How to Get Harvard University Scholarships for Indian Students

How to Get Harvard University Scholarships for Indian Students? (Updated 2019)

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Harvard University, founded in 1636 in Massachusetts, is one of the oldest universities in the US. There are many students who desire to walk on the grounds and breathe in the intellectual environment of the Harvard University. Those who choose the US as their higher studies destination, they usually prepare for Harvard University. It is ranked 2nd best university in the US and 3rd best university in the QS World Rankings.

It is a community which welcomes the students from all over the world. It is one of the best in terms of courses provided as well as in terms of funding the studies of students with excellent academics.

What is the Scholarship Program at Harvard University?

For the students with family income between  $65,000 – $ 150,000 a year, have to pay up to 10% of their total income according to the family circumstances. That will be approx. $ 15,000 per year based on the total family income and financial circumstances. Students with a family income of more than $ 150,000 a year are expected to pay more than 10% but the exact amount differs from student to student based on their family income.  The financial aid provided by the Harvard University helps hundreds of students to fulfill their desire of studying in the US.

Harvard University is quite generous in removing the financial barriers between education and international students who want to pursue studies in the USA. That is why they provide fully funded Harvard University scholarships to the international students which cover the cost of attendance tuition and fees also the undergraduate students, as well as the domestic students, are given the same opportunity with regards to receiving scholarships.

The scholarship amount is based on the family income of the students evidently the students with family income of $65,000 or less per year receives a fully funded scholarship for undergraduate international students. It covers tuition, fees, room, and board. The students have pay only for attendance.


What is the  Financial Aid Program at Harvard University?

Harvard University ensures that all the students who wish to study there get a proper financial aid so that finance could no longer be a barrier between the desire and their studies. They provide a scholarship for all four years or as per the duration of the course selected. There is no difference with regards to financial aid between the international students and the domestic students. Each of them gets a fair chance of getting scholarships according to their family income and financial circumstances. Approximately 70% of the students receive financial aid in one form or another and approximately 60% of the students received need-based scholarships and have to pay only an average of $12000 per year. This helps a lot of students they no longer have to indulge in taking loans or any kind of financial support from outside.

The best part of the Harvard University scholarship program is that the financial aid is entirely based on the need of the student and not on the merits. They believe that financial needs should not be a hindrance in the opportunity of admissions. Their belief has helped a lot of students to shape their career in the way they wanted. The financial aid officers work closely with the families of students to determine the aid required and how much a family can contribute. Many families can provide financial aid ranging between 0 to 10% of their family income. The students are also asked to contribute to the cost of attendance through term time and summer employment.

Term-time work requires working up to 10 to 12 hours per week. Nearly 20% of the students work to pay their cost of admission.

Outside awards act as a substitute of the Term-time work portion of the student. It may also replace summer earnings contribution however this cannot replace parent contribution.

The financial aid officers can re-evaluate your financial aid decision if the parents request so. If there’s any change in the circumstances of the students then also the parents can ask for a re-evaluation of the award amount.

The students can also share about $6 million funds along with other 1300 undergraduates. This funding is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships and 40 other departments. The students can be the part of research under the supervision of faculties.

What is the  Eligibility for Aid at Harvard University?

The Harvard financial aid initiative that is the financial aid program by the Harvard University aims to make the university accessible to any student who is admitted or willing to admit. This financial initiative is usually for low and middle-income students and is provided with the motive of raising awareness of affordability of Harvard University.

This program requires no contribution from the families with annual income below 65000 dollars and it covers about 20% of the families with no parent contribution families with income between $65,000 and $150,000 contributes from 0 to 10% of their income and those with income above $150,000 are asked to pay  proportionately more than 10% based on their income and individual circumstances.

No family is asked to pay home equity and retirement assets as the cost of admission at Harvard. The only eligibility required to receive this financial aid is that the student should get acceptance at the university. Other than that no other criteria are required to be fulfilled.

What is the  Application Process for Scholarship at Harvard University?

