Esslingen University Of Applied Science

Located in the Esslingen am Neckar in German the Esslingen University is a famous institute for applied sciences. The institute currently offers its students both bachelor and master programs. There are a total of 28 bachelor courses and 14 courses for Masters. The university was established in the year of 1971 offering graduate and post-graduate courses in various disciplines.

Some of the prime focus program courses are on the following disciplines:

  • Management
  • Social Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Healthcare
  • IT Engineering
  • Business Administration 
  • Business Studies
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

The first international Master’s course in the worldwide English Language was an MBA in Industrial Management. This degree was on a global level. The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has three campuses. The main campus is located center of the Esslingen while the other two campuses- the Goppingen campus and Hiltop campus are located in Robert-Bosch Street and Flandernstr respectively. 

The university organizes various courses, events, conferences, seminars and programs to keep their student’s interest up for their entire session. The university also has a certificate and part-time courses for students who cannot attend lectures daily. These courses are taught in the office of Advanced Training. The International offers conduct courses for its international students in more than 10 languages. There are more than 200 academic staff and many international students too. Accommodation is not on campus but there is a housing facility for off-campus accommodation. The University of Esslingen also conducts various projects for the betterment of the country’s economy and society.

Esslingen University of Applied Science Ranking

Esslingen University is ranked for its courses. Students from all over the world come to participate in the various courses it holds. The university holds excellent study programs in various languages. The students in this university are accepted on the basis of their excellent past academic history ad records they hold. 

Germany doesn’t do ranking that much. The country mainly focuses on the quality of education. But the ranking of the Esslingen university on a global level is 2797 and in the country’s ranking, the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences stands at 116.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences World Ranking

The Esslingen University of Applied Science has published its world ranking on its official portal through the CHE Ranking Table. The CHE Ranking Table takes into major factors such as teaching, sources, studies, equipment, research projects and other such factors for calculating its ranking on the table. The records below take the factors for the “general student situation” into account.

In the year of 2019, the ZEIT Student Guide and CHE University Ranking ranked the University of Esslingen on the 1st rank for the Chemieingenieurwesen, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology and Mechatronics, and Electrical Engineering. The Wirtschaftswoche Magzine of Germany, the university was placed at the 5th place for the course of Mechanical Engineering, 8th place for Electrical Engineering and 10th place for Management of Engineering.

In 2018, the Esslingen University was placed at the 4rth rank in the Mechanical Engineering and 6th place for Management in Engineering.

In 2017, the college was first place at the top by the ZEIT Student Guide and CHE University placed the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences at the top for its 2 courses- Industrial Management and Engineering Management.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Admission Requirements

The this University of Germany has various courses. For international students, they have various entry criteria for the admission procedure. 

Given below are the Entry criteria for various courses. Students can give the admission test to be accepted into a particular course.

  • Masters in Engineering in Development and Design for the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
    An IELTS score above 6 and a TOEFL score above 71 is accepted
  • MBA in International Industrial Management
    The GMAT and GRE exams are conducted
  • BSc in Industrial Management
    IELTS is accepted
  • BSc In International Industrial Management
    IELTS is accepted
  • BEng Management and Information Systems
    IELTS is accepted
  • B.Eng in Engineering Management
    IELTS is accepted
  • Bachelor of Mechatronic or Electrical Engineering
    IELTS is accepted
  • Masters in Eng. In Automotive Systems in Car Electronics
    An IELTS score above 6 and a TOEFL score above 71 is accepted
  • Masters in Engineering in Automotive Systems- Software-based Automotive Systems
    An IELTS score above 6 and a TOEFL score above 71 is accepted
  • Masters in Engineering in automotive systems in vehicle dynamics
    An IELTS score above 6 and a TOEFL score above 71 is accepted
  • Master of Science in Innovation Management
    The IELTS score is accepted

During the admission the following documentation should be kept in mind:

  • SOP is not required
  • Additional requirements according to the course will be required
  • CV will be required for all the courses
  • Essay writing will not be compulsory

There are no fees for applying for the course.

The deadlines can be checked on the official portal for seasonal semesters.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Masters

The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has Masters’ programs in 14 courses. The master’s course in various disciplines is held for both local as well as international students. Some of these courses have been ranked among the top courses in the country.

The institute offers masters programs in the following fields.

In the technical field the Master courses are in the following courses:

  • Applied Computer Science 
  • Applied Surface and Material Sciences
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Automotive Systems
  • Autonomous Driving (part-time course)
  • Biotechnology
  • Development and Design in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy Systems and Energy Management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Mechatronics (part-time)
  • Systems Engineering
  • Resource Efficiency in Mechanical Engineering 
  • Services Computing
  • Smart Factory- Industry 4.0

In the Economics Field the master courses are:

  • Innovation Management
  • International Industrial Management
  • Smart Factory- Industry 4.0

In the Social Sciences field the master program courses are:

  • Applied Socio-Pedagogical Educational Research
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Social Work

Requirements for different courses are different and can also be checked on the official portal.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences- Automotive Systems

The automotive system course is one of the master’s courses offered by the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. The course is offered in the English language. The motive of the course is for building a career in the sector of automotive systems. 

