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B Tech in Canada : Top universities, Fees, Admission, Scholarships (2022)

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Thu, July 7, 2022 12:16 PM   Updated on Tue, April 11, 2023 8:55 AM   7 mins read

In Canada, Engineering is a highly sought after academic course. Many students every year flock to Canada to pursue B tech. It is a great career option. Every industry has demand for Engineers. Future is rewarding for Engineers in all the fields and specialisations.

The B.Tech course is also known as B Eng, Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering, or Bachelors in Engineering Science in Canada. You can pursue this following 12 Standard.

Read along to learn everything about B tech in Canada !

Why study B Tech in Canada?

B Tech is one of Canada’s most sought-after degree programmes. In contrast to other countries, Canada’s BTech programme gives you the freedom to select from a wide range of practical discipline programmes, preparing you to make changes and use higher-level abilities to solve complicated, sophisticated challenges in any business.

  • In the world, B Tech in Canada is often regarded as the best because it set the bar for educational quality.
  • Students who choose BTech have a curriculum that is well-equipped with the necessary skills to exceed the demands of the industry today.
  • Aside from school and employment opportunities, studying in Canada has a lot to offer, including pristine landscapes, stunning seasons, superior living conditions, an extraordinary standard of living, and much more.

Top Universities for B tech in Canada

Some of the top Canadian colleges offer bachelor’s degrees in Engineering. These universities are well-known both nationally and internationally for their technology and engineering offerings. Details about some of the well-known universities’ rankings, specialities, and programme costs are tabulated below.

Check out the below for top universities for B tech in Canada:

UniversityGlobal RankingPrograms OfferedPopular SpecializationProgram Fees 
University of British Columbia46BASc Biotechnology, civil, chemical, computer, electrical, environmental, mechanical etc184,964
University of Toronto26BEng/BAScChemical, industrial, mechanical, civil, mineral, engg. science, materials, computer science, etc234,720
McMaster University140B tech/BEng/BAscElectrical, automotive, civil, computer, mechanical, etc199,764
University of Ottawa230BAsc/BScCivil, chemical, biotechnology, data science, mechanical, etc323,204
University of Waterloo149BASc Biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, etc218,400
University of Alberta126BScElectrical, computer, biomedical, chemical, software, civil, petroleum, etc158,000
Queen’s University216 BAScCivil, computer, chemical, geological, mining, electrical, etc. 196,104
Western University170BEScChemical, civil, mechanical, biomedical, etc165,248
University of Calgary235BScChemical, civil, energy, oil & gas, geomatics, software, etc161,808
McGill University27BEngBiomedical, chemical, civil, computer, etc183,296

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Specializations in B Tech in Canada

The best streams and specialisations for excellent work options and career prospects may be found in Canada, but that is hardly the only advantage of this country. For every overseas student, Canada also provides a distinct and well-known discipline.

Let’s take a look at the table for the top B Tech specialisations and programmes in Canada, with their tremendous expansion and reach around the globe, to get jobs.

Civil EngineeringUniversity of Waterloo
Software EngineeringUniversity of Alberta
Aerospace EngineeringRyerson University
Chemical EngineeringCarleton University
Information TechnologyCarleton University
Biomedical EngineeringWestern University
Industrial EngineeringMcMaster University
Mechanical EngineeringMcGill University
Electrical EngineeringUniversity of Manitoba
Environmental EngineeringThe University of British Columbia

Admission process for B tech in canada

In Canada, there is fierce competition for B Tech admissions because the majority of applicants are high school students like you. In this instance, passing a proficiency test like the TOEFL in English is a requirement, and satisfactory completion of high school is the other main requirement for admission to a UG course like B Tech.

We therefore assume that your main goal is to enrol in a Canadian university for your B Tech. If so, some of the requirements must be met in order to be admitted to them. In order to pursue an undergraduate degree in Canada, a student must fulfil the requirements and pass the test. You must fulfil the requirements listed below in order to get admitted to any university in Canada as an Indian candidate.

Eligibility for B tech in Canada

Check out the table below for eligibility for B tech in Canada:

  • 12 years of schooling
    • International students must possess high arithmetic skills and a solid understanding of fundamental sciences in order to enrol in most engineering programmes at Canadian universities.
  • Proof of language proficiency test
  • Submit scores for entrance tests like SAT/ACT. 

Documents required for B tech in Canada

Check out the table below for document required for B tech in Canada:

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Scholarships for B tech in Canada

Check out the table below for B tech in Canada:

UniversityScholarshipAmount (CAD) 
University TorontoFaculty of Applied Science & Engineering Admissions Scholarship;University of Toronto Engineering International Scholarship5000
UBCElizabeth & Leslie GOULD Entrance Scholarships for international students; Engineering Scholarships for Innovation2,500

McGill UniversityMcGill Entrance Scholarships3000-5000/annum
University of WaterlooEntrance for International Students10,000/year
University of AlbertaEngineering Entrance Awards1000-50,000

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Cost of living in Canada

There are many variables that affect the cost of living in Canada. The province of study, type of lodging, lifestyle, etc., are a few of the important variables.

The table below provides information on the cost of living in Canada:

Pre-arrival cost

ExpensesCost (CAD)
Application Fee95-156
IELTS Fee309
TOEFL Fee210-330
SAT Fee62-84
ACT Fee60-82
Air travel350-1200
Health Insurance600-800

Post-arrival cost

FactorsAverage Cost Per Month
Accomodation£500- £700
Food & Groceries£100 – £200
Transportation£30- £40
Household Bills£40 – £50
Entertainment£40- £50

Jobs after B tech in Canada

According to data from Wage Explorer, earning an undergraduate diploma or certificate increases one’s annual salary in the field of engineering by 17%. After receiving a first-class engineering undergraduate degree, this risk rises to about 29%.

All of these things together imply that a B Tech degree from Canada is not only a successful curriculum but also a gateway to the PR of the nation. After earning a bachelor’s degree there, settling in Canada is simpler.

Job DesignationAverage Annual Salaries (CAD)
Acoustics Engineer152,000
Assembly Engineer Technician130,000
Assistant Chief Engineer164,000
Associate Engineer145,000
Biochemical Engineer173,000
CAD Designer151,000

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How much does B Tech cost in Canada?

Ans: The average annual tuition for a B Tech programme in Canada is between 50,000 and 65,000 CAD. To cover living expenses and satisfy your Canadian student visa criteria, you will need 10,000–11,000 CAD in your bank account.

How long is B Tech in Canada?

Ans: 3-4 years: B Tech from Canada is available as BASc (bachelors of applied science) in Engineering/BEng (bachelors in engineering) /BEngSc (bachelors in engineering science) in Canada. It is a three to four-year program costing a total amount of 158,000 to 323,000 CAD.

Can I study B Tech abroad?

Ans: There are numerous courses accessible abroad for engineering bachelor’s degree candidates. There are excellent universities in India that offer BTech or engineering programmes, but many students choose to study B. Tech abroad because it gives them access to more chances.

How much Indian students earn in Canada?

Ans: The average annual wage for overseas students in Canada is $58,380, or $29.94 an hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $73,117 year, while entry-level roles start at $48,516.

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