The Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Management in Canada (Updated 2020)

Supply chain management is the administration of the stream of merchandise and ventures. It covers all procedures that change crude materials into conclusive items. It includes the dynamic streamlining of businesses’ supply-side exercises to expand client esteem and gain an upper hand in the commercial center.

Source: W. P. Carey School of Business

SCM works with the providers to create and execute supply chains that are as effective and efficient as could be expected under the given circumstances. Supply chains cover everything from creation to item advancement to the data frame to coordinate these endeavors.

Scope Of Supply Chain Management In Canada

The Supply Chain Management has started getting in Canada as associations recognize its useful effect and potential esteem to rightly use the reserve funds. A large portion of the job in Canada is with the east drift. Regardless, Vancouver is becoming the transportation center given its closeness to the Pacific Rim. Working options for capable alumni around there are rising yearly.

Exercises of the Supply Chain division takes an item to its engaged market from uncooked supplies extractions to the stage where the item is conveyed to the individual.

It furnishes a chain that interfaces companies with each other for the strategy to execute. Inventory network activities contain the work of estimating and arranging, looking for required resources, item gathering, dispersing, putting away, and checking an item until it is conveyed to you and diverse customers.

MBA In Logistics And Supply Chain Management Scope

According to the 2019 annual report of the Supply Chain Management body of Canada, which offers supply chain management courses, revealed that there is an increase in the salary of supply chain management professionals in every province of Canada. There are several universities that offer a Master of Business Administration in many specializations including MBA in logistics and supply chain management. The duration of the MBA in Canada varies from about 10 months to 2 years.

Many international students most probably choose to pursue an MBA in Canada and it is mostly a primary preference. It is generally known that Canada has some of the best MBA universities which are listed as the top-ranking universities. Canada is one of the most wonderful and culturally dynamic nations which attracts international understudies across the world to move to pursue higher education, particularly MBA.

Supply Chain Management Jobs in Canada

In the next five years, there will be a wide range of job opportunities in the field of supply chain management in Canada. As there is an increase in demand of professionals in supply chain management, students who are interested in the field can opt for supply chain management courses in Canada

The average pay scale of an individual working in the field of supply chain management in Canada is about 50,000 CAD ( If you are a fresher). If you have completed your master’s in supply chain management then the average salary package will go up to more than 83,000 CAD. Also, if you work at the managerial level in the field of supply chain management, you can expect higher salary packages. A degree or Diploma in logistics and supply chain management offers a wide range of opportunities.

Following are some job profile options for professionals with a degree or diploma in the field of logistics and supply chain management:

  1. Purchase Manager
  2. Purchase Analyst/Assistant
  3. Materials Analyst. Materials Manager
  4. Strategic Planner
  5. Operations Manager
  6. Procurement Manager
  7. Inventory Manager
  8. Supply Chain Manager
  9. Commodity Manager
  10. Sourcing Manager
  11. Warehousing Manager

PG Diploma In Supply Chain Management In Canada

A Diploma is a kind of proof that a student has successfully completed an undergraduate learning program in a specific field. To get a focused job or to go onto higher levels of education related to the same fields, Diplomas are often considered by many people.

There are only a few colleges and universities which offer PG Diploma in supply chain management in Canada with Co-op. The duration of the PG diploma course is 2 years.

Here is a list of a few colleges which offer courses in Canada:

  1. Humber College, Toronto, Canada
  2. Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, Canada
  3. Fanshawe College, Canada
  4. Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada
  5. Durham College, Oshawa, Canada
  6. Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, Canada
  7. Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Winnipeg, Canada
  8. Douglas College, New Westminster, Canada
  9. Cape Breton University, Sydney, Canada

Top Colleges for Supply Chain Management in Canada

Here is the list of top and popular colleges offering Supply chain management courses in Canada:

  1. Centennial College
  2. Douglas College
  3. University of Calgary
  4. Fanshawe College
  5. Humber College
  6. Dalhousie College
  7. Conestoga College
  8. George Brown College
  9. Sheridan College (Ontario)

Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada

Masters in Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is becoming a popular field nowadays due to the advancement in technology and expanded focus on supply chain & globalization. Both of these have increased the need for supply chain management (SCM) specialists. In Canada, a master’s in supply chain management is available as an MS, MBA or MM specializations. These programs are offered as one-year courses.

