New York Institute of Technology – Reviews

New York Institute of Technology Canada – Reviews, Ratings & Application Fees

New York Institute of Technology is a dynamic, highly ranked, and accredited not-for-profit university committed to educating the next generation of leaders, and to inspiring innovation and advancing entrepreneurship. It is a private, independent and co-educational research university which was founded in 1955.

New York Institute of Technology has three campuses in New York- in Old Westbury, one in Central Islip, and one near Columbus Circle in Manhattan. There are housing options, student organizations, and fraternities and sororities for undergraduates at each New York campus. The nature of courses available depend on the campuses. While most of them provide majors, there are some that specifically focus of certain subjects.


Besides imparting education in class, New York Institute of Technology aims to expand its arena of knowledge beyond classroom. It aims to provide practical education as well. With many cultural societies and students clubs, NYIT has a sports team called The Bears that compete in various athletics and baseball events.  Additionally, it has a cybersecurity research center in Port Washington, New York, as well as campuses in Arkansas, United Arab Emirates, China and Canada.

To add on, NYIT is home to several known personalities. Notable alumni include MLB Network host Brian Kenny, Fox News Channel anchor Patti Ann Browne and Chicago White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper and with them several others in the field of science and technology.

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Courses Offered at New York Institute of Technology, Canada

NYIT provide courses in various fields in the arena of Undergraduate, Graduate and Osteopathic Medicine Courses. Naming the courses offered in NYIT are-

Undergraduate Courses

ACCT–   AccountingHSCA–   Health Science Academy
ACCTE–   Accounting ExperientialHIST–   History
ADVG–   AdvertisingHOSP–   Hospitality
AENG–   Aero EngineeringHOSPE–   Hospitality Experiential
ANTH–   AnthropologyHRMTE–   Human Res Mgmt Experiential
ARAB–   ArabicHRMT–   Human Resource Management
ARCH–   ArchitectureHUMA–   Humanities
AAID–   Architecture/Interior DesignIENG–   Industrial Engineering
ARTC–   Art (Computer Graphic)ISEC–   Info/Electronic Security
ARTD–   Art (Design)ITEC–   Information Technology
ARTW–   Art (Drawing)IDSP–   Interdisciplinary Studies
ARTG–   Art (Graphics)DSGN–   Interior Design
ARTH–   Art (History)INTL–   International Law
ARTM–   Art (Motion Capture)JOUR–   Journalism
ARTP–   Art (Painting)LLAW–   Law
ARTY–   Art (Photography)LITR–   Literature
ARTR–   Art (Printing)ICLT–   Literature Core
ARTB–   Art (Research)MGMT–   Management
ARTS–   Art (Sculpture)MGMTE–   Management Experiential
ARTJ–   Art (Special Projects)MIST–   Management Information Systems
ARTV–   Art (Visual Literacy)MRKT–   Marketing
AUDI–   AudioMRKTE–   Marketing Experiential
ICBS–   Behavioral Science CoreMATH–   Mathematics
BIOL–   BiologyMENG–   Mechanical Engineering
BUSIE–   Business ExperientialMENA–   Mechanical Engineering Academy
BUSI–   Business SubjectsMTEC–   Mechanical Technology
CHEM–   ChemistryMISTE–   Mgmt Inform Sys Experiential
CHIN–   ChineseNURS–   Nursing
CAMP–   Comm and Media ProductionNTSI–   Nutritional Science
COMM–   CommunicationsNYIT–   NYIT
CSCI–   Computer SciencePHIL–   Philosophy
CTEC–   Computer TechnologyICPH–   Philosophy and Ethics Core
CRIM–   Criminal JusticePHYS–   Physics
DGIM–   Design GraphicsPSCI–   Political Science
ECON–   EconomicsPRCL–   Pre-Collegiate
ECONE–   Economics ExperientialPROD–   Production
EDUC–   EducationPSYC–   Psychology
EDPC–   Education Pedagogical CorePREL–   Public Relations
EENG–   Electrical EngineeringQANT–   Quantitative Analysis
ETEC–   Electrical Engineering TechRADI–   Radio
ETCS–   Engineering Tech & Comp SciSBES–   Small Business
ESLI–   English as a Second LanguageSBESE–   Small Business Experiential
ENVT–   Environmental TechnologyICSS–   Social Science Core
ESLA–   ESLI AcademySOCI–   Sociology
FILM–   FilmSORC–   Source
FINC–   FinanceSPAN–   Spanish
FINCE–   FinanceSPCH–   Speech
FCIQ–   Foundations of InquiryTELE–   Telecommunications
FCSC–   Foundations of Science ProcessTEVE–   Television
FCSP–   Foundations of SpeechTHEA–   Theatre Production
FCWR–   Foundations of WritingURBA–   Urban Administration
FREN–   FrenchWRIT–   Writing
HSCI–   Health Science

