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Why MBA after Engineering

Many students choose to pursue MBA after engineering according to the latest study abroad trends. An MBA after Engineering not only equips the students with necessary managerial skills but also prepares them for advanced positions in corporates.

Why do an MBA after civil engineering?

A Master’s degree in the field provides you specialization in the specific area instead of just giving you a basic idea. If you opt for MBA after civil engineering, you will get to know about business management, marketing, and project management. You will also be able to analyze the best possible and profitable ways to establish a business center.

A person having an MBA degree along with B.Tech in civil engineering can be ideal recruitment for big construction firms, builders or manufacturers of construction material.

However, the MBA degree from a reputed institute pays for it. In other cases, it is not that beneficial.

Many firms have a post which requires techno-managerial skills which one can get only after getting an MBA with an engineering degree. These posts are usually well paid and are usually present in reputed firms. Therefore, an MBA after civil engineering opens up many ways for you that are also quite well paid, however, your post and salary depend on the quality of your MBA degree and how reputed the institute is from where you have done MBA.

Why MBA Finance after engineering?

Since e-commerce is at a high in India these days, an MBA degree in finance is really beneficial. Also, an MBA after B.tech is a trend nowadays. Most of the students who qualify CAT are usually engineers. As an engineer, one already learns how to tackle complex problems and an MBA in Finance makes him learn the aspects of financial management, altogether making him a perfect choice for recruiters.

MBA in finance provides knowledge in financial management and also, accountancy to a certain limit. Also, it is more likely for you to get a good job after getting specialization. Thus, an MBA in finance is quite beneficial if you are interested in entrepreneurship and business management. As an engineer, one is habitual of a rigorous lifestyle and becomes really good at mathematical and analytical skills which are required for an MBA in finance since the course is itself a quite rigorous one. Also, an Engineer with an MBA is a deadly combination and they tend to perform better than others.

Why MBA Marketing after engineering?

MBA in marketing is good for engineers as they can perform a dual task, i.e., they can suggest modifications in product design to implement creativity and also, inculcate newer ideas for selling. Engineering teaches students how to be versatile, creative and innovative all at the same time. These all qualities help them to be good at marketing too. Thus, an MBA in Marketing tends to increase their skills in the respective areas and broaden the aspect of their qualities.

MBAs with an engineering degree are highly in demand and thus, doing such a degree from reputed institutes will help one get a dream job.

Also, with electronic media being all around us, the sellers and manufacturers want to make the best possible use of them to get the highest profit therefore, marketing is an ever-growing field.  The marketing, in today’s world, is driven by technology and who can handle it better than engineers as technology is the field that they have been working since a long time so an MBA in Marketing is a field where engineers can easily fit.

Why MBA after chemical engineering?

For adding value to your B.Tech degree, you may proceed to get an MBA degree in finance, marketing, sales, operations or maybe HR. Being a chemical engineer, you may utilize your MBA degree to commercialize the products and also, check the specifications and qualities of the same. For better commercialization of the product, you must go for an MBA in Marketing. If you have ideas regarding selling products or want to learn such basics, then opt for Sales. For manufacturing specializations, select operations. If you want to be a part of the management of cost and profitability, then opt finance.

An MBA increases your credibility as an employee and increases your chances of getting better placement in a reputed firm. Usually, the recruiters are in search of employees who are multi-talented and what is better than a person who is good at technical as well as managerial skills. However, it is advised to get an MBA degree from a reputed institute.

Why MBA after electronics engineering?

Pursuing an MBA after B.Tech is a matter of choice and interest; however, it has many extraordinary benefits which attract a huge mass towards it. An MBA degree from a reputed institute increases the overall worth of the person and most of the companies would strive to employ such a person. A person with an MBA can work in any sector from E-Commerce to healthcare to banks etc. Thus, the MBA workplace is independent of the type of sector.

Also, a person with an MBA degree has a higher growth rate in terms of career. A person with B.Tech in Electronics Engineering can give appropriate innovation and modification ideas regarding the product and can also give ideas regarding the marketing, sales, and finance and profit centers.

The salary growth rate is very high with such qualifications. It may be low initially but grows at a rate quite higher than any other field.

Why MBA after software engineering?

One may switch from a software engineering field to MBA for a shoot-up in their career. A person with an MBA leads products and organizations and the one who wants to do such a job must opt for an MBA. The growth after getting an MBA is higher than being a B.tech graduate only. After MBA, one reaches instantly at those posts where an engineer may take years to reach such as department head or CEOs.

People with software development skills in association with managerial skills are a need of today’s firms and they constantly look for such individuals and provide them with a good package too. These skills are highly required especially for start-ups where fewer individuals are present but more input and output is required. There, they need multitalented and skilled work personnel. Thus, getting a good job after MBA with a degree in software engineering is comparatively easier.

Why MBA after Computer Science engineering?

