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ESCP Europe – Ranking, Fee, Campus, Admission, Scholarships, Deadline

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ESCP Europe is a European school of management owned by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. ESCP is one of the selective French Grandes écoles and is referred to as one of the “Trois Parisiennes” (three Parisians), together with HEC Paris and ESSEC Business School. ESCP Europe is renowned for its program, Masters in Management, and Finance.

ESCP is affiliated to the following:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, AACSB
  • EFMD Quality Improvement System, EQUIS
  • European Foundation for Management Development, EFMD

ESCP Europe was established in 1819 and is considered as the world’s oldest business school. ESCP is the only pan-European Business School. It was modeled on the first Grande École but was supported by the state. However, from 1838, the French State started providing scholarships to the students of ESCP and accredited ESCP’s programs in the year 1852. In the year 1869, the school was brought by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. In the year 1999, ESCP merged with EAP.

The school has 6 campuses all over the world:

  • Berlin 
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Turin 
  • Warsaw     

ESCP Europe Rankings

ESCP Europe, one of the oldest business schools has been ranked 14th in European Business Schools, by the Europe Financial Times 2019. ESCP Europe has been ranked by the Worldwide Financial Times 2019 based on various departments. 

DepartmentRank in 2019Rank in 2018
Master in Finance22
Master in Management55
Executive MBA1411
Custom Programmes1818
Executive Education 2222
Open Programmes5137

ESCP Europe Business School Rankings

Established in the year 1819, ESCP Europe Business School has been one of the top business schools in Europe. The three-year average rank of the ESCP Europe Business School of the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 by the Financial Times is 13th. The school has been ranked the following by the Financial Times over the years.

  • In the year 2019, ESCP Europe Business School was ranked 14th. 
  • In the year 2018, ESCP Europe Business School was ranked 11th. 
  • In the year 2017, ESCP Europe Business School was ranked 13th. 

ESCP Europe Fees

The fee structure of different campuses for accommodation, meals, transport, leisure, and other expenses is mentioned below.

Fee structure of different campuses. Costs may vary according to lifestyle.

The tuition fee for the courses are mentioned below:

  • Master in Management: €17,900 for EU citizens per year
    • €21,500 for non-EU citizens every year
    • €180 non-refundable application fee
  • Bachelor in Management: €14,600 for EU citizens per year
    • €20,700 for non-EU citizens per year 
    • €360 additional registration fee
    • €60 non-refundable application fee
  • Pre-Master Year: €16,800 for EU and non-EU citizens
    • €180 non-refundable application fee

However, Pre-master Year is available only in Paris and Turin. Therefore, the cost of living for the same is attached below. 

ESCP Europe provides a lot of specialized master’s courses also. The fee structure for all the programs can be found on the link attached:

ESCP Europe Business School Fees

The fee structure of different campuses for accommodation, meals, transport, leisure, and other expenses is mentioned below.

The cost of living may vary according to the lifestyle of the student. 

The tuition fee of the various business programs are: 

  • MBA in International Management: €46,000 per year
    • €180 non-refundable application fee
    • €2,500 non-refundable tuition fee 
  • Executive MBA: €64,500 per year
  • Masters in Finance: €130 non-refundable administration fee
    • €25,000 tuition fee
    • €2,000 non-refundable tuition fee for confirming the admission

ESCP Europe Campus

ESCP Europe has six campuses all over the world namely, Berlin, Paris, Turin, Warsaw, Madrid, and London. 

ESCP Europe, Paris

ESCP Europe Paris is the oldest campus of ESCP Europe. The school established in Paris in the year 1819. The campus is located in the center of the city in the 11th arrondissement. It is the largest campus and has over fifty active student clubs and associations. In January 2017, ESCP moved a part of its activities to a new campus located in the 15th arrondissement. The campuses provide two libraries and a trading room where all programs are hosted at school.

ESCP Europe, London

The London campus of ESCP is located in West Hampstead in northwest London. The campus offers the student state-of-the-art facilities in a traditional Victorian Building. The campus provides a private garden and a student lounge, a trading room to experience the first-hand dynamics of the financial markets, and a student café.

ESCP Europe, Berlin

ESCP is one of the most prestigious and leading business schools in Germany. ESCP, a state-recognized university, occupies the first rank in Master in Management in Germany, in Executive MBA, and in Custom Executive Education in Germany. The campus is located near the Charlottenburg Palace, a historical landmark in Berlin. It has 19 academic chairs and more than 5 research centers. It has particular expertise in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and digitalization.