Moreover, Canada is becoming the new destination for Master’s in Supply Chain Management because it is anticipated to have around 356,700 openings in the SCM sector in the impending five years. Masters in supply chain management in Canada can help international understudies in securing managerial or other strategic roles in various fields. Newly post-graduate procure up to 83,000 USD/year.

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or B grade for applying for admission to a master’s in supply chain management in Canada. For admissions in business schools for masters in supply chain management, interviews and GMAT scores are compulsory. However, interviews are not required for admissions in MS SCM or MSCM. Candidates who do not have GMAT scores can apply for MSCM or MS SCM, instead of MBA.

Masters in Supply Chain Management in Canada: Top Universities

The masters in this field include particular examination in a field of research or a zone of expert practice. Winning a graduate degree exhibits a larger amount of dominance of the subject. Getting a graduate degree can take a year to three or four years. Before you can graduate, you typically should compose and shield a theory, a long paper that is the climax of your particular research.

A Master’s qualification in Supply Chain Management will give the learning to the best possible organization of supply chains. Understudies will find out about showcasing, sourcing, coordination, stock administration, and client relations. Understudies will have the capacity to perform in any sort of coordination related position.

Canada is the best nation to study in after your advanced education given that you are an intelligent individual. The dialect boundary isn’t an issue to outside understudies as Canada is viewed as the world’s pioneer in dialect preparation.

These are some of the good colleges or universities for the masters in SCM:

  1. HEC university
  2. Schulich school of business
  3. Seneca College
  4. Centennial College
  5. Concordia University

PhD In Supply Chain Management In Canada: Top Universities

The Department of Supply Chain Management offers a Ph.D. degree in Logistics and SCM. The course focuses on getting ready understudies for scholarly positions at best level research colleges.

Thus, the system is keen on imminent understudies who want to wind up exceptionally perceived as researchers in the field of Supply Chain Management.

Given are some of the universities that offer Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management:

  1. Wilfrid Laurier University
  2. University of Manitoba 
  3. University of British Columbia

Best Supply Chain Management Programs In Canada

Given below are the best Supply Chain Management Programs In Canada that you would like to go through:

  1. Msc en Logistique international
  2. HEC Montreal – Business School / University of Montreal
  3. MSc in Business Administration, Transportation and Logistics
  4. University of British Columbia – Sauder School of Business
  5. Maîtrise en administration des affaires – gestion de la chaîne d’approvisionnement (M.B.A.)
  6. Université Laval – Faculté des sciences de l’administration

Scholarships For Supply Chain Management In Canada

Here is the list of Competitive scholarships from corporations and nonprofits for Supply Chain Management In Canada:

Award NameAmount
GRCF Economic Club Business
Study Abroad Scholarship
Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education Scholarship$15,000
Scarlett Family Foundation
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Scholarships$10,000
Elevate Scholarship Program$500
Myrtle and Earl Walker
$ –
NARS Ivan A. Olsen Scholarship$1,000
Geoffrey Beene National
YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund$5,000
Patrick M. Hughes, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Retired Inspiration Scholarship$500

Online Masters In Supply Chain Management In Canada

Acquiring an online masters in SCM could put alumni sought after and offer numerous work prospects. Online expertise in SCM involves the majority of the exercises important to disperse an item to purchasers. This incorporates arranging, foreseeing, buying, putting together, moving, putting away, and following an item amid its change from origination to shopper ownership.

Online masters programs in SCM make the understudies ready to end up right hand acquiring supervisors, obtaining administrators, supply chiefs, or chiefs of materials on the board. At present, there is a lack of exceedingly prepared experts in the field of SCM. All things considered, gaining an ace’s in SCM could put alumni sought after and offer numerous work prospects.

