MS in Canada for Indian Students – Course Details, Fees – 2019

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The MS course in Canada promises quality education and it will surely give a major boost to their education as well as their professional career ahead. Canada additionally includes a comparatively easy means that of transitioning from a student standing to it of employment, after graduation, thus making it easily possible for recent graduates.

The best universities in and around the world are situated here like McGill University. The terribly basic demand is that the expected one – a wonderful tutorial record. However, the caveat to contemplate is that the language of instruction. Canadian Universities might need you to qualify for associate English or French language proficiency check. They are in a diverse and immigrant-friendly environment, helping them realize their potential to the fullest, without any barrier. Their area unit thirteen provinces with a number of the simplest Universities within the world, in Canada, each is supplied with proficient school, optimum facilities and all the necessary resources needed for the best training for all students from all over the world.

The courses are taught in English, some French may just be thrown your way depending on the province you are in Quebec for instance. So you’ll qualify either one amongst these standardized take a look – TOEFL with a median within the neighborhood of ninety for net primarily based test among the highest rankers, The Canadian Academic English Language Assessment Test (CAEL), IELTS.

MS in Canada for Indian Students – Top Universities

Here is the list of  Top universities for MS in Canada For Indian Students in Canada –
  1. McGill University

  2.  University of British Columbia

  3. University of Toronto

  4. Queen’s University

  5. University of Alberta

  6. McMaster University

  7. Dalhousie University

  8. University of Ottawa

  9. University of metropolis

  10. University of Western Ontario.

Study MS in Canada for Indian Students – Cost, Fees, Requirements

A Master’s degree in Canada will cost you something between CAD $16,250 (INR 8.5 Lakhs) and CAD $28,650 (INR 15 Lakhs) annually. 

Cost of MS varies in keeping with University you select. But the price of 1 semester for an international student is $7000. Canada has been springing up to be the foremost sought-after study abroad destination within the world. The number of international students in North American country in 1995 was regarding 25000 that grew up to one hundred thousand in 2011. In 2017/18, that variety has grownup up to one hundred ninety thousand. In fact, North American country is that the second preferred education destination for Indian students observing to study abroad.

MS in Canada for Indian Students – Requirements & Eligibility

A majority of the universities in Canada require the applicant to have 16 years of education – a four/three- year Bachelor’s degree. In terms of educational demand, you wish to possess a minimum grade point average of three on a scale of four. So, roughly, that may be sixty-five – seventieth or CGPA seven.0 – 7.5 in Indian standards. Shortlist the programs If you are keen to secure scholarships, make sure you submit your applications in Sep/Oct of the previous year. In fact, for few external/Government scholarships, you need to apply by the end of June of the previous year.

Canada Scholarships for Indian students

Shortlist the programs If you are keen to secure scholarships, make sure you submit your applications in Sep/Oct of the previous year. In fact, for few external/Government scholarships, you need to apply by the end of June of the previous year, scholarships option are available more than 19 in which some of them are listed below:

      1. Vanier Canada graduate scholarship
      1. University of Waterloo international master’s and doctoral awards
      1. Ontario graduate scholarship
      1. University of Manitoba graduate fellowships
      1. University of Calgary graduate awards
      1. Trudeau foundation scholarships
      1. UBC graduate global leadership fellowships
      1. Canada graduate scholarships – masters programs
    1. Carleton university awards for international students

The procedure of the scholarship consists of application forms and various required documents, in accordance with the rules and procedure the evaluation method is being carried on.

MS in Computer Science in Canada

An MS in Computer Science is definitely a good idea. Since MS course is so much in demand and to top it all, an MS in computer science, the most sought-after course these days, make it a complete package that you should definitely go in for. In terms of the North American nation, then an MS course from Canada will be a big boon for your profile, giving you a quality education and credibility, both at the same time. Average tuition fees for MS in Computer Science in Canada is between CAD 8000 –CAD18000 Living expense is 450–700 CAD$ and rent Is 400–500 CAD$ per month You can earn by working 20hr a week.

What are the top universities for an MS in Computer Science in Canada for Indian Students?

Best Universities for Computer Science in Canada are:

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. University of Waterloo
  4. Queens University
  5. University of British Columbia
  6. University of Alberta

MS in Dentistry in Canada for Indian Students

The Master of Dentistry degree provides graduate training in different disciplines in dentistry. The aim of every discipline program is to arrange graduate students to become registered dental specialists. The programs foster the event of appraisal, research skills, and advanced clinical skills that will be recognized for specialist registration. The programs prepare students to be each practitioner and consultants in their chosen areas of specialization. Within every program, papers on analysis ways and observe, advanced clinical science, and advanced clinical observe are enclosed. Become a licensed Dental practitioner in Canada by taking a couple of exams as outlined, BDS degree must be recognized. Once you have been licensed by NDEB, proceed to apply for your masters.

You cannot practice in Canada after completing your MDS in India, please note MDS is not valid in Canada and DDS is not valid in India. The average salary of the dentist in Canada is $142,000 per year. The cost depends upon which institute you have joined, there are many which offer MDS program and each one differs in their fees. But the average cost of living would be between 5000-7000CAD depends upon which place you live. But the good thing is if you have good scores then there are many scholarship programs where u can get some funding and enroll yourself in dental school to obtain a DDS degree. This is usually not possible unless you have a Permanent Resident or Citizenship status of Canada. After this apply for your Masters. Apply directly to Universities for an MS in your field of choice. Do keep in mind that you do not have a license to practice there yet. So for three years, you will not be able to do ANY clinical work outside of campus. You will need to clear the NDEB for postgraduate studies and are eligible to practice only as a specialist after that.

MS in Physiotherapy in Canada for Indian Students

In Canada, There are only 14 universities that offer physiotherapy postgraduate courses. These courses aren’t physical therapy intrinsically however individuals do opt for them as a result of anyway everything depends on the License communication that you simply provide once your course. The fees of University is between 12–14 lakhs annually. Coming back to Universities, there area unit some universities like Queens University and the University of Ottawa that do take international students for alternative courses however their physical therapy graduate courses area unit open just for Canadians. One may want correct and intensive analysis before they apply to any of those schools.

After applying, if you are shortlisted several universities would force you to take a seat for a face to face interview. Some would possibly know on Skype however some have specifically mentioned that you simply got to visit the university in the flesh if you are aiming to take the course. You will want IELTS seven in every element that’s listening, reading, writing and chatting will get into an honest university. Along with that you just have to maintain a decent tutorial record at the side of work expertise.  Also, Community service work or Volunteering expertise can raise your profile. If you choose to travel to for analysis based mostly Masters then you have got to elucidate your areas of interest.

Next, the courses that are offered in Canada are; Master of Science in physical therapy by analysis in fact based mostly, Master of Science in Kinesiology, Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences. This course isn’t recognized as a physical therapy graduate course as such therefore there may well be issues in showing for your license test, please consider the websites of the respective universities.

Master of Health Sciences, Health science course a bit like your MPH and MHA. Irrespective of what course or University you opt for you’ll need to seem for the terribly competitive license test in Canada. Licensing additionally depends on the state that you are reaching to apply and settle. So act and analysis your field of interest, find your future university and educate yourself with all the wants which will build your MS dream come back true.

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