ESCP Europe, Madrid

The Madrid Campus is located 10 minutes away from the National Park of Monte de El Parlo. It is at the forefront of the School’s digital programs which includes Executive Education. The campus is surrounded by a 6000m2 garden. The academic key areas of ESCP Europe Madrid are digital transformation, real estate, and custom blended executive education. 

ESCP Europe Notable Alumni

ESCP Europe has produced a lot of recognized alumni is not only one field, but many. The school has produced alumni in Politics, Research and education, Business, Entrepreneurship, Media and culture, sports, and associations. Names of a few notable alumni are mentioned below.


  • Michel Barnier, a negotiator for Brexit in the European Union
  • Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Prime Minister of France (2002-2005)
  • Frederic Salat-Baroux, Advisor to the French President (2005-2007)
  • Francois Zucchetto, Senator of Mayenne
  • Claude Nougein, Senator of Corrèze

Research and education 

  • Olivier Blanchard, Chief Economist at IMF (2008-2015)
  • Christine Musselin, Scientific Director at Science Po
  • Michel Wieviorka, French sociologist at EHESS
  • Andreas Kaplan, Marketing Professor at ESCP, Berlin 
  • Davide Sola, a former professor at ESCP, Berlin


  • Patrick Thomas, CEO of Hermès (2003-2014)
  • Christophe de Margerie, CEO of Total (2007-2014)
  • Arnaud de Puyfontaine, CEO of Vivendi 
  • Alexandre Ricard, CEO of Pernod Ricard
  • Veronique Morali, President of Fimalac


  • Antoine Riboud, Founder of Danone 
  • Christian Latouche, Founder of Fiducial 
  • Michel de Rovira, Founder of Michel et Augustin 
  • Philippe Gloaguen, Founder of Guide du routard
  • Edouard Salustro, Chartered Accountant in France

Media and Culture

  • Christophe Barbier, French journalist
  • Serge Bromberg, Producer, and director
  • Claude Magnier, Actor, and director
  • Irma, Singer
  • Marie Vareille, Writer


  • Stéphane Diagana, Track, and field gold medalist
  • Erik Boisse, Fencer gold medalist
  • Valérie Barlois, Fencer gold medalist
  • Anne-Lise Touya, Fencer gold medalist


  • Roger Cukierman, Banker, and president of Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France
  • Patrick Lozés, Founder and President of Conseil représentatif des associations noirs de France
  • Nathalie Boy de la Tour, President of Ligue de football professional

ESCP Europe MIM 

ESCP Europe, Master in Management is a two-year, full-time general management Masters’s program that helps develop the skills needed to analyze complex strategic and operational management issues within a global context. MIM gives an opportunity to study in up to four countries, from the six campuses to other partners of the school. It was ranked 5th worldwide in the Financial Times rankings in Master in Management 2019.

The curriculum ensures innovative teaching, that is, it ensures the link between in-class theory and the reality of the business world. 

  • First Year- in the campuses, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, or Turin 
  • Second Year – in the campuses, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, or Warsaw or the partners worldwide
  • Specializations- in the campuses, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, or Warsaw.

ESCP Europe MIM Fees

The fees for the students pursuing the two-year program for September 2020 are:

  • €17,900 for EU citizens per year
  • €21,500 for non-EU citizens every year
  • €180 non-refundable application fee
  • €1,100 to €2,050 supplement due to students who required to take the catch-up semester of prerequisite courses. 

The markup of the total cost of the studies in various campuses is mentioned below, in euros. 

Costs will vary according to lifestyle and accommodation.

ESCP Europe MIM Ranking

According to the Worldwide Financial Times Ranking, the three-year average rank of ESCP Europe MIM of the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 is 5th. The two-year integrated course has been ranked the following by the Financial Times over the years. 

  • The year 2019- 5th
  • The year 2018- 5th
  • The year 2017- 6th

ESCP Europe MBA 

ESCP Europe, MBA in International Management is a 10 months full-time course, master’s degree with a minimum of three years of professional experience. ESCP Europe MBA is accredited by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). The program is offered in all the campuses:

  • Berlin 
  • London 
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Turin 
  • Warsaw

The courses are taught over two campuses of the student’s choice, which is followed by four electives of an available 23 over seven countries. The program provides 2 company consultancy projects in over 2 countries. The medium of instruction of the course is English. The objectives of the program are:

  • Providing business skills and mindset for a successful international career, 
  • Covering all functioning areas of management, 
  • Providing a multicultural hands-on experience, 
  • Providing different perspectives, teaching methods, and school of thoughts, 
  • Acquiring critical thinking, and 
  • Enhancing the student’s career.

