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Engineering is a stream of education that involves the appliance of Science, Technology, and arithmetic to initiate, design, develop and maintain machines, structures, software, hardware, and systems & processes. This field offers a variety of career opportunities across all industries, creating it one of the foremost wanted course pursued by students after category XII, particularly those from the Science stream. Students attending to study Engineering in the Republic of India will make a choice from nearly a hundred specializations, with engineering, civil engineering, physical science engineering, mechanical engineering, and applied science being a number of the foremost common ones.


Types of engineering

In India, Engineering programs are offered at various levels after 12th, like undergraduate (UG), postgraduate, and Ph.D. levels. Some of the most important branches of engineering are Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. These are the most common branches that every student wants to pursue. Besides those, here are some extra branches offered by the government.

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Automobile engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Communication engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Electronics and communication engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Marine engineering
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Mining engineering
  • Power engineering
  • Robotics engineering
  • Telecommunications engineering
  • Tool engineering
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Biotechnology engineering
  • Ceramic engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Computer science engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Production engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Textile engineering
  • Transportation engineering

Mechanical Engineering

One of the oldest and broadest fields of engineering, mechanical engineering, deals with the planning, construction, and use of machines. The program endows students with fundamental understanding and information of, however, serious tools and machinery work. A student following an engineering program can acquire information concerning coming up with cars, electrical motors, craft, and different serious vehicles. Mechanical engineers can also make everything from new batteries, athletic instrumentality to medical devices, and from personal computers, air conditioners, automobile engines to wattage plants. These engineers additionally style machines that turn out these innovations.

Mechanical Engineering: Eligibility Criteria

  • The basic eligibility demand to pursue an engineering program at the UG and PG level is: 
  • Undergraduate (UG): Students ought to have passed the category 10+2 test from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and arithmetic as core subjects.
  •  They ought to have secured minimum combination marks within the top of subjects. 
  • Postgraduate (PG): Aspirants should have completed a BTech degree within the same specialization with passing marks.

Software engineering

Software engineering could be a branch of technology that incorporates the event and building of a laptop software system, system program, computer program, and application software. The laptop system program consists of programs that embody computing utilities and operations systems. The applications software system consists of user-focused programs that embody internet browsers, information programs, etc. There is a great deal of investment going into software system engineering at the instant thanks to the increasing reliance on mobile technology, venture capital-backed start-ups, the growing quality of technology, and rising industries.

  • Software engineers have intensive information of programming languages, software package development, and pc operative systems,
  •  and that they apply engineering principles to software program creation. By applying these engineering principles to each stage of every method, from necessities analysis to the software program method, 
  • they’ll produce made-to-order systems for individual purchasers. Even as a technologist can check that a bridge includes a solid foundation,
  •  a coder will begin with a radical study of necessities and work the event method in a very systematic means.

Civil engineering

One of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines, civil engineering, involves coming up with, designing, constructing, maintaining, and supervising infrastructures that embody facilities essential to trendy life like highways, bridges and tunnels, schools, hospitals, airports, and alternative buildings, waste product systems and water treatment facilities. Later, the course additionally involves protective the general public and environmental health, additionally as rising existing infrastructure.

A lot of specialization provided in Civil Engineering, such as 

  • Construction Engineering
  • Coastal and Ocean Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Fire protection engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Land development
  • Materials Engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Urban Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Civil engineering jobs

Job profileJob descriptionAnnual salary
Structural EngineersThe work of a structural engineer is to design, plan, and supervise the construction of infrastructural projects like buildings, bridges, and so on.  The  average salary in India for Structural Engineers is around INR 4-5   Lakhs for fresher students
Site EngineersSite engineers take responsibility for security, safety, health, organizing, supervising material, and people working at the site.The annual salary for site Engineers is around INR 2.5-3 Lakhs for fresher students.
Geotechnical Engineers Geotechnical engineers are to create projects and find solutions to problems as they are related to geology.The annual salary for Geotechnical Engineers is around INR 3-4 Lakhs for fresher students.
Construction EngineersThe task and responsibility of construction engineers are- to plan, direct, and supervise large construction projects. They work as leaders and middlemen on construction projects and ensure everything is safe and smooth.The annual salary for Construction Engineers is around INR 3.5-4 Lakhs for fresher students.

Inner Engineering

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Inner engineering online

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Electrical engineering

Electrical Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of the application of electricity, electrical, and electromagnetism. Trained electrical engineers style electric circuits and instruments. They work on massive power plants still in tiny hardware firms that incorporate coming up with, producing, and operate power plants, industrial machinery, electrical motors, pc chips, and ignition systems for cars, aircraft, house crafts, and every one form of engines.

