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The concept of digitalizing the libraries is not well documented in early history, but many thinkers were connected in unfolding this concept. During the sizeable expansion of the internet, the concept of Digital Library came into existence with access to the books, and millions of individuals came on searching this on the world-wide-web.

Licklider, an American psychologist and computer scientist in the thought of creating a system by combined computer and networks which is installed with the knowledge of humans and later to make it useful for the humans to access and acquire from that existing database this National Digital Library idea came into existence.

Education Resources Information Centre (ERIC), a database of education citations, abstracts is an example of an early digital library. With the initiative of NASA and NSF, the term digital library was popularized in 1994. There are many made by different eminent in bringing up digital libraries. Different types of digital libraries are as follows:

  • Institutional repositories
  • National library collections
  • Digital archives
  • Metadata 
  • Digital preservation 

What is the National Digital Library

Each country’s government established a National digital library as a country’s preeminent repository of information. The national digital library is a collection of a virtual database of digital objects, which includes audio, video, digital documents, texts, and still images. NDLI avails cost-free access to many books and all other kinds of learning media.

The stored digital information can be accessed remotely through computer networks; for the best access to the users, the developer brings a wide range of descriptive elements like bibliographic records, finding aids, and introductory texts. The information can be accessed from anywhere which is stored.

National Digital Library, India

The government of India, through the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), has initiated a project named the National Digital Library of India (NDLI), launched in MAY 2016 and dedicated to the nation on June 19th, 2018 by the Union Human Resource Minister.

National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is under the maintenance of India Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT– Kharagpur). NDLI is designed to provide and access information in a wide range of languages. The languages that are available in the digital library are as follows:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Telugu

National Digital Library registration

People across the world can get registered and become a member to access the information in the library. Some sources are available to the users without any registration, while some important and informative sources are available to the registered ones. 

So, everyone should get register to access the information. To get registered to follow the following steps: National Digital Library registration procedure 

  1. Search for the National digital library of India in your search engine.
  2. Go to the register option. 
  3. Enter the details asked in the given columns.
  4. Accept to all the given terms and conditions 
  5. And signup  

How to register in the National Digital Library 

You can access the digital library from your smartphones or from your computers by simply getting registered. The procedure for getting registered will be given down. You cannot get access to some sources like the world ebook library, south Asia archive, and some other sources without getting registered.

  1. Full name 
  2. E-mail address 
  3. Password 
  4. Confirm password
  5. Date of birth 
  6. City 
  7. Institute name 
  8. Educational role 
  9. Language 

National Digital Library Membership

We will become the member after getting registered; without registration, we will neither have a chance to access nor have a membership.

National Digital Library Membership Fee

There are no fees for National Digital Membership. Any registered member can have access to the content, but there are some resources that ask for a subscription to avail of the content. It totally depends on each specific content.

How to use the National Digital Library:

To access the content on NDLI, there is an option of search; we can search the required keyword to get access to the information. The word may be of any subject, book name, author, topic. The keyword may be of any language. It also has browser option one can go through the filters and choose their content of interest. And another interesting feature is that it has a refining search option through that you can avail of the options like difficulty level, educational degree, subject category, and many more.

All these options are seen on the webpage of the National Digital Library, and the registered members can get access.

National digital library features

NDL is a place where you will get access to everything, i.e., all kinds of online course content, the same as a physical library. Here you can choose everything as per your requirement like filtering the unwanted things and to get access to what you’re searching for in simple NDL features like a one resolution/replacement of a physical library to a virtual one.

Salient Features:- 

  • You can access the educational materials of all levels from primary to post-graduate levels.
  • It is ease for the use of all people like students, teachers, professionals, and everyone.
  • You can get access to the contents of various domains like technology, science, business, arts.
  • You can access the content according to your difficulty level & educational level.
  • You can access the material of your desired language, and the content is available in more than 30 languages.

National Digital Library reviews

As we are in the 21st century, everything got digitalized. It really helps many students, teachers, and every aspirant to reach their goals. In the absence of books, this is really the best way to furnish ourselves. 

Some public reviews:

  • Being a Science student, I want many books from different authors to go through. This is very much useful to read and download many books. It will be helpful if we get access to some more resources.
  • I am an engineering student. I have searched for many sites for books, but I couldn’t found any. This is really very useful for every student. 
  • I got many research articles here which I cannot found on other search engines. It is more useful because it has an option for downloading.
  • This web page is very easily accessible for everyone who doesn’t even know about all these as it has all smart options.


✅ Is the national digital library free?

Ans. India has developed a project to access the content for all age groups with free of cost. There are no charges to access the information.

✅ How do I use the national digital library?

Ans. It is available in all search engines. You just need to create an account to access the content.

✅ Who launched the Digital library?

Ans. The Indian government through the Ministry of Human Resources Development launched this project.

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