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The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test which is intended to assess one’s analytical, quantitative, verbal, written skills used for admission to courses like MBA or other management courses. Along with analytical and logical skills the test also assesses problem-solving skills, critical thinking, data sufficiency which is required efficiently to survive in the management world.

Most of the business school in India and abroad consider this test like an entrance exam for the students who wish to pursue an education in management stream, hence it is a part of selection criteria for the students applying in various management colleges. The programs for which this test is considered are

  1. MBA
  2. Master’s in Accountancy
  3. Master of Finance

GMAT is held in 114 countries all around the world. More than 7,000 programs at approximately 2,300 graduate business schools around the world accept the GMAT as part of the selection criteria for their programs.

GMAT 2019 Dates

For 2019 also GMAT follows the same structure as in 2018 where registrations happen for the entire year and results of the exam are shown right after the exam gets over, and the exam date is decided by the student suitable for them during the registration process. The most tentative dates for registration in 2019 will start from March 2019 and continue ahead for the entire year.

Since it is the last months of 2018 only a few dates are remaining to attempt the GMAT exam. This year the registration for GMAT exam was started on April 16, 2018. 

A few important details for GMAT 2018 were:

Online registration started April 2018
The last date for registration was December 2018

The registration for the following year 2019 has also been started.

Thousands of students across the world take the GMAT every year, and spots at testing centers can fill up fast. To make sure you get your preferred test date and time, to be on the safer side, register at least two to three months in advance. You may want to register even earlier if you’re looking for an appointment during peak times. The months which are right before application deadlines are popular, like August, November, and February, as are Saturday GMAT test dates.

The Graduate Management Admission Council and Pearson VUE state their commitment to ensure that one can find a testing appointment within 30 days, wherever they are in the world. Try your best not to wait any longer than 30 days before a test date, especially if the application deadline is just around the corner.

How to choose a GMAT Test Date?

How to choose the best GMAT Test Date: 5 key questions

When are my business school application deadlines?

Students take the GMAT test to get into a good business school, and they make sure the school receives the GMAT score before the application deadline. Students also apply to multiple business schools at the same time; hence they need to take care of the test date accordingly. Mostly the business school has three rounds of application deadlines, first during September to October, second is during early January and third is in the month of April or March.  As we know official score reports are sent to schools about 20 days after the GMAT test. The student should schedule the test at least a month before the first deadline, or even further out if they think to retake the test. So for example, if you’re applying to Harvard Business School by its 2018 deadline, September 7, then you should take the GMAT by August 7 at the latest.

Retakes for GMAT

After completing the test, the score is reflected on the completion of the last section. Other than the Analytical Assessment all other section scores are reflected unofficially in form of a report.

There are two options – to keep the final score or cancel it if a student chooses to cancel it, then the score is not sent to any business schools. As written above, if one is not satisfied with the marks they can take the test again at least 16 days the previous one. Total 5 attempts are allowed in a year.

How much time does one need for preparation?

Students who scored above a 700 on the GMAT studied for an average of 121 hours. The GMAT is a challenging test, and many test takers prepare for months. When you choose a date, you should leave yourself plenty of time to prepare.

What else is on the schedule?

Students should make sure that they don’t have any competing commitments parallel to the GMAT studies. Check the schedule for any events, vacations, work, etc. before picking a date. It is preferred to take the test on a Monday or Tuesday so that one can get the entire week free but if needed for more preparation there are also available dates of Thursday’s and Friday’s.

Morning or Afternoon slot?

It depends from student to student on which slot they’re comfortable in; hence students should be careful to choose the best time of the day for giving a complex exam like GMAT.

How to Cancel or Reschedule the GMAT?

There are some other questions related to changing of GMAT registration dates –

You can reschedule your test for more than seven days in advance for a $50 fee. If required to cancel the GMAT test, you can do so and get a refund of $80 if you cancel more than seven days prior to the test date. Again, if you wait until last minute, then there isn’t any refund.

What is the format of GMAT paper?

The paper is divided into 4 sections

SectionDuration (mins)Number Of Questions
Analytical writing assessment 301 essay
Integrated Reasoning3012
Quantitative 6231
Verbal 6536

2 sections of the 4 are multiple choice questions and in computer adaptive format (quantitative, verbal). In the case of analytical writing, a student needs to analyze an argument. It is very important to analyze the reasoning behind an argument and write a critique over that argument. The essay is then assessed on various parameters. In the case of integrated reasoning, a student’s ability to evaluate data presented in multiple formats is tested, there are many graphical interpretations and mathematical reasoning in this section. In the case of the quantitative section, there are questions related to algebra, arithmetic, statistics, and geometry. The verbal section is all about English which includes reading comprehension, sentence correction etc. The GMAT score is out of 800, the best score for getting into a good university like Yale or Stanford is 725 – 750. The average score for GMAT is 556.04.

In this 3 and ½ hour of the exam, the student needs to prepare for 2-3 months rigorously reviewing different material and practicing various kinds of questions. The GMAT may not be taken more than once within 16 days but no more than five times in a rolling 12-month period and no more than eight times total, even if the scores are canceled.