Graduate Courses

ACCT–   AccountingETCS–   Engineering Tech & Comp Sci
ADVG–   AdvertisingENVT–   Environmental Technology
ANIM–   AnimationFILM–   Film
ARCH–   ArchitectureEFIN–   Finance
ARTA–   Art (Animation)FINC–   Finance
ARTE–   Art (Audio & Video)GHTH–   Global Health
ARTC–   Art (Computer Graphic)HLTH–   Health Administration
ARTW–   Art (Drawing)HOSP–   Hospitality
ARTF–   Art (Experimental Studio)HRMT–   Human Resource Management
ARTU–   Art (Grad Thesis)HRMC–   Human Resources
ARTG–   Art (Graphics)EIMA–   Info Mgmt & Acct
ARTH–   Art (History)INCS–   Info, Network & Comp Security
ARTY–   Art (Photography)EDIT–   Instructional Technology
ARTQ–   Art (Programming)DSGN–   Interior Design
ARTB–   Art (Research)INTL–   International Law
ARTS–   Art (Sculpture)INTN–   Internship
ARTJ–   Art (Special Projects)JOUR–   Journalism
AUDI–   AudioLBRS–   Labor Relations
BIOE–   BioengineeringLLAW–   Law
EBDA–   Bus Decision AnalysisLAEI–   Ldrshp in Arts & Entmnt Ind
MBAC–   BusinessMGMT–   Management
BUSIE–   Business ExperientialMIST–   Management Information Systems
BUSI–   Business SubjectsEMKT–   Marketing
CLNU–   Clinical NutritionMRKT–   Marketing
COM–   College of MedicineMENG–   Mechanical Engineering
COMM–   CommunicationsMSME–   Med Healthcare Simulation
CSCI–   Computer ScienceMHCO–   Mental Health Counseling
DGIM–   Design GraphicsEMIB–   Mgmt & Intl Bus
ECON–   EconomicsMMNM–   Neuromusculoskeletal Sciences
EDLT–   Educat Leadership & TechnologyNEWS–   News
EDUC–   EducationNYIT–   NYIT
EDBL–   Education Bilingual EdOCTH–   Occupational Therapy
EDCO–   Education CounselingMMOM–   Osteo. Manipulative Medicine
EDIN–   Education InstructionPHTH–   Physical Therapy
EDLA–   Education Language ArtsPHAS–   Physician Assistant
EDLI–   Education LiteracyPROD–   Production
EDMA–   Education MathMMPU–   Public Health
EDPC–   Education Pedagogical CorePREL–   Public Relations
EDSC–   Education ScienceQANT–   Quantitative Analysis
EDSS–   Education Social StudiesSBES–   Small Business
EDTR–   Education TrainingSORC–   Source
EENG–   Electrical EngineeringESTR–   Strategy Formulation/Implemen
MTEM–   Emergency MedicineTEVE–   Television
ENGY–   Energy ManagementTIPS–   Training in Health Pol Studies

