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Sungkyunkwan University has two campuses the humanities campus and social science campus. Both campuses have the required facilities for making learning and exploring an interesting activity. The Natural Sciences campus is located in Suwon. There is a Learning Factory in the natural science campus where prototype projects and models are designed based on some of the most creative ideas from all around the world with the help of laser cutters, 3D printers, Adriano, and CNC router. Humanities and Social Sciences campus, situated in Seoul, offers ten dormitories and housing facilities for the student.

The Natural Sciences campus offers five dormitories. Sungkyunkwan University offers a large number of courses to choose from. The course structure includes general, special, and professional courses for students for both under graduation and post-graduation. These courses are based on a large number of disciplines such as Law, Liberal Arts, Economics, Social Sciences, Engineering, Software, Pharmacy, Sport Science, and several others. The University attracts students from all over the globe, due to which about ten to twelve percent of the total student strength is international students.

The University works in collaboration with around 653 universities and various organizations and to provide the best work frame for research and development.

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is a world-class institution for graduation and higher-level education. It was founded as a royal Confucian academy in 1398. SKKU has been able to develop a strong academic structure and has been able to produce the best working professionals in various fields.

SKKU has emerged as one of the leading universality of the world and has been working on embracing globalization, working along with global industries and organizations through the exchange of faculty and students and working on various research and educational projects and programs.

The name “Sungkyunkwan” is substitutable with each tradition and innovation. The literal meaning of the University’s name is “An establishment for building a harmonious society of enlightened individuals.” The University’s 1400 college strength consists of 1 of the foremost gifted, knowledgeable, and dedicated professors, permitting students to achieve quality education.

SKKU’s locution, “Su-GI-Chi-In,” signifies the four most vital qualities required in reality, these square measure “Benevolence, morality conduct, Wisdom.” It teaches students to figure with efforts to attain the last word goal. With this ideology, SKKU has been able to manufacture several world leaders in numerous fields.

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is working on its new project named “New Challenge Project,” which has five divisional strategies: Educational Innovation, Faculty/Research Development, Academic-Industrial Cooperation, Brand Power, and Management Innovation. These are designed to study global issues and work on the development of a well-structured plan to deal with it. The purpose of this act is to enter into the top 10 ranked universities in Asia and the top 50 ranked universities in the world.

The results of Sungkyunkwan university’s efforts can be seen as the progress and development it has made in various fields over the last few years. The number of students per full-time professor and the percentage of full-time professors is each 21.3 and 101.14. With the total educational restitution rate of 231.2, the University exceeded the national average restitution rate of 116.6%. SKKU had an employment rate of 68.3, which was highest among the Korean universities

SKKU had 5,275 publications last year and this number has been increasing continuously from the last few years. The University had the highest SCI publications, with an average of 0.8 per professor.

SKKU is now recognized as an outstanding university and is ranked amused. The top 85 universities, which, along with quality education, also work on leaders in industry-university cooperation evaluation (LINC).

Through a partnership with Samsung, SKKU has developed high-quality research infrastructure and achieved excellent human resource management. The partnership also enabled SKKU to develop world-leading academic programs in software development, mobile communications engineering, energy engineering, nanotechnology, Business, medicine, and law.

Ever since the Samsung cluster partnered with the University, outstanding progress has been created because of Samsung-style management ability. Such shut cooperation between the universities associated with an industrial partner has allowed for important developments motor-assisted by Samsung’s generous support. Samsung has been ready to acquire qualified personnel steadily.

In contrast, SKKU has worked on making an effort to form the number one model of industry-university cooperation that may facilitate to attract talented students to develop additional collaboration in the peninsula. SKKU and Samsung presently manage one hundred ten joint analyses projects, permitting students the prospect to figure one of the world’s high firms.

SKKU has created a strong academic-industrial foundation by increasing and reorganizing the analysis institutes at intervals the varsity, and building a cooperation system supported strong analysis talents. Additionally, the Sungkyun Advanced Institute of Nanotechnology (SAINT) and, therefore, the Sungkyun Interfaculty Collaboration Center were established to push convergence education between departments and analysis.

For this purpose, analyses and education groups like Future Nano Science Education and ICT Convergence Facility body Education area unit receiving 6,840,000 USD in funding. Also, the school of Engineering is running a business team for nurturing specialists that have sensible talents and a deep understanding of materials.

To strengthen academic-industrial engagement, SKKU has recruited former executives World Health Organization worked at firms as professors completely appointed for industry-university cooperation.

As one of Korea’s most prestigious educational activity establishments, Sungkyunkwan University discovered the importance of getting a world presence ahead of time. SKKU is reinforcing the links between overseas universities to realize its objective of generating artistic international leaders within the era of internationalization.

SKKU has tutorial exchange programs with overseas establishments and partnership agreements with 705 universities in seventy-three countries worldwide. To supply varied opportunities to our students and to ascertain a world program, SKKU is increasing its twin curriculum with several prestigious universities all around the world. Currently, SKKU is running thirty- three twin degree programs in partnership with MIT’s faculties of Engineering and Business, Hoosier State University Kelley faculty of Business, organic compound University, capital of Red China University, and therefore the University of Birmingham.

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