The recent changes were done by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Cell) that the duration of the exam will be 3.5 hours instead of 4 hours. The cost of the test is US$250.

Exam ElementsDuration
Number of GMAT exam attempts allowed in a year5 attempts
The time gap between 2 exams16 days
Number of GMAT attempts in a lifetime 8 attempts


How to Register for GMAT 2019?

To register yourself for the GMAT 2019, the student needs to go in which is governed by the GMAC. Thereafter, candidates can schedule their exam date at one of the listed test centers. Since there is no specific schedule, candidates may choose any date according to their convenience. The eligibility for GMAT is very basic, i.e. an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

With a created account on the above website, the students can avail the following facilities –

  1. Schedule exam
  2. Find a test center
  3. Cancel exam
  4. Reschedule exam
  5. Retake exam
  6. Register as a Test Taker with Disabilities

The GMAT score is instant; it appears at the end of the test. The official result will be sent to the selected programmes and institutions within 20 days of the exam. The GMAT score report has three sections –

  1. GMAT Test Taker’s Information
  2. Self – Reported Test Taker’s Information
  3. GMAT Test Information

In addition to the scores of GMAT 2019, the Official Score Report also includes:

  1. Digital photograph clicked at the test center on the test day
  2. Self-reported background information, such as telephone number, undergraduate institution, grade point average (GPA), and intended graduate study and other personal details
  3. Percentile rank 

What are the documents required for GMAT?

The data and documents required for the GMAT exam are as follows

  1. Full legal name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone
  4. Email
  5. Gender
  6. Date of birth
  7. Country of citizenship (U.S. test-takers must also indicate their ethnicity)
  8. Payment data

One can register online in the above-mentioned site, by email or by phone. After filling the personal details and choosing the appropriate test center location nearby, there is an option for choosing a test date. You can either search for availability around a specific date or if you’re registering last minute, you can look for the next available test. After selecting the site will show available dates of 2 months in green, choose one for an appointment which later gives two options of morning and afternoon slots. Lastly, a payment of $250 is done for checkout.

A few tips before registering for GMAT online

  1. Read the GMAT handbook
  2. Think carefully about testing location and time
  3. Have your credit card/debit card handy
  4. Record your login information
  5. Recheck your profile information

How to register for GMAT by mail?

When a student registers for the GMAT by mail, they have to fill and send a GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form. A student should fill in the personal details and demonstrate the two test center choices and five test dates, in order of the first choice to last choice.

The student should also fill in the credit card information or enclose a cashier’s check, money order, or personal check made out to Pearson VUE-GMAT. If a student pay by check, it must be payable in U.S. dollars and draw on a U.S. bank. If for any reason the check doesn’t clear, GMAC will charge an additional $20 fee.

Students can send all of the materials to this address:

Pearson VUE
Attention: GMAT Program
PO Box 581907
Minneapolis, MN 55458-1907

How to register for the GMAT exam?

There are some country-specific rules and regulations for GMAT exam applicable every year

  1. The GMAT handbook notes one potential difficulty for registrants in India around payment. They say that some banks in India don’t allow debit cards to be used online without a pin number. GMAC doesn’t participate in this program, so anyone that runs into this issue should contact their bank for assistance. These registrants may get a one-time use card or have the pin restriction lifted for the GMAC website.
  2.  The main differences in country-specific regulations have to do with test center rules. Some countries, for instance, require the ID document- passport, while other places allow more options.

Where is the GMAT exam held?

Out of the 114 countries where GMAT exams are held, some of the countries are –

  1. Singapore
  2. Canada
  3. India
  4. New York City
  5. Mumbai
  6. Malaysia
  7. Minneapolis
  8. Michigan
  9. Melbourne
  10. United Kingdom
  11. USA
  12. Georgia
  13. Germany
  14. Ghana
  15. Toronto
  16. Turkey
  17. Pakistan
  18. Houston
  19. Dublin
  20. Los Angeles
  21. Atlanta
  22. Dallas
  23. Vancouver
  24. San Francisco
  25. Seattle
  26. Sydney
  27. South Africa
  28. Lebanon
  29. London
  30. Philippines
  31. North Carolina
  32. Nepal
  33. Dubai
  34. Hong Kong
  35. Pakistan
  36. Nigeria
  37. Kenya
  38. Chicago
  39. Egypt

What are the tips to keep in mind while registering for the GMAT exam?

Lastly, the 4 key tips to keep in mind while registering for GMAT exam is –

  1. Register early – keep enough time between the preparation of exam and registering to avoid any further problems.
  2. Gather all necessary details before registration
  3. Be thoughtful about the date, time and location
  4. If any changes need to be done, make sure to complete it 7 days prior to the examination.

GMAT exam scheduling is one of the most convenient as it gives the student an option to pick a date according to their convenience and schedule, also it gives 5 attempts at total to improve the score which increases the chances of students to get admission in a better business university. GMAT 2019 registrations have started so it’s time to pick the suitable date of exam.


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