Applying to Harvard University Scholarship requires the same process like any other application form. You can apply for a scholarship program at the time of admission, you just need to write a short mail or fee waiver form can do the work. Here is the step by step instructions on how to apply for Harvard University.

  1. First of all, prepare the Common Application, the Universal College Application, or the Coalition Application. Any of the three will do the same the same work.
  2. Students should be ready with the relevant documents and submit those with the application form. Be early in submitting the application to get early consideration against the application.
  3. The students get longer time for applying for Fall 2019 so they should arrange all the documents related within the given time. It is better to arrange the documents before applying for admission.
  4. Documents required to be submitted are:

Application form (Common Application, Universal College Application or Coalition Application)

Personal Statement

$75 application fee or fee waiver form

ACT or SAT with writing

Two SAT subject test (waivered if you are in financial hardship)

School Reports

Mid-Year school report

Evaluations from two teachers.

What is the Harvard University Fee Structure?

The tuition fees at Harvard University is quite high for the native as well as international students. It can cost $44,900 just for tuition other than that, $3,950 as fees, $10,300 for room and $6,630 for the board. The total cost per year including tuition, fees, room, board, etc. around $65,600. This is the total for pursuing masters at Harvard, the tuition for graduation is $50,000 for a year. The tuition fees may vary depending on the area of study.

This cost is not affordable for many students and for those, the university provides scholarships to cover most of the expenses. There are scholarship programs which are fully funded for the domestic as well as international students.

What is the List of Courses at Harvard University?

There are more than 1300 courses at Harvard University for MS. The university provides MA, MBA, M. Tech, MSc, MS  etc., for various disciplines. You can learn technical, managerial, biological, psychological aspects there. The students select the discipline to study and to complete their research in.

The students have a lot of subjects to choose their concentration subject. They opt for literature, arts, science, social science, sociology, anthropology, paleontology, astronomy, linguistics, applied mathematics, applied science, biochemistry and so on. Here is a list of top majors available at Harvard University.

  1. Anthropology
  2. Applied Mathematics
  3. Astrophysics
  4. Biomedical Engineering
  5. Chemical and Physical Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. Chemistry and Physics
  8. Comparative Literature
  9.  Computer Science
  10. Earth and Planetary Sciences
  11. East Asian Studies
  12. Economics
  13. Electrical Engineering
  14. Engineering Sciences
  15. English
  16. Environmental Science and Engineering
  17. Environmental Science and Public Policy
  18. Germanic Languages and Literature
  19. History
  20. History and Literature
  21. History and Science
  22. History of Art and Architecture
  23. Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  24. Human Evolutionary Biology
  25. Integrative Biology
  26. Linguistics
  27. Mathematics
  28. Mechanical Engineering
  29. Molecular and Cellular Biology
  30. Music
  31. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
  32. Neurobiology
  33. Philosophy
  34. Physics
  35. Psychology
  36. Social Studies
  37. Sociology

Harvard Business School, a part of Harvard University is among the finest business schools around the world. The students can study MBA or MMA in any discipline desired. The subjects provided are – Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Management, Marketing, Banking, and Financial Institutions.

The eligibility to get admissions for a course in MS is that the candidate should have completed a 4-year degree program or graduation in any discipline. Other than that Harvard accepts those students only who are 26 years of age or above with working experience of 3-4 years.

There tons of opportunities after you complete your MS at Harvard University. The students get designated posts anywhere they want. They are considered as the best brains in the world. Because they not only work on academics but also on the Co-curricular activities of the students to build an overall personality of the students.

The main aim of rewarding scholarships to international students is to aware aspirants how affordable studying at Harvard University is. The cost of studying is so affordable that anyone can enroll there. You just need the spirit to learn and to outgrow yourselves to be a part of the world’s best university. As the Fall semester, 2019 is arriving the students who have applied for the university knows how accessible the university is. Buckle up yourselves for the best journey of your academic career and be ready to learn everything you can.

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