The sector of automotive systems has increased and is one of the most popular courses in the market. The competition has grown a lot in the society and the automotive sector has to face challenges such as fuel economy, development of extended assistance systems and autonomous driving.

With this course, students can become efficient engineers in this field and work on the controls, software in the automotive and the electronics involved. There are three majors in the program:

  • Car electronics
  • Software-based automotive systems
  • Vehicle dynamics

Those choosing the ‘software-based automotive systems’ get to work in development, launching in marketing and supervise the series of production of vehicles in a suitable environment and that the whole innovation is done with safe software.

If one opts for ‘Vehicle Dynamics’, then they will see to the testing and development of the powertrain, steering ad the suspension for improvement in the riding, fuel economy, handling and stability.

If a student chooses the ‘Car Electronics’ as their major subject, then they will test the units, work in the specification field, integrate with the systems, take specific account conditions such as EMC, function, and packaging.

The university opts for external and internal labs for enhancing the experience of its students.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences-Automotive Engineering 

This course is open for all the graduates who had a subject close to the course from any university. The program is more flexible than the bachelor’s degree and one has to opt-in for a specialization in the subject. If the student is confused about which specialization they should opt for they can take help from the prep manual given to them in the first semester.

The university offers various kinds of research projects that are done by collaborating with the society, take a class in a small group for a better learning process and labs with equipment filled with the latest technology. The instructors and professors have good experience in this field. Students also get the opportunity to specialize according to options that could be compulsory.

The selection is done with taking into account of 33% of the subject-specific grade and 67% on the final marks obtained in the bachelor’s degree.

Students can apply for the course through the official site of the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences MBA

As discussed above, this course was one of the first International courses of this university to be taught in the English language. The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offers MBA or International Industrial Management in the three areas of business which are:

There are three semesters in the course of International Industrial Management and is taught in the Esslingen Hilltop Campus. The application deadline for this course is up until 31st May for the Winter semester.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Fees

The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences mentions its fees in the brochure. The university also offers many scholarships for its students to help them in financial aiding.

For the Masters in Engineering the breakdown of the fees is :

Total Per Semester
Study Fees4500 euros1500 euros per semester
Enrollment Fees 540 euros 180 euros per semester

For the international applicants, their visa authority center asks then to open a Sperrkonto or a blocked account in the German bank. In this account, you will have to deposit 8. 60 euros for your visa procedures to finished. When you arrive in Germany for your studies you will be allowed to withdraw only 720 euros per month from this particular account. 

The first-year fees of some of the courses are as follows:

Master of Science -Applied Surface and Material Sciences$3,330
Master of Science- Biotechnology $19,830
Master of Engineering- Autonomous Driving $9,990
Master of Engineering- Biotechnology $3,330

For details on other courses, such as fees breakdown, expenses and other calculations, one can contact the college administration.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Placements

The university has its own page for posting job portal for students. One can visit the career link for seeing job opportunities for various streams. The career site is managed by the center of careers along with Jobteaser that provides many opportunities for practicals, internships and job placements. The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences even provides the required help for the placement procedure.

Students don’t have to rely on any third-party groups as they can be in direct contact with the company. The fair for directly contacting the company is held in all three campuses and events are held to promote the job opportunities.

Career weeks:

  • Students meet company- The city-center campus in Esslingen
  • Forum Zukunft- the hilltop campus
  • Industry fair- in the Goeppingen campus
  • IT-company day- in the hilltop campus of Esslingen
  • Industry Day-Esslingen Necharform

Students have been placed in reputed companies such as:

  • PILZ 
  • Schuler
  • Vector
  • Wieland
  • DURR
  • DFM
  • BOS
  • Bank Stiftung
  • AKKA
  • APS-tech
  • Daimer
  • Bucher tun Gutes
  • EGS plan
  • Engineering Facility Group

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences Application Deadline

The application deadline for the course of MBA is from 15th October to 31st May and from 15th October to 31st March for Masters of engineering.

The admission procedure will start after 6 weeks from the application deadline for the selected students. 

The applications for the winter semester for the session of 2020-21 will open up from April 15th, 2020.

Esslingen University Of Applied Sciences Review

The university is one of the top universities well-known for its courses. The international offices and other provisions have been done for the students to enhance the learning procedure making it comfortable for the international students also.

The college holds an account for having some notable alumni network such as

  • Hans Erich Slany
  • Former Chairman of Mercedes-Benz-Werner Nierfer
  • Richar Drauz
  • Ludwig Durr

The university has courses in various disciplines and provides many job opportunities for its students maintaining the all-round development of their students. 

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