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Every student has a dream to study in well-reputed and well-ranked Universities in the world. The University of Bridgeport is one of those well-reputed universities that was founded in 1927. It is famous for Dental sciences mostly, but it also has other streams like Engineering, Business and Management, Arts, and sciences.

The University of Bridgeport, also commonly referred to as UB is a private, non-sectarian, coeducational, National University, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

Every year, 20% of students are from 80 different countries. It has various scholarship programs for local and international students to provide financial support for their studies. As per the university reports, 99% of its students get financial support in different ways.

Other than academics, it supports extracurricular activities, and also it has 50+clubs for students to explore.

The University of Bridgeport provides career-oriented degree courses to students and also believes in their personal and professional growth.

  • The University of Bridgeport provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from.
  • The University of Bridgeport believes in personal excellence, dedication, and commitment to the service. 
  • The university and its alumni and students are widely respected among the other parts of the countries.
  • They have a beautiful campus.
  • The average size of classes here is about 30-50 students per class.

University of Bridgeport Ranking

The University of Bridgeport is a great university and is often a constant feature in various different rankings. Many international and national organizations include this university into their ranking systems.

The university enjoys a very good reputation not only in the USA but also all over the world and it reflects in many of its rankings.

  • The University of Bridgeport got 298th rank based on the US & World Report National University Rankings 2021.
  • It is offering a variety of courses starting from one-year certificate courses to doctorate studies
  • The University of Bridgeport is following the semester-type academic structure. It got the best ranks in several National level surveys and it is one of the safest places to study in Connecticut.
  • It has been ranked 39th most Ethnically Diverse National University as per US News & World report 2021.

University of Bridgeport Reviews

The University of Bridgeport is an amazing and student-oriented university and is often subjected to good reviews by both students and parents.

The university enjoys a good reputation in the USA and also all over the world and it reflects in many of its reviews.

The students in this university belong to more than 80 countries and almost all of them have good things to talk about it.

  • “What I like the most about the University of Bridgeport is the diversity and how everyone here is very nice and everyone can get along with each other very well. What I would like to see change is the cost of going to the University of Bridgeport. I believe if the cost is not as much as it is, no one would have any problems in paying their debt.”
  • “I do have some support and I listen too but they could improve on some things like have more flexible schedules/classes, better education, better professors, more support. It’s still ok though, I’m still here. I was in industrial design for a freshman year wasn’t my thing. That program could use some money but even if they had a real good program I don’t think I would’ve stayed. It’s only my second year, trying to find myself.”
  • “University of Bridgeport has a lot to offer. From academics to athletics it will give you the experience of a lifetime! their is a lot of diversity and all different kinds of people.”
  • “I loved how diversity was celebrated at this university was. However, the professors/staff didn’t seem to really care about the well being of the students.”
  • The beach near campus is really nice. There is a lot of work, but the classes are enjoyable. There is a variety of food from different cultures. The campus is very diverse, there are many international students. The campus is starting to refurbish with new equipment and activities.”

Reviews from

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University of Bridgeport Tuition Fee

The University of Bridgeport despite being a private institution is quite affordable. The fees here include Traditional Full-Time Tuition,  General Fee, Student Government Fee, Part-Time or Per Credit, $1,065, Part-Time General Fee and  One-Time Orientation Fee (charged the first semester only).

This is the general break down for how and what the fee is generally charged for.

CourseTuition Fee
Business courses$485
Dental Hygiene$19,000
Design Course$750
All undergraduate courses$15,960

University of Bridgeport Connecticut

The University of Bridgeport allows students to focus on academics and at the same time enjoy their college life as well. The faculty is very supportive and support students as much as they can.

Its location, Connecticut also has a very friendly environment which combined with that of the university provides students with an experience of a lifetime.

  • The university has a very home-like atmosphere.
  • All students and different clubs work together to make a homely atmosphere.
  • Bridgeport in itself is a historic city where one can get a lot to learn.
  • Connecticut is a large city with many opportunities.
  • The university helps students find work and start their career.

University of Bridgeport Computer Science

Computer science is one of the top-rated courses of the University of Bridgeport. The faculty is amazing and students are made to learn everything from scratch to help them better their understanding of the subject. 

