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The International University Bremen was founded in the year 1999 with the support of the University of Bremen, Rice University in Houston, Texas. After facing some financial crisis, the Jacobs Foundation invested €200 million in the institution in November 2006, thus taking a two-thirds majority stake in the institution. Since 2007, the university has changed its name to Jacobs University Bremen.

University Presidents:-

  • 1999 – 2006 Dr. Fritz Schaumann
  • 2006 – 2012 Prof. Dr. Joachim Treusch
  • 2013 Prof. Dr. Heinz-Otto Peitgen 
  • 2014 – 2018 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt 
  • 2018 – 2019 Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann
  • Since 2019 Prof. Dr. Antonio Loprieno

Three areas of focus:

  • Mobility
  • Health
  • Diversity


The university is managed by a non-profit company Jacobs University Bremen. It comprises of four bodies: the Councilors, the Board of Trustees, the Board of Governors, and the Executive Board, which comprises the Managing Director and the President.

The campus university (approx.34 hectares) comprises of four residential colleges, buildings for administration, lecturing and research, and Information Resource Centre (IRC) with a library and digital resources, sports, leisure, and park facilities.

  • Location: Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen, Germany
  • Website: www.jacobs-university.de/
  • Phone: +494212004200


The Centre for World University Rankings (CWUR) is a leading consulting organization and is a publisher of the largest academic ranking of global universities.

National Rank: 53

  1. Jacobs University QS Ranking

World University Rankings works on the reputation of research done by universities and how often papers produced by universities were quoted around the world.

World Rank: 301

  1.  Jacobs University QS Ranking

QS World Institute of Ranking conducts surveys on a large number of the basis on the reputation of universities and also measures the quality of teaching.

Ranking: 257


University is state-recognized. There are about 1400 students with 840 international students. The faculty strength is up to 440. Most applicants are required to submit SAT/TOEFL/IELTS scores to be eligible for admission to Jacobs University.

Acceptance rate: 61.2%


The master level helps students to deepen their knowledge, specialize in the area of the chosen field, and further extend their academic qualifications. Master students at Jacobs University are trained to explore and analyze issues from multiple perspectives.

  • Data Engineering (MSc) and Supply Chain Management (MSc): It offers two English-language Master programs in the fields of Big Data Engineering and Logistics, both areas with having excellent global career opportunities.
  • Psychology (MSc): It offers a broad continuative education with a specialization in either clinical psychology or business-related fields like human nature and diversity.
  • International Relations: Topics of Global Governance and Social Theory (MA) mainly focus on the basic analysis of governance beyond the nation-state. 
  1. Jacobs University Masters Requirement
  • Essay (letter of motivation).
  • Curriculum vitae (CV).
  • University transcript in English or German Language.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • English language proficiency test with a minimum score of 90 -TOEFL, 6.5 -IELTS, or 110 -Duolingo.


The application process requires the following documents:-

  • A recommendation letter from your school.
  • School transcripts of the last 2-3 years.
  • Grades of your standardized test(s) (SAT or ACT).
  • Grades of your language proficiency test(s) (TOEFL, IELTS).

Jacobs University – How to Apply

You can apply through the Common app:www.commonapp.org

For more information, you can refer to our undergraduate application requirements page.

For further more details, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Team

Telephone: 0421 200 4200

Email: [email protected]


Jacobs University offers English-language, practical, and global market-oriented courses at the highest academic level.

Small study groups and active involvement in research projects from the first semester onwards characterize the bachelor’s degree. 

Mobility (BSc)

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial engineering & management
  • Intelligent Mobile Systems
  • Mathematics

Health (BSc)

  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Physics

Diversity (BA)

  • Global Economics and Management
  • Integrated Social Sciences
  • International Business Administration
  • International Relations: Politics & History
  • Psychology
  • Jacobs University – Supply Chain Management

The program aims at educating and training students to deal with complex problems using management and engineering skills. It is open for all students who have a strong interest in the topic and are willing to learn and work hard.

Bachelor’s program in Industrial Engineering and Management at Jacobs University mainly focuses on production processes. It also concentrates on describing, analyzing, and designing logistics systems and thus supplies chains.

