Komal – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“I participated and reached the finals of a nationwide business plan competition and had VCs interested in our Business Plan!”

Studying abroad is actually learning so much- living abroad on your own, adapting to a different environment, achieving financial independence early, meeting and interacting with diverse people with different thinking paradigms really develop you as a person. I had this great experience when I studied at Nanyang Technological University. It was a great opportunity to learn academically. You can build a much broader globally connected network, spread across many disciplines here. There are many clubs that you can pick from and the best part about clubs are the networking opportunities. They paid off tremendously in the long run. You can always choose to be socially cool, there are plenty of events organized by internal clubs/organizations (CCA) which are usually held outside of campus. Additionally, most students get to travel extensively during their stay in Singapore which adds to the number of interesting adventures. I also got the opportunity of an exchange semester to Canada. It was fun traveling around with strangers and staying in youth hostels across the country. There were many events and competitions held. I participated and reached the finals of a nationwide business plan competition and having VCs being interested in.our Business Plan! I will always remember my time there as instructive and memorable and the experience certainly made me a better person.

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