Concepts like data structures, software design, algorithms, programming languages, etc. are taught here and a focus on both practical and theoretical knowledge is emphasized upon. Colleges offering this course are:

  • School of Engineering 

Other colleges for Computer Science are:

  • Manchester Community College
  • Norwalk Community College
  • Connecticut College
  • Gateway Community College
  • The University of New Haven

University of Bridgeport Computer Science Faculty

The faculty dealing with computer science courses here is very renowned and great in their respective fields.

They give students theoretical foundations, the ability to do problem analysis, and teach them all the core concepts that are required.

They help students to learn a  variety of programming languages and other important concepts.

The renowned faculty members are as follow:

  • Ausif Mahmood
  • Miad Faezipour
  • Tarek Sobh
  • Khaled Elleithy
  • Jeongkyu Lee

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University of Bridgeport Acceptance Rate

University of Bridgeport is one of the famous universities in New York City. The acceptance rate of the University of Bridgeport is moderate and it is less selective among the applicants. The University of Bridgeport takes time to review the application forms, as many students are applying for the University students in three intake periods.

  • The University of Bridgeport Acceptance rate is around 55% to 57% every year. 
  • It accepts most of the applicants who applied for University education.
  • But the selection process includes all the documents and English proficiency scorecards, etc. 
  • After submission of all the necessary documents by the applicants within two weeks, the University of Bridgeport will reply to their submission forms whether they can attend the classes or not.

University of Bridgeport visa acceptance rate

the University of Bridgeport is having a liberal acceptance rate when it comes to international students. As we see earlier, if 100 international students applied for the University of Bridgeport out of them 54-57people will be accepted to the University based on their Education levels and International exam scores. It means the acceptance rate is more than 50%.

As the acceptance rate is moderate, students need to apply for their VISA before three for their actual semester starts. Students who want to be admitted to the University of Bridgeport need to apply for an F1or J1 student VISA for their full-time course time.

VISA Acceptance Requirements for students:

  • Admitted students need to fill the form I20 or  form DS 2019 ( Based on the immigration status of the students).
  • SEVIS FEE Receipt
  • Financial statements
  • Passport
  • Visa application fee and application forms.

The F1 or J1 visas will require an interview , so the international students must be aware of the Visa process and need to attend the interview. So, students check the necessary interview questions and prepare well to qualify for the interview

University of Bridgeport World Ranking

The University of Bridgeport has been ranked in various national level and world level rankings. It is ranked under different areas like  Social mobility, Best college for student-athletes, top safest colleges, etc.,

World-level Rankings:

  • It has been ranked 600th rank in US college Rankings  2020 as per the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2020.
  • As per QS top World  Universities Ranking 2020, it is ranked between 201-250 ranks in US top Universities area.
  • As per US News & World Report 2020, it has secured 119th rank in Top performers on the Social Mobility area.

National level Rankings:

The University of Bridgeport has been ranked in many areas like safest colleges in America, Best athletes campus, Best hard to get in campus, etc.,

  • The University of Bridgeport has ranked 169 out of 405 best colleges for Designs in America. 
  • It has ranked 83 out of 1589 most Diverse colleges in America.
  • It has ranked 739 out of 1674 most Liberal colleges in America.
  • It has ranked 834 out of 1336 safest college campuses in America. etc. and many more.

University of Bridgeport Engineering Ranking

The University of Bridgeport also ranked based on their courses availability. The University of Bridgeport has 120+ diverse courses for national and international students. As we all see, it is providing courses based on One-year Certificates to Doctoral level courses. It is famous for many courses in Engineering, General Sciences, etc. 

The University of Bridgeport is offering engineering courses like Computer science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial and Product Design, etc.

  • University of Bridgeport has been ranked between 197 to 206th in Best Undergraduate Engineering programs as per US News & World Report 2020.
  • It also ranked 149th in Computer Science PG as per US News & World Report  2021.
  • The online engineering program was ranked 4th in the USA by US News as well.

University of Bridgeport Mba ranking

The University of Bridgeport is one of the best Universities, where students can experience practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. Students who are studying for a master’s in Business Administration need to know about the basic business principles and where to apply them.