ESCP Europe MBA Fees

The fee for the MBA in International Management for a student is €46,000 per year. A non-refundable application fee payable to ESCP of €180 is required. 

The applicants who are offered a place should pay a non-refundable deposit of €2,500 for tuition fees. 

ESCP Europe Executive MBA 

ESCP Europe Executive MBA is an 18, 22, or 30 months, a part-time program which is offered in two alternative formats: a part-time program and an online format. The program is available in Berlin, London, Paris, Turin, Beirut. It is also available as an itinerant program. The program offers

  • 9 core courses, 
  • 10 electives, 
  • 5 international seminars, and 
  • one international consulting project. 

The objective of the program is 

  • to improve a student’s leadership skills, 
  • master the most recent managerial practices, 
  • design a strategy in a multicultural context, 
  • drive and development entity performance, and
  • implement an innovative business model. 

ESCP Europe Admission

In order to be a part of ESCP Europe, a non-refundable application fee of €180 has to be deposited.

The admission takes place in three steps:

  • Preliminary Screening, Application Form: Necessary documents should be attached. 
  • Interview Process: A personal interview in the language of the interviewing campus, English, or any other preferred language is taken. An alpha-numeric reasoning test also takes place; however, it can be avoided in certain circumstances.

ESCP Europe: Admission Requirements

The admission form includes:

  • Official transcripts 
  • Secondary School Examination certificate(s)
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • Personal Statement in English 
  • Contact details for one academic reference 
  • English Language test score (TOEFL, IELTS, or CAE)
  • CV/ Resume 
  • Supporting documents of additional spoken languages
  • Photocopy of ID/Passport
  • Work experience, for specific courses. 

ESCP Europe MBA Requirements 

The requirements to pursue MBA in ESCP Europe are: 

  • A previous Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Maîtrise, Licenciatura, Laurea Magistrale, or an equivalent degree.
  • A minimum of three years of work experience. 
  • Proficiency in English 

ESCP Europe Scholarships

The scholarships are awarded to students based on merit or financial needs. The scholarships cover only tuition fees. The scholarship award amounts are deducted from the fee bill. The scholarships may or may not constitute the living expenses. Scholarships can cover 10% to 50% of the tuition fees and are renewable every year on the condition of academic achievement, behavior, and involvement in the ESCP community

Scholarships in Executive MBA, the students are offered the following scholarships schemes:

  • Women in Leadership 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals in Emerging Markets 
  • Those working for NGO/non-profit
  • Those working in Small or Medium-Sized Enterprises

The maximum amount of funding given to students in the MBA program is €15,000. In light of COVID-19, an exceptional grant of €2,500 will be awarded to all candidates who have applied before 10th July, 2020. The schemes offered are:

  • Women in Leadership
  • NGO/Non-Profit Scholarship 
  • Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • Excelencia Latina Scholarship
  • FEMC Richard Metzler Scholarship 
  • CHARPAK scholarships 
  • Foundation Benianh International
  • FUNED-CONACYT Scholarship 
  • Serge Bellanger French-American Business Scholarship Program 

ESCP Europe Application Deadlines

The application deadlines for a few courses are:

  • Master in Management: The deadline for September 2020 is closed. Applications for September 2021 will open in October 2020.
  • Bachelor in Management: London- 17th August 2020 (10th intake)
    • Turin- 24th August 2020 (9th intake)
  • MBA in international management: 26th August 2020 (15th admission round)


✅ Is ESCP a good school?

Ans. According to the Worldwide Financial Times 2019, ESCP was ranked 2nd in Master of Finance, 5th in Master in Management, 14th in Executive MBA, 18th in Custom Programs, 22nd in Executive Education, and 37th in Open Programs. According to a student at ESCP, the campus, education, and student life is worthy. 

✅ What does ESCP in ESCP Europe stand for?

Ans. ESCP in ESCP Europe stands for École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, which loosely translates to Paris Business School. 

✅ How do I apply for ESCP in Europe?

Ans. In order to be a part of ESCP Europe, a non-refundable application fee of €180 has to be deposited. The admission takes place in three steps:
1. Preliminary Screening, Application Form: Necessary documents should be attached.
2. Interview Process: A personal interview in the language of the interviewing campus, English, or any other preferred language is taken. An alpha-numeric reasoning test also takes place; however, it can be avoided in certain circumstances.

✅ Does ESCP require GMAT?

Ans. ESCP does not necessarily require GMAT. However, ESCP does require a proficiency test in English Language (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE).

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