCAT only after the completion of a pre-medical course.

An alternative way to avoid such high competition is through medical rotation.

Since the budgets seem huge, there is no need to worry as the US government provides various scholarships and financial aid to the students aspiring to study medical in US. However, one has to do proper research regarding all the scholarships available and apply on time to get their hand on them.Also, need not worry if you do not get a government scholarship as there are several other private scholarships available too and you can definitely give it a try! Read here about the top 10 Scholarships in USA for Indian Students

Do let us know your suggestions about studying medical in USA. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback too!

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