The students also enhance their problem-solving capacity and critical thinking to develop their Business into higher positions. 

The MBA ( Master of Business Administration ) program at the University of Bridgeport exactly satisfies the needs and also encourages students to achieve their goals.

  • The University of Bridgeport has gained the best ranks in terms of education and become one of the best universities in the US.
  • The Duration of the MBA program at the University of Bridgeport is about 2 years.
  • The rankings of the University are based on the student’s curse selection, Business school leader’s opinion, and immediate employment opportunity.
  • The University of Bridgeport is offering both Full-time MBA and Online MBA courses for its students.

University of Bridgeport in Connecticut

The University of Bridgeport has been ranked as the best and safest college campus in all of Connecticut.

  • Out of 32 college campuses in Connecticut, The University of Bridgeport is ranked 28th.
  • The University of Bridgeport is a private University in Connecticut. It is one of the leading Universities with three major campuses for the fields like Nursing and Health Sciences, Arts and Science, and Engineering and Management.
  • The University of Bridgeport is also offering Online classes for local and international students.

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University of Bridgeport GRE Requirements

Like all the Top Universities abroad, the University of Bridgeport also requires GRE scores for International students’ admissions. Students need to contact the admission officers to know about the GRE scores required by the University.

It is an important exam along with IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc., But only a few course admissions require the GRE Scores.

  • The GRE Score between 250- 277 is sufficient to enter into University of Bridgeport.
  • The GRE scores vary from course to course in Top Universities.
  • The students need to check the official website of the University of Bridgeport or contact the University of Bridgeport mentioned in their official web portal: [email protected]

University of Bridgeport GRE Score

The information about the score can be found by emailing:  [email protected]

  • Generally, a score between  250-277 is enough to get admission here.
  • It is one of those universities which accept a low GRE score.

University of Bridgeport Requirements

As the University of Bridgeport is offering different courses the eligibility criteria for the courses are also different. But there is common eligibility for any kind of courses like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, PTE, GRE, etc.,

The University of Bridgeport Eligibility:

TOEFL75- 80 
DET( Duolingo English Test)55-60

And the eligibility requirements for Under Graduates are:

  • Highschool transcription.
  • English proficiency test.
  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Passport copy, etc.

And the Eligibility requirements for Graduates:

  • Undergraduate scorecards
  • Proof of Funding
  • Resume
  • English proficiency score, etc.

University of Bridgeport graduate programs

The University of Bridgeport is offering several Graduation programs in different fields like Engineering, Nursing, Arts and Science, Dental Sciences, Business and Management, Professional courses, etc. These courses are available in both the Fall and spring period for  International Students. 

University of Bridgeport Graduate Programs:

Graduate ProgramsDuration
MBA18 to 24 months
MSC Finance12 months
MA Criminal Justice and Human Security24 months
MS/ MA Biology 24 months
MSC counseling24 months
MSC Technology Management24 months
MSC Biomedical Engineering12 months
Master Acupuncture24 months
MSC Dental Hygiene24 months

University of Bridgeport Application Deadline

The application process to this univeristy is quite easy as it can be completed online as well as via paperwork.

The students, however, may need to qualify some exams to take admission to the University Of Bridgeport.

It is important that students do the whole process carefully and make sure they are well before the time of the deadline for the submission of the application form.

  • The application forms are available on the official website of the university and are required to be submitted by last week of July. 
  • Students must fill the form with correct information and without any typological errors. 
  • They also need to submit their documents and test scores.
  • Students should themselves check if they are eligible for their course of choice or not.
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or ACT (American College Testing) score can help students get admission as well. 
  • TOEFL score is necessary for students who are not native English speakers.
  • Students must have an overall B grade in their high school mark sheet.
  • The deadline of application for admission in the Fall Semester is August.
  • The deadline of application for admission in the Spring is May 25.
  • The deadline of application for admission in the Summer is April 1.

University of Bridgeport Staff Directory

The staff directory can be found at Bridgeport Website.

University of Bridgeport Mechanical Engineering

Engineering is a popular course at this university and Mechanical Engineering is a course that is taken up by many here a well.