  • Electrical Engineering is unfolded across a variety of specialties like acoustics, speech, the signal process to magnetism compatibility, vehicles to transport technology, geoscience, and remote sensing, optical device, and electro-optics, robotics, ultra-sonic, ferroelectrics, and frequency management. 
  • A qualified electrical engineer has the choice to settle on his/her line of the trade from a variety of areas which he wants to choose
  • like computers, cell phones, electronic gadgets, radars, navigation systems, powerhouses, etc.
  • The average beginning pay of electrical engineer graduates is Rs 4 lakh and upwards.

Aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is basically the planning, construction, and maintenance of craft, spacecraft, missiles, and weapons systems. The main focuses will embrace flight safety, fuel potency, operative prices, and environmental impact. Aerospace engineers might have a selection between the analysis and development, testing, or maintenance aspects of the profession. They’re usually tasked with research and development timescales, writing manuals, and upgrading and developing new technologies.

  • They are currently additionally possible to find out the way to use the software system computer code for plans. 
  • Aerospace engineers might investigate air crashes and, therefore, the dead of components. 
  • Students of aerospace engineering apply ideas that may cover maths, science, and technology to the creation of craft and concomitant instrumentality. 
  • Specialisms embody mechanics, avionics, propulsion, and systems integration.

Aeronautical engineering

Aeronautical Engineering could be a well-known branch of engineering that draws students with interest in airplanes and their mechanisms. The first job of an associate applied scientist is to plot craft and propulsion systems; however, with time, the engineer is given more responsibilities to hold out. Achievement opportunities measure on the market in defense services and aviation trade—engineering in aeronautics due to its huge program that necessitates tons of conscientiousness and labor. However, completion, of course, is awarded for any student because it ends up in employment with smart remunerations. Associate engineering degree in physical science Engineering helps one in obtaining employment within the aviation trade, defense institutions, and civil aviation department. The typical wage of an associate applied scientist is a government agency that is six lakhs or more. With expertise, the earning grows manifold.

  • To pursue a course in aeronautical engineering, students should have studied physics and arithmetic in class. 
  • Courses in aeronautical science prepare candidates for jobs within the field of region and aviation.
  •  Classes in these fields generally a part of graduation, post-graduate curriculum. Aeronautical engineering offered at college graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate degree level.
  •  These courses facilitate candidates in turning into traffic controllers and aircraft maintenance technicians as they get active expertise in craft producing, mechanics, and engineering. 
  • Aeronautical Engineering is a technical talent, needs skilled with keen observation and robust scheming skills.

Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering generally referred to as genetic modification, is that the method of fixing the DNA in AN organism’s genome. This may mean ever-changing one base pair. (A-T or C-G),

  • deleting an entire region of deoxyribonucleic acid, or introducing an extra copy of a gene. It may conjointly mean extracting deoxyribonucleic acid from another organism’s order and mixing it with the deoxyribonucleic acid of that individual.
  •  Genetic engineering is employed by scientists to reinforce or modify the characteristics of a personal organism. 
  • Genetic engineering may be applied to any organism, from a virus to a sheep. as an example, gene-splicing may be wont to manufacture plants that have the next biological process worth or will tolerate exposure to herbicides.

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering is known together with the niche engineering branches within the country that deal with the study of engineering principles. These principles are additionally combined with the principles of medical sciences attending to contour the attention services within the country. The health care expenditure is probably going to witness a rise because of the increase in awareness and increment. what is more, spreading awareness of medical advancements has junction rectifier to a rise within the variety of individuals seeking medicine solutions for his or her health problems? this may eventually witness an increase within the employment graph of medicine engineers. These facts are evident to prove that the expansion rate of medicine engineers is probably going to be abundant quicker than the common pace for all the present occupations.

  • The study of medicine engineering involves a broad array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. 
  • This branch of engineering and sciences could be a fascinating multidisciplinary space of study that entails the applying of engineering techniques so as to help practitioners like doctors and physicians in their aid practices. 
  • The study of this branch additionally helps them within the rehabilitation of disabled patients. Candidates prospecting medicine engineering as a career possibility, candidates can pursue four years BTech programs or five years integrated BTech – Mtech programs after the undergrad level.
  • once finishing graduation, candidates may pursue a pair of years MTech program in medicine Engineering

Reverse engineering

Over the past 120 years, makers around the world have made ample machine products and elements. thanks to continual advances in technology, few of those products has remained relevant for quite many years. However, various previous elements employed in machines have stood the check of your time. once the machines break down utterly, you replace the part, not the full device. A method called reverse engineering makes exchange these elements potential.