College of Osteopathic Medicine Courses

ACLS–   Advanced Cardiac Life SupportMTNE–   Neuroscience
MAAN–   AnatomyMAOB–   Ob Gyn
MTAN–   AnatomyMTOB–   Ob Gyn
BLS–   Basic Life SupportMTOM–   Osteo. Manipulative Med.
BLFA–   Billing FallMAOM–   Osteo. Manipulative Medicine
BLSP–   Billing SpringMMOM–   Osteo. Manipulative Medicine
MABC–   BiochemistryMAPA–   Pathology
MTBS–   Biomedical SciencesMTPA–   Pathology
MTCM–   Clinical MedicineMAPE–   Pediatrics
COM–   College of MedicineMTPE–   Pediatrics
COM–   College of MedicineMAPH–   Pharmacology
OM–   Conversion – OMMTPH–   Pharmacology
DPC–   Doctor Patient ContinuumMAPY–   Physiology
MAEM–   Emergency MedicineMTPY–   Physiology
MTEM–   Emergency MedicineCCC–   Pre-Clinical
MTEM–   Emergency MedicineMAPS–   Psychiatry
MAFP–   Family PracticeMTPS–   Psychiatry
MTFP–   Family PracticeMAPU–   Public Health
MAIM–   Internal MedicineMMPU–   Public Health
MTIM–   Internal MedicineMTHP–   Public Health
LANG–   Language – Not EnglishMTPU–   Public Health
LDB–   Lecture-Discussion BasedMARA–   Radiology
MSME–   Med Healthcare SimulationMTRA–   Radiology
MAMB–   MicrobiologyMTRE–   Research
MTBC–   MicrobiologySEM–   Seminar
MTMB–   MicrobiologyMASU–   Surgery
MMNM–   Neuromusculoskeletal SciencesMTSU–   Surgery
MANE–   NeuroscienceTIPS–   Training in Health Pol Studies


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New York Institute of Technology Canada – Campus Life

NYIT has three campuses in Old Westbury, Nassau County; one in Central Islip, Suffolk County, Long Island; and one near Columbus Circle in Manhattan. Each known for its specific quality.


New York Institute of Technology’s Old Westbury, New York, campus is seated on 1,050 acres and is largest in size and in terms of student population. It has many buildings including a sports complex, administrative and academic buildings, a 100-seat “smart” auditorium, several dining halls and a bookstore. Also, it is home to  New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine, the only osteopathic medical school on Long Island, which was formerly named New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, or NYCOM. Also, In 2008, NYIT installed a 3-D motion capture lab for its Fine Arts program in Old Westbury in order to use Hollywood technology to teach the next generation of computer animators.

The campus of Central Islip, feature Georgian-style brick buildings in a wooded setting. It has its own residence halls with student lounges and laundry facilities, dining hall, classroom buildings, library, a medical facility, coffee house two fitness centers and a nine-hole golf course. Besides these there are several other facilities available and to add on to the comfort, NYIT bought most of the modern buildings of the Central Islip Psychiatric Center, to Central Islip campus. Also, one must note that this campus is home to NYIT’s Vocational Independence Program and no undergraduate or graduate courses are held there. 


The Manhattan Campus, is one of the most well connected campuses of NYIT. Manhattan campus is home to several student clubs and organizations such as Students Working to Achieve Greatness, , Phi Iota Alpha,the Allied Health Life Science Organization, American Medical Student Association, American Institute for Architecture Students and several others. Recruiters from major companies such as Google visit the Manhattan campus regularly for  information sessions.

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New York Institute of Technology Canada- Financial Requirements

At New York Institute of Technology, 74 percent of full-time undergraduates receive some kind of need-based financial aid, and the average need-based scholarship or grant award is $8,131. Since, the cost of education at NYIT is comparatively huge, the college offers benefits to assist its students. Here is a list of various scholarhships provided by NYIT-


How to Apply to NYIT?

In order to apply to NYIT, the international students have to broadly follow these steps-

  1. Complete an application
  2. Submit required documents like grades, recommendation letters where required, and test scores, etc.
  3. Demonstrate your English proficiency via SAT/TOEFL, etc
  4. After applying keep checking your application status.
  5. For further information, check

Free IELTS Mock Test

NYIT holds a position of #47 in Regional Universities North and is counted among world class institutions. Its schools are marked on their performance and excellence. What do you think about this institute. Do let us know in the comments section below.

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