Mechanical Engineering program provides advanced study in the history of Mechanical Engineering and also in its contemporary and emerging fields.

The department here is very supportive and tries to enhance a student’s knowledge as much as possible.

  • The curriculum here is quite diverse and teaches fundamentals like general mechanical engineering as well.
  • Students are taught both theoretical and practical aspects thoroughly.
  • The coursework is such that it permits students to increase their knowledge while also acquiring practical skills.
  • Students are given the freedom to venture into fields like mechanical design, manufacturing, solid materials, thermal fluid system, etc. 
  • The faculty here takes an interdisciplinary approach to teach students.

University of Bridgeport Computer Science Ranking

The Computer Science programs at this university are marvelous and have been ranked highly. The faculty for these programs is also top-notch and is popular as well.

University of Bridgeport USA

The University of Bridgeport, also commonly referred to as UB is a private,non-sectarian, coeducational, National University, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.

The university has an urban setting and is considered as of the best colleges in the northern region of the USA.

The University of Bridgeport provides career-oriented degree courses to students and also believes in their personal and professional growth.

  • The University of Bridgeport provides a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from.
  • The University of Bridgeport believes in personal excellence, dedication, and commitment to the service. 
  • The university and its alumni and students are widely respected among the other parts of the countries.
  • They have a beautiful campus.
  • The average size of classes here is about 30-50 students per class.

University of Bridgeport Graduate Programs

The University of Bridgeport has various different types of Graduate Programs for students to pursue.

The university also runs online courses as a result of which many students are able to enroll and take advantage of the great education which is provided here.

Graduate courses are available here in many fields, as mentioned below:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering
  • Health Sciences 
  • Business

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University of Bridgeport Technology Management

The University of Bridgeport offers a course in Technology Management, which is quite a unique and distinct degree.

It is an interdisciplinary degree that provides theoretical and practical knowledge of various technological concepts.

The base objective of this course is to give students a technical depth so they can efficiently perform all the functions and jobs related to engineering. 

  • This course effectively prepares students to perform, technical and systems.
  • After this degree, students are ready to be able to manage technical companies, resources and initiatives.
  •  Students are also taught to manage teams in multinational companies.
  • The faculty for this course is top-rated.
  • The course is a great amalgamation of technology and management.

University of Bridgeport Location

The university is located at the address 126 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604, United States. Connecticut is a great place to study for various reasons.

The state is always buzzing with new developments which make it ideal for students. It has also had many great attractions which make it even more desirable.

There are various art galleries and museums which are located here and from where students can learn a lot. There are also various parks which provides opportunities for outdoor activities. 

  • Yale University Art Gallery
  • Museum of Natural History
  • East Rock Park
  • Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library
  • Knights of Columbus Museum

University of Bridgeport Address

The university is located in Connecticut. The full address of the university is: 126 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT 06604, United States.

It is a big university which is quite easy to locate and is very, very easy to find. There is no difficulty in locating it or reaching it.

  • University shuttle runs across the city for ease of students.

University of Bridgeport Campus

The university has an urban campus which is spread across an area of 86 acres. It has all the possible facilities so students can study and live here comfortably and exceptionally well.

The campus has high-tech classrooms and labs to give students amazing learning experience.

  • Students are provided with facilities like non-remedial classes, placement services, health insurance and services, etc. 
  • There is 24 hours safety and vehicle patrolling happening on all days at the campus.
  • Late-night transport services are also available for students for their safety. 
  • For the students of the legal drinking age, alcohol is also permitted in the campus.
  • The on-campus library is one of the best features of this university. 

University of Bridgeport Notable Alumni

This university is home to several bright minds. It has a long list of alumni in different fields that have brought laureates for the country or have done exceptionally well work globally.

The alumni of this university include actors, award-winning researchers, sportsperson, businessman, etc. 

University of Bridgeport Login

  • Students should go to the university website.
  • On the top corner they can find the option of log –in.
  • Students can log in using the credentials which were provided to them during the time of admission.

University of Bridgeport Application Fee

The Application Fee has to be submitted in order to fulfill the application process. The fee is not much, however, it should be submitted on time and not delayed. The online payments can be done via online transfer or Paypal.

Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Program4th by U.S. News & World Report.
Application for CourseFees
Paper Application$50,000
Online Application$50
Doctoral Application$75

University of Bridgeport International Admissions

The admission procedure for international students is not at all difficult. It is pretty much like the application process for USA students with the same deadlines.

However, students need to be careful so they do not do any mistakes.

  • Students can apply via mail or online.
  • They are supposed to fill the form correctly and without any mistakes.
  • They must submit their scores of tests like GRE, GMAT, etc.
  • They must also submit their TOEFL/EILTS score.
  • They are also required to submit a copy of their passport and visa along with financial documents.

University of Bridgeport tuition fee for international students

The University of Bridgeport is offering different courses with different duration periods. So, the tuition fee and other fees also differ based on the courses selected by the students.

University of Bridgeport Tuition fee for International students:

Courses Duration Tuition fee
MBA 1.5 to 2 years Around 10 lakhs INR/ first-year
MS  1.5 to 2 years Around 12 to 15 lakhs INR/first-year
MSC in computer Science 2 years Around 13 lakhs/ first-year
BSN in Nursing 4 years $ 31, 920/ year
BA in mass communication 4 years$ 31, 920/ year
BM in Music 4 years$ 31, 920/ year
BS in Industrial design48 months$ 31, 920/ year
MPS in design management18 to 24 months$ 16, 875 / year

These are free courses which are popular at the University of Bridgeport. The fees for the courses are different along with the duration period

University of Bridgeport New York

The university is in Connecticut and has no known branch in New York. The univeristy is however 55 miles away from New York.

University of Bridgeport VS University of New Haven

Univeristy of Bridgeport and Univeristy of New Haven are both great universities. Both are located in Connecticut, USA and have great courses and faculties to match.

These are top two universities of the state and often students get confused between the two as they both are excellent. However, there are still many differences between the two.

University of BridgeportUniversity of New Haven
Established in 1927Established in 1927
Has acceptance rate of 58%Has acceptance rate of 81%
Has an academic staff of 147Has an academic staff of 510
Has a graduation rate of 30%Has a graduation rate of 50%
Has approximately 5500 studentsHas approximately 12,000 students


✅ Are there any scholarship or financial support programs available for international students?

Ans: The University of Bridgeport also known as UB knows well about the student’s condition in terms of fees and accommodation. So, it is offering different scholarship programs for its students based on their academic level, English proficiency level, etc. Various scholarship programs like Academic scholarship program, Trustee scholarship program, Partial scholarships, Academic scholarship for first-year applicants, and some other programs for international students.

✅ How many International students are studying out of the total students at the University of Bridgeport?

Ans: There are 5000 international students out of total students admitted and studying at the University of Bridgeport every year. As the acceptance rate is very moderate, many students show interest to apply to the University of Bridgeport and there are 20% students from 80 different countries studying every year at the University of Bridgeport.

✅ Can I do work while studying at the university?

Ans: Yes, students can work while they are studying at the University. There are both On and Off-campus works available for international students to get part-time jobs while they are studying. The students are allowed to work for 15 hours a week during their semester. But students are not guaranteed by the University about the work facilities before their admissions.

✅ Is there any housing facility available on campus?

Ans: Yes, the University of Bridgeport is providing on-campus housing facilities for both local and international students. And there is also an off-campus housing facility also available for the students if they want. The on-campus housing facility includes 6 residence halls and 3 graduate halls with 24/7 access, supporting staff, furniture facilities and mess facilities, etc. The rooms availability will be like Single room, Mini single room, Double room, etc. With different meal plans based on the costs for the international students.

✅ What are the most famous courses offered by the University of Bridgeport?

Ans: The University of Bridgeport is mostly famous for Nursing programs and later it also introduced different fields of studies like Engineering, Computer science, Dental hygiene programs, Arts and science, Masters of Business Administration, Graphics design, Criminal justice, etc. The University of Bridgeport also introduced one-year certificate courses in fields like Marketing, Business, etc. It approved students for Undergraduate, Post Graduate, and Doctoral courses with a semester system.


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