How to Study MBBS Abroad? (Fee, Best Destinations and Prerequisites Checklist)

Since last few years the number of the student choosing the option of MBBS abroad has increased due to the quality of education the other countries provide and the amazing change that takes place in an individual when he learns to live in another country on his own. In addition to this factors like flaws in the Admission process and numerous incident where parents and students are robbed of money by frauds are also responsible to some extent.

But, let’s not talk about that today. This blog is for those readers who have missed out on some major points which we have discussed in our previous blogs and discussions. So, let’s start with the Fee structure for MBBS and MS abroad as our first point to be covered. Now to better understand the benefits of MD, MBBS abroad let’s try and understand the situation in our country first.

  1. Students need to get over 98 percentile score for guaranteed government seat in MBBS colleges.
  2. Students should be over 90 percentiles for having a chance in private colleges for their MBBS course. Also, the family should have a budget in excess of 50 lakhs for most private colleges.  
  3. Few in Karnataka can be done in as low as 40 lakhs also where few colleges fee crosses 1 crore too for MBBS course

So if a student percentile is less than these scores, there is no chance for any Indian seat.

  1. Drop a year and prepare for next attempt
  2. Change the career to different streams within medicine or outside medicine.
  3. Explore the options of pursuing MBBS in abroad countries like RussiaPhilippinesGeorgiaUkraineChinaKazakhstanKyrgyzstan ( mostly Ex USSR) where you can pursue an MCI recognized, WHO approved MBBS course in a total budget of 15 to 25 lakhs ( including food and stay).

And obviously, the third option will always sound better once you get to know about the benefits of study abroad from our experts at

But we need to remember that everyone has their own preference, not every country will be right for you, all the institutes offering MBBS course for Indian students are validated by medical council of India and thus ensure minimum quality standards in terms of education, living, and other facilities. The safety and security of students, separate girls hostel are again given at all places.

There are few criteria against which you need to choose your destination precisely.

  1. Total expense and budget

By far, this is the most common criteria. There are institutes in some countries which offers complete course expense (including food and hostel) as low as 12-13 lakhs whereas few institutes in the same country would make you spend 30-35 lakhs. All institutes are good but surely some give you better facilities and thus ask for more money. In general, Russia and other ex-USSR countries like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan offer options in low budget (total budget less than 15 lakhs) whereas Georgia and Philippines would require minimum 22 lakhs spend. China has got options in 15 lakhs total budget as well as 30 lakhs also.

  1. Tenure of course
  2. Location of institute and country
  3. Distance from India international airports, flight timings, and availability of direct flights
  4. Availability of Indian food
  5. Some specific points:

For a detailed description of above points visit


Now you must have noticed we promised you in the title of a to-do list which you need to follow before doing MBBS from abroad here is a step by step process. Please check below points before you go for MBBS abroad,

1.Medical Council of India recognition

MCI which is the official governing body for medical system in India recognizes institutes in foreign countries which are allowed to offer MBBS course to Indian students. Check your institute at below link for same:

2.MCI doesn’t allow students from open school to go abroad to pursue MBBS

So if you did your class 12th from open school, you can apply for Indian colleges but not abroad

  1. The minimum age should be 17 years
  2. The student should have over 50% PCB for general category and 40% PCB for reserved categories
  3. NEET Qualification is made compulsory for MBBS abroad aspirants also from May’2018 batch. Watch below video to understand the meaning of NEET qualification

NEET Qualification

  1. Students need to take FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Exam) if they wish to come back and practice in India. This exam makes them equivalent to Indian MBBS doctor and they are eligible for all jobs/ PG entrance in India etc. The exam is held twice a year and is an objective exam.
  2. For most Universities in developing countries, the last 6-months bank statements with over INR 3 lakhs closing balance is needed.

There are few more points ( lots of other services and guidance that we can offer you as a mentor for every step before exam preparation to your safe landing in your dream study abroad destination. For further details, contact your nearest GKWorks branch office And Best wishes for your MBBS abroad dream!


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