Today’s world is a world of applications whether it be on a mobile phone or your PC or maybe TV. In one or the other way, we are surrounded by computer science engineering.

Although being a computer science engineer, one can design applications and software but what if no one uses them. For people to use such technology, they must be aware of it. Here, comes into picture the marketing and finance management.

A person with technical and managerial skills both can easily manage the above-explained scenario single-handedly. And as it is obvious, the need for such person’s is quite high in firms and startups.

An MBA degree enhances the working capabilities of the computer science engineer and helps one get placed at reputed positions with good pay. This is the main reason many people go for MBA after pursuing Computer Science Engineering.

However, all of the above is feasible only if the MBA degree is from a well established and reputed college.

Why MBA after engineering from the UK?

The UK has one of the leading economies in the world. It is also a G20 member which gives it an advantage over other countries.

More than 80% of MBA students in the UK are from overseas which provides a good amount of cultural diversity for you to live and grow in. MBA universities in the UK have good connectivity within diverse business sectors and provide you good exposure to the external world and global perspective.

One more very important quality of MBA from UK which gives it an upper edge to the MBA degree from India is that the total duration of its MBA program is one year. It saves time, money and also is of great worth.

Along with core management courses, universities in the UK also have many other courses for one to take as an elective. They also offer a chance to meet the world’s most powerful leaders through workshops, seminars, and events having guest speakers.

Why MBA after engineering from Australia?

MBA is not learned theoretically but it must be a hands-on experience which the Australian universities understand very well. They provide you with the best experience and exposure to the world. The MBA course in Australia has a world-class curriculum and ensures an overall development of one’s personality as an MBA graduate.

However, in spite of all the above-mentioned qualities, there is one drawback that the fee in most of the Australian colleges is significantly high in comparison to the same level colleges in the UK and US. Although, there are also some colleges with a lesser fee most of them charge a massive amount of money as tuition fee which makes them a little bit less desirable.

Also, unless you study in the top 3 colleges in Australia, your chances of grabbing a job are lesser.

Finally, Australia is a good option to get an MBA degree if money is not an issue for you.

Why MBA after engineering from Canada?

MBA degree is a plus point in a person’s CV and when it is from some reputed institute, it becomes the star factor. The universities in Canada are reputed ones and have a world-class curriculum. The courses from Canadian Universities are recognized worldwide and are worth the importance given to them.

The main motto of most Canadian universities is the overall development of the individual rather than just providing bookish knowledge. This type of approach provides a person with a better understanding of the real world problems and helps him tackle them more efficiently.

Also, the fee structure of Canadian universities is quite economical than that of most American universities. The Government of Canada also offers easily accessible VISA policies for one to work there after completion of the course. One also has the opportunity to grab a scholarship to make their degree even more affordable. Hence, it is an ideal choice for someone wanting to pursue an MBA after engineering.

Why MBA after engineering from the USA?

The main advantage of studying MBA from the USA is that the universities there have great connections with the well-established businesses and firms. After post-graduation, it is mostly the connectivity that lands one in a good job. They constantly organize seminars and events where students can meet local as well as international firms and companies. Such events help the students in developing a network of their own and get better job opportunities.

The quality of business schools in the USA is amazing. Most of the schools are ranked among the world’s best business schools. In the QS Global Marking, 13 out of 25 top business schools were from the USA.

Also, most of the schools are also accredited. As we all know, what the value of an accredited degree is.

According to a report, the USA has the highest average salary for an MBA graduate, ie., about $98,000 per annum.

How to pursue an MBA after engineering?

For pursuing MBA in India, you must write exams like CAT(Common Admission Test) /MAT(Management Aptitude Test) etc and get a very good score to get admission in the top-rated business schools. For this, you must prepare well in advance as you have to give an exam totally out of your league.

There also exist other major tests like XAT, SNAP, CET, JMET etc.

After clearing the exam, the student is called to the Institute for group discussion and personal interview if he has the required score in the exam. It is only after this that a student is selected for admission.

One can also opt for MBA abroad. Countries such as USA, UK, and Australia are famous for their MBA programs and are well recognized all around the world. For studying MBA in foreign countries, one has to qualify exams such as GMAT and GRE. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test and GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination.

What is the scope of MBA after engineering?

First of all, the MBA ensures career growth. As an MBA is sector independent, you will find employment in almost all sectors which are not the case for a person with just an engineering degree. The increment in salary after doing MBA is significant and makes it much lucrative as a course.

The one who has an MBA degree with an engineering degree is often considered a complete package. It is the most sought after quality when it comes to recruitment of individuals. MBA also lands you in business posts where you would have taken years to reach without an MBA. Thus doing an MBA has immense benefits of its own.

In this growing economy of ours, there is a requirement of management professionals who can manage as well as optimize products and their sales in the country as well as abroad. This is where an engineer with an MBA can play a very vital role.

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