The are a lot of people who enter and leave United States every year. It is very popular destination for the purpose of tourism and studies etc. You’ll need a visa to enter the country if you’re not the resident of United States.

The visa is a stamp you’re supposed to get on your passport or any other travel document, which will directly indicate your eligibility to enter United States. However it does not inevitably means you’ll enter the country, as it is under the circumspection of custom and border officers and The Department of Homeland Security.

Types of US Visa

There are typically 185 types of US visas, categorised under Immigrant and non-immigrant Visa. The main difference between these two is mainly the time duration for which the visa is active. Non immigrant visas are of lesser duration and are temporary. Immigrant visas are basically know as Green Cards and they are permanent.

Few names of US visas are listed below;

1- Visitors Visa (for max 6 months)

2- For Academic and Vocational Purpose – Student Visa

3- Exchange Visitor Visa

4- Work Visa

5- Investors and Traders Visa

6- Official Visa – for official duties or to represent the government

7- Spouse Visa

8- Sponsored Visa

Visa Application

Citizens residing in 39 countries under Visa Waiver Program does not need US Visa for business or travel purposes for 90 days. India does not comes under Visa Waiver Program, so citizens of India are bound to get visa by applying online to schedule the interview/ appointment with consulate or US Embassy in India only.

How to Apply?

1- Determine carefully the type of Visa you want to apply for.

2- Fill the DS-160 form online under non immigrant visa, which is required  to arrange the appointment with the Embassy.

3- Pay the required fee 

4- Now login to schedule the appointment. Two appointments are required to be set, one with Visa Application Centre (to submit biometric info like fingerprint etc ) and the other with Embassy.

5- Carry all the required documents to the interview for successful approval of your Visa. 

Children under the age of 14 are not supposed to attend any of the two interviews.

Required documents for US Visa

1- Non immigrant DS-160 form filled online.

2 – Passport

3 – Passport Size Photograph

4 –  Visa Fee Receipt proving payment of $160.

5 – Details of social media

6 – Travel Itinerary ( If applicable)

7 – Documents of Sponsorship ( If applicable)

8 – Health Certificate (by embassy approved doctor)

9 – Proof of admission in Us educational institute ( if applicable)

10 – Family Documents (DOB/ Marriage Certificate etc)

The medium of language of documents must be English.

If in case you travelled US within last 12 months and you’re going back for the same purpose like travel, you are likely to get Visa again without attending the Interview.

If you have been denied Visa previously, fill another DS – 160 form and re apply through the same procedure.

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