List of colleges offering online SCH masters:

  1. Southern New Hampshire University
  2. Liberty University
  3. Colorado technical university
  4. Westcliff University
  5. Arizona state university

Advantages of Pursuing Logistics and Supply Chain Management In Canada

Offering a degree that is recognized everywhere throughout the world, Canada offers understudies the best scholarly mastery.  Apart from having a world-class training framework that organizes understudies’ instruction, Canada additionally offers one of the most astounding expectations for everyday comforts on the planet at the most moderate costs.

Add to this the way that Canada has an extremely assorted and multicultural society alongside various shots for the understudies to blend with local people, the decision of Canada being a favored training goal turns out to be very clear.

Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management In Canada

A Diploma goes about as evidence that an understudy has finished a learning program in the given field. Certificates are utilized so as to land an engaged position or to get the particular type of work with a similar subject.

Canadians put incredible significance on learning and have built up a top-notch instruction framework with exclusive expectations. In addition to the fact that Canada provides a sheltered, clean condition, it has been reliably positioned as one of the world’s best places to live regarding personal satisfaction by the UN.

Top Diplomas Colleges in Supply Chain Management in Canada 2020


Future and Demand For Supply Chain Management In Canada

With a developing interest in sound coordination in the worldwide market, there is an expanding requirement for Supply Chain Management to deal with the productivity and viability of the business. To take into account this interest, Canadian Institutions have presented Supply Chain Management as a different subject to study and learn the complexities of this field.

The course of SCM in Canada acquaints understudies with an assortment of fields which incorporate operational administration, process examination, warehousing and transportation, worldwide coordination, stock administration, store network the executives over the world, inventory network techniques, basics of the executive’s hypothesis, and considerably more.

Salary For Supply Chain Management In Canada

The average pay for a Supply Chain Manager is $81,358 per year.

Salary$51,550 – $115,145
Bonus$1,187 – $17,942
Profit Sharing$51.52 – $17,243
Commission$2,517 – $19,866
Total Pay$50,142 – $124,471

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Q.Is supply chain management a good career in Canada?

Ans. The Government of Canada has rated the employment scenario for the supply chain management sector a two out of three stars. Considering that employment growth is expected to be strong and a large number of people are expected to retire and new job opportunities will open for the new professionals.

Q. What is supply chain management in Canada?

Ans. Supply Chain Management degrees primarily focused on preparing professionals to manage systems of people, resources, and information related to delivering products or services from supplier to customer. Logistics courses comprises planning the delivery process at minimum cost.

Q. Is supply chain management in demand in Canada?

Ans. There are about 66,000 vacancies in Canada for the supply chain management sector per year and it is likely to increase in the next five years. There is an increase in the rate of supply chain employees which is expected to be 8.4% for skilled jobs and for managerial positions 14.9%.

Q. What is the difference between logistics and supply chain?

Ans. The simple difference between Logistics and Supply Chain Management is that the process in logistics management is of integration and maintenance including the flow of goods and storage. Supply chain management, on the other hand, is the management and coordination of supply chains of a company.

Q. What is the scope of supply chain management?

Ans. There is a wide scope in the field of supply chain management. It provides a great exposure to individuals who are interested in the field by offering numerous job positions with high salary packages depending on the job profile.

Q. Which supply chain certification is best in Canada?

Ans. There are many certification courses which can be opted by students in Canada. Here is the list of a few courses which can be considered.
1. APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP)
2. APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)
3. APICS Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR-P) Endorsement.
4. APICS Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution (CLTD)
5. ISM Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)

Q. Is the Masters in Supply Chain worth it?

Ans. A master’s degree is most useful if you work in the acquiring, sourcing, buying and merchandising sector of Supply Chain Management. Also, if you are in the field of transportation and distribution, the master’s degree may not be useful. Logistics and Supply chain management are the fields that are growing rapidly and demand for supply chain professionals.

Q. What are the best jobs in the supply chain?

Ans. There are a lot of jobs available in the field of supply chain management. Every job profile has a different pay scale. Highest job positions yield high salary packages.
Here is the list of a few job profiles in the field of supply chain management:
1. Purchasing agent
2. Operations manager
3. Logistics analyst
4. Purchasing manager
5. Supply chain manager
6. Logistician
7. Logistics manager
8. Production, planning and expediting clerkQ

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