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For international students, enrolling in one of Canada’s best event management programmes opens up a world of excellent opportunities. These programmes are meant to introduce you to the nation’s event planning industry and get you ready for the journey ahead. After finishing these courses, you will be qualified for several jobs.

Read along to know more about Event Management Courses in Canada!

Why study Event Management in Canada ?

  • Global exposure: Canada has rapidly risen to the top of the list of countries where students go to pursue higher education in recent years. Thousands of international students that travel to their shores each year from countries like India, France, the UK, and other areas of the world have taken notice of it because of its emphasis on quality and a straightforward and uncluttered approach to teaching.
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum: Curriculum for Event management in Canada cover wide range of topics from operations to project management.
  • Diverse culture: In addition to having a rich cultural past, Canada is also known for its friendly residents and government, which upholds the greatest security measures to guarantee the protection of its students and treat them fairly throughout their stay.
  • High job prospects: Students who pass out from Canadian universities get good job opportunities. Alot MNCs approach these universities for hiring.

Top Universities for Event Management Courses in Canada

Check out the top universities below :

University Course name Fees
Humber College, TorontoGraduate Certificate in Event ManagementINR 9 lakh
Centennial CollegeDiploma in Event PlanningINR 9.5 lakh
St. Clair CollegeEvent Planning ProgramINR 9 lakh
Seneca College of Applied Arts and TechnologyGraduate Certificate in Event Management – Event and Exhibit DesignINR 10 lakh
Conestoga CollegeOntario College Graduate Certificate in Event Management INR 8.5 lakh
George Brown College Event Planning Program (H141) INR 9 lakh
Trebas InstituteShow & Event Management – Montreal INR 5.5 lakh 

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Admission Procedure for Event Management Course in Canada

Event management is a viable option for those who want to develop a broad career in public relations, event planning, and other fields requiring similar ideation and execution skills. The majority of event planning professions centre upon your communication abilities, capacity for thinking expression, and ease of managing your human resources, so it is crucial that you are fluent in English.

Eligibility for Event Management Courses in Canada

Here are the eligibility criteria for those applying for the event management diploma program in Canada –

  • English proficiency test score: IELTS/ TOEFL
  • Academic transcripts for 10th and 12th
  • Please confirm with university website for additional requirements

Documentation required

Here is the list of documents you may be required to furnish –

  • Portfolio/Previous industry experience
  • Application form 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Transcripts of your previous courses duly converted into English
  • CV or Resume
  • IELTS or TOEFL score sheet
  • Proof of funds to cover college and living expenses
  • Up to 3 LORs (letter of recommendations)

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Cost of Studying Event Management Course in Canada

Let’s take a broad look at the cost of studying in Canada in Indian Rupees before we dive into the specifics of the overall costs. Please bear in mind that these expenses are only estimates, and your choice of institution or college and lifestyle will affect the overall cost of your studies in Canada.

The amount of money needed to study in Canada for Indian students is shown in the table below.

Expense TypeCost (INR)
IELTS/ TOEFL (One time)14,700 
Purchase of GIC (One time)5,59,103
Tuition fees (Total fees)10,00,000- 35,00,000
Application Fee (One time)11,000
Application for Study Permit (One time)8,000
Visa Procedure (One time)4,500
Flight Tickets (One way)1,00,000
Living expenses (yearly)5,00,000
Health insurance (yearly)50,000
Total expenses to study in Canada22,38,000 – 28,50,000

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Jobs after Event Management Course in Canada

Approximately 10,200 additional job openings for conference and event planners are anticipated between 2019 and 2028, according to forecasts released by the Government of Canada. It suggests that there is not much cause for concern in regards to the job scenario for event management in Canada.

You can work in the following positions after completing Event Management in Canada: 

  • Meeting Planner
  • Festival Organiser
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Coordinator
  • Trade Show Organiser
  • Corporate Events Planner
  • Conference Organiser
  • Event Coordinator
  • Social Events Project Management
  • Hospitality Manager
  • Human Resource Advisor

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Which course is best for event management?

Ans: The finest event management certifications include CMP (Certified Meetings Professional), CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional), and CPCE (Certified Professional in Catering and Events).

How do I become a event manager in Canada?

Ans: A college diploma, certificate, or degree is strongly advised to be competitive in the employment market because, according to Service Canada, over 80% of event planners have a post-secondary education.

Is there any scope for event management in Canada?

Ans: Between 2019 and 2028, the Government of Canada projects that there will be an increase of 10,200 new job opportunities for conference and event planners. It implies that there aren’t many reasons to be concerned about the size of event management in Canada.

Is event planning a good career?

Ans: Absolutely! Events keep improving, and the business is expanding. Event management is a fantastic career choice for anyone who believe they have the necessary talents to excel in the world of events.

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