Smart Tips To Improve the Essay Writing Skills For UPSC

Smart Tips To Improve the Essay Writing Skills For UPSC

If you are a serious IAS aspirant, you must learn the art of writing impressive essays. In this blog post, you will learn about how to practice essay writing for mains exam. Keep these tips in mind before you begin the preparation. It helps you to adopt the right style of writing. As a whole, your essay will look neat and systematic. Analyze the given topics deeply and present your opinions in a structured manner.

Only the quality and presentation seems to differentiate your essay from others. Thousands of students would have prepared from similar study materials. Make sure to stand out unique!

Read A Lot

It is possible to improve your writing skill through extensive reading. Yes! Absolutely true. You must read a lot during the UPSC Exam preparation. So, when you read any study material or newspaper, focus on the style of writing. Pick up the right style and improve yours from day 1 of preparation. Consequently, it will start to reflect in your essays. Read more to gain better writing skills. It is always a recommended and primary step for every IAS aspirant.

Plan Your Essay Outline Well

Yes! You will need a structured outline to present all your essay points. Observe the essay written by IAS toppers Or Take help from the Best IAS Coaching Institutes. There are many samples available online. It will have three compulsory distinct parts. They are an introduction, content body, and conclusion. This type of format looks neat and authentic. As a result, you will be able to fetch greater marks.

Never use unnecessary words or jargons

Do not use technical words or jargons in your essay. It makes your essay look bad and less readable. Word count is not the only point of concern while writing an essay. Always quality is given more importance when compared to quantity. Examiner might get a negative opinion if you are trying to show off the knowledge through complicated words usage. Let it be pleasant and easy to understand supported by valid points.

Avoid Generalizing Points

General points are not encouraged in UPSC essay answers. Provide valid points in your essay. Use statistical data to boost the quality of the essay. Just filling it with a number of words will not serve the purpose. Examiners will actually read your essays before alloting the marks. So, do not write blindly and include generic points. It will not fetch you any good marks and simply a waste of time.

Do not add too many Quotes

Quotes definitely help you to decorate the essay. But, do not use it too much. Additionally, you can also include similies and metaphors in your essay. Add them only if it really suits the context. If not, please do not add for the sake of having quotes in your essay. It does not worth the presence.

Practice Regularly and Be Original

It seems to look self-explanatory. A mere reproduction of the materials you read is not the solution. Manipulate and improve by adding your own points. Showcase your creativity through well-learned essay writing skills. Many coaching institutes do provide best essay classes for UPSC Exam Preparation. You can join if interested. But, practice is a must. Your practice is the only element to push you hard through the high competition. Also, it helps you to write without any spelling or grammatical errors.Utilize the above tips and strategies while practicing essay writing skills for UPSC. Convince the examiner through high-quality essays. Show them that you have the ability to become an eminent civil servant officer.

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