How to Choose the Right College for Yourself?

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Career choice is one of the most crucial decisions in any Student’s life and this journey begins with the choice of stream in School. But, the first milestone is visible after the question to “choose a college or university” comes. Some students have it all sorted while others have to brainstorm their choices and availability in the fields of career. This decision can be fluid with time but needs to be made in confirmation of keeping your interests in mind.

Once the decision of the career path is made, choosing a college that is right for you pops up as the most significant question one can ask themselves. There are several factors that come to play while choosing a college for yourself. Here you can get ideas on how to choose the best college for yourself.

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Lay Down your Requirements

The first and foremost step to take while planning for higher studies is to ‘Know What You Want’. Make a list of all that you are looking for in your college. You can grade them according to its necessity.

Some of the requirements that a student can have from college are:

  • The course of Interest
  • Faculty
  • Well equipped Library
  • Gym/ Sports Arena
  • Cafeteria
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Swimming facility
  • Cultural Societies
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Placement Opportunities

You can categorize them and other requirements that you may have according to high to low priority

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Research is the Key

Do intensive research on the colleges offering your course. Check every college, be it within your league or lower than your expectations. You can divide the colleges into a category of Best to Worst Colleges or according to your expectation of being selected in the college. 

Make use of all the resources you can avail, be it Internet, personal recommendations, alumni, counsellors, or family members. This process will be time-consuming but will be worth the efforts.

Compare and Contrast

Now that you have been well versed with the college options you have, it is time to shortlist the colleges and see which college is right for you. You can shortlist a few colleges but don’t keep too many options, that can only be confusing. Compare between the colleges and apply for a minimum of 3 colleges. Out of these, you can prioritize one of them according to your decision. Location of the college plays a vital role here as living in a different city or country altogether is a

challenging decision. Know about the weather, safety conditions, healthcare, job prospects, etc, of the place where your college of interest is situated 

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Be thorough about your College of Interest

This is a crucial part, once you shortlist your college. You must know everything about it. This will include:

  • Course and Syllabus details
  • Application Procedure
  • Fee
  • Scholarships
  • Location 
  • Alumni
  • Societies and Organizations under the college
  • Placement Record of the college
  • Student-Faculty Ratio
  • Campus Size
  • Facilities for students
  • Proximity to the heart of the city
  • Ranking
  • Faculty type
  • Meal Plans
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Social Life
  • Accommodation facility

All these criteria and others are important while choosing a college for yourself and if selected, having knowledge about these will only be beneficial.

Once you follow these steps and are able to shortlist and choose your college, You may apply for it after adhering to their admission procedure requirements. These tips can be really beneficial for students to choose the right college for themselves.


What if my course of interest is available only as a minor subject?

Ans. Minor subjects do not deal with the course that deeply. SO, it would be better not to consider that college.

How can I know about scholarships in colleges?

Ans. You can check their websites or contact the administration directly.

✅ How can I expand my range of college?

Ans. The only solution to this is to improve your profile by improving your academics and participating in extra-curricular activities or internships. ‘

How do I decide amongst the two colleges I find the best?

Ans. You should categorize them with all the facilities and necessities they have and check if any of them has something the other doesn’t. If a particular provision is more crucial to you, then you must choose that college.

Should I take the college if my course is not in the form of honours but a triple major?

Ans. This would depend on the course itself. If the other courses are in sync with your course of interest then you can choose it as interests can sometimes change with time and if they don’t, you can still work on your course of interest as not much is lost.

I am a sports enthusiast, how do I know if the college provides facilities regarding my sport?

Ans. You can check their website and check for the extra-curricular section. You can also check their campus maps and photos to know about the kind of facilities provided.

How can I get in touch with my college alumni?

Ans. You can check if there are any online groups of the alumni or contact the alumni board of your college. 

Is there any bullying or ragging in colleges?

Ans. Mostly, there isn’t but if you face any such issues, you can contact the Anti Ragging Authorities of your college.

How to know the syllabus of my college?

Ans. You can know about your syllabus either through the website if it is uploaded, usually which is. But, if not, you can contact your college faculty.

What is the best way to research for a college?

Ans. The best way to research for a college is to check their website, read alumni reviews, check their facilities and academic excellence and search for any in-person review if any.

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