What is the Cost of Living in Australia?

As per the Australian Government, it is estimated that AU$20,290 is the minimum amount required to cover living costs for a 1-year period. This amount includes all expenses except the tuition fees and travel charges to and from Australia. The cost of living expenses in Australia is pretty higher than many other countries of the world. This effect percolates down to the minimum wages that a person earns as well. The Australian city of Melbourne has around 5 times higher wage slab than Shanghai city of China. Thereby, the cost of consumer goods is higher too.

What are the living expenses in Australia?

It is worth having an estimate of the other charges that will have to be paid for consumption by the student. These can be estimated on an average weekly basis as follows:

Rent $140 – $200

Groceries and eating out $130 – $150

Power and gas  $25 – $30

Phone and internet $15 – $30

Public transport $40 – $70

Entertainment $40 – $50

Thus it makes sense to have a pre-determined budget based on the above so that you know when to cut down on your travel and entertainment expenses.

What is the cost of living in Melbourne?

A share-house in Melbourne can vary between $120 and $300 per week depending upon the distance from the main parts of the city, the number of people you stay with, and the type of accommodation.

What is the cost of living in Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide?

Sydney more expensive when compared to Canberra and Adelaide. Thus it is not wrong to calculate that the maximum expense would definitely be spent on your accommodation.

It is important to note that Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory and the student will not be able to apply for the student visa until he has purchased a policy recommended by the host university

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