  • Reverse engineering, generally known as back engineering, could be a method during which code, machines, aircraft, structures, and alternative product are deconstructed to extract style data from them.
  • Often, reverse engineering involves deconstructing individual elements of a larger product. The reverse engineering method allows you to work out however a machine was designed in order that you’ll recreate it.
  • corporations typically use this approach once getting a replacement from a creative instrumentation manufacturer (OEM) isn’t an associate degree choice.
  •  The reverse engineering method is called intrinsically as a result of it involves operating backward. you regularly have restricted information regarding the engineering ways that went into making the machines. 
  • Therefore, the challenge is to achieve operating information of the first style by disassembling the machines piece-by-piece or layer-by-layer.

Automobile engineering

Automobile Engineering course is that the investigation and study of producing coming up with operative cars like trucks, buses, cars, etc. and their explicit engineering subsystems. Automobile Engineering course offers specialization in various, like fuels, chassis, aerodynamics emissions, physics, ergonomics, materials, manufacturing, motorsport, speedy prototyping, vehicle, gears, and pedestrian safety or offers chain management.

  • Automobile engineering deals with the look and creation of vehicles used as means of transportation by road.
  • primarily, it derived from engineering science. a lot of specifically, it’s the branch of engineering that deals with the look, development, production, testing, repairing, management, and management of vehicles.
  • it’s a mixture of various components of engineering science, like mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, software  engineering, and electrical engineering

Indian engineering services

The Engineering Services Examination (ESE) is conducted to recruit officers for the services that cater to the technical and social control functions of the govt of the Republic of India within the field of engineering. As in most countries, in Indian government recruits its civil servants and officers through competitive examinations. several candidates take the exams, compete for a restricted range of posts. Officers are selected by the union government on the advice of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). A three-stage competitive examination (preliminary, main, and interview tests), the Engineering Services Examination (ESE), is conducted by the UPSC for achievement to the Engineering Services.

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is the branch of engineering that involves determining the way to build or do things higher. Industrial engineers are involved with reducing production prices, increasing potency, raising the standard of product and services, guaranteeing employee health and safety, protective the setting, and obliging with government laws.

  • The work of industrial engineers is to eliminate waste of your time, money, materials, energy, and alternative commodities,
  • ” in line with the Institute of business Engineers. as an example, industrial engineers may match to contour associate operating theater, shorten a roller-coaster line,
  •  build assembly lines safer and a lot of economical, and speed up the delivery of products.

Marine engineering

About a century ago nobody would have detected a few Engineering however these days it’s a profession that is established as the other renowned ones. Over the last hundred years, engineering as a field of study has developed so far. Most of those new fields are aligned to any of the fundamental engineering branches like mechanical, electrical, civil, physical science, computers, etc, and have one thing or the opposite incorporated from them.

  • Marine engineering is that the field of engineering that deals with the planning, development, production, and maintenance of the instrumentality used aboard sea vessels like boats, ships, etc.

Engineering day

Engineer’s Day is ascertained in many countries on varied dates of the year. As of the 20th November 2019, the globe Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) has selected March fourth as ‘World Engineering Day for a World’.

In India, engineers day celebrated on 15 September on Wednesday 2021.

The Engineering Community across Bharat celebrates Engineers Day on fifteen September per year as a tribute to the best Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya. “Role of Engineers in an exceedingly developing India” is the theme of Engineers Day 2017.

Top engineering college in India

Engineering is a stream of education that involves the application of Science, Technology, and Mathematics to innovate, design, develop and maintain machines, structures, software, hardware, and systems & processes. This field provides a range of career opportunities across all industries, making it one of the most sought-after courses pursued by students after Class 12, especially those from the Science stream.

Top 20 engineering college in India

1.IIT Delhi
2.IIT Kanpur
3.IIT Allahabad
4.BITS Pilani
5.IIT Kharagpur
6.ISM Dhanbad
7.IIT Guwahati
8.BIT Mesra, Ranchi
9.Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune
10.IIT Gandhinagar
11.D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune
12.IIITM Gwalior
13.Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore
14.Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
15.PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
16.International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad
17.Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (TIET), Patiala
18.Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani
19.Amity University, Noida
20.Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Campus, Kerala

Top engineering colleges in the world

Top 20 engineering colleges in the world for pursuing their career in engineering. Here is the list of world’s top 20 colleges or universities for doing engineering.

Serial.no.College name
1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2.Stanford University
3.University of Cambridge
4.ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
5.The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
6.University of Oxford
7.Imperial College London
8.Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)
9.Tsinghua University
10.National University of Singapore (NUS)
12.Harvard University
13.Georgia Institute of Technology
14.California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
15.Delft University of Technology
16.KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
17.Carnegie Mellon University
18.The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
19The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
20.Politecnico di Milano

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