  • Language: English
  • Pace: Full-time
  • Duration: 2-years
  • Study-Type: Campus
  • Tuition Fee: EUR 20,000
  • Jacobs University – Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the leading industries, as computer systems and information technology are the basis for almost all of today’s production processes. The Computer Science program at Jacobs University mainly focuses on understanding these principles and their process of approach. Core subjects are -programming, software engineering, foundations of computer science, also you will be covering mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, and statistics) 

  • Language: English
  • Pace: Full-time
  • Duration: 3-years
  • Study-Type: Campus
  • Tuition Fee: EUR 20,000
  • Jacobs University – Psychology

Psychology researches human experience and nature and develops suggestions as to how optimal conditions can be created so that people can exploit their potential for mental health, performance, and quality of life as fully and sustainably as possible. The aim of the Master’s program in Psychology at Jacobs University is to qualify the psychologists in such a way that they can help positively shape this diversity. The course has been based closely on the recommendations of the German Society for Psychology. Graduates qualify for all fields of psychology.

  • Language: English and German
  • Pace: Full-time
  • Duration: 2-years
  • Study-Type: Campus
  • Tuition Fee: EUR 10,000
  • Jacobs University – PhD

Jacobs University has a strong focus on research. Among professors and postdoctoral, Jacobs University’s Ph.D. students, which constitute more the one-quarter of all students at Jacobs University, play a vital role in defining Jacobs University as a research institution.

Duration: 3-4 years (depending on the chosen field)

There are two different ways to obtain a Ph.D. degree from Jacobs University:

  • Individualized, research-oriented degrees and structured Ph.D. programs such as the Bremen International School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) which is in joint-cooperation with the University of Bremen.
  • Jacobs University is affiliated with the Max-Planck Institute of Marine Microbiology through the graduate program in Marine Microbiology (MaMic).

Programs by BIGSSS:-

  • Changing Lives in Changing Socio-Cultural Contexts.
  • Global Governance and Regional Integration.
  • Welfare State, Inequality, and Quality of Life.


Jacobs University offers English-language, practical, and global market-oriented courses at the highest academic level.

Mobility (BSc)

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Industrial engineering & management
  • Intelligent Mobile Systems
  • Mathematics

Health (BSc)

  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Physics

Diversity (BA)

  • Global Economics and Management
  • Integrated Social Sciences
  • International Business Administration
  • International Relations: Politics & History
  • Psychology


Jacobs University profits you from a wide range of academic and campus services offered to our degree-seeking students.


  • Study Abroad in Germany in English
  • Flexible course selection across majors.
  • State-of-the-art learning and laboratory facilities.
  • A culturally diverse community of more than 120 nations.
  • Accommodation: single rooms, 24-hour security.

The average tuition fees for international students are 19,400 EUR per year, ranging from 10,000 EUR to 20,000 EUR.

Tuition fees are charged as per the study program.


Jacobs University provides its Graduate Students with easy and affordable accommodation off-campus in the city of Bremen (room only). The fee for accommodation for one academic year is EUR 4.000.

During the application process, students can decide whether they would like to use the services offered by the university or whether would prefer to find individual accommodation on their own.

Off-campus Apartments:-

  • Apartment Bremen(1.8km away from University): INR 8,693
  • Strandlust Boardinghouse(2.1km away from University): INR 7,007
  • Strandlust Vegeseck(2.2km away from University): INR 9,996


The direct costs of students, class of 2020 include tuition, room & board, and university fees.

Students must be able to bear the additional cost if imposed.

  • Tuition: € 20,000
  • Room: € 8,000
  • Fees: € 650
  • Total Cost: € 28,650

Application Deadline

You can also apply, while you are in the final year of your High school. The latest mark sheet will be required. The admission decision will be communicated 4-5 weeks after the application deadline.

Application Deadlines:

  • Early Decision: November 1.
  • Early Action: December 1.
  • Early Action II: February 1.
  • Rolling Admission: June 1 (International Students)/July 25(EU Citizens).


Jacobs University offers students a personalized financial aid package to support their education, consisting of scholarship options. You only start repaying the pending tuition fees once you successfully have a job in your hand, that way you can focus completely on your studies.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines:

  • Early Decision / Transfer Students: Four weeks after the final admission process.
  • Early Action: Four weeks after the final admission process.
  • Early Action II: Four weeks after the final admission process.
  • Rolling Admission: Four weeks after the final admission process, but by July 15th at the latest.

Loans and external scholarships are also provided to the students.\


Graduates of Jacobs University follow numerous career paths all over the world – may be a professional or academic career or an adventure into entrepreneurship. We want to share with you some of our notable alumni. 

  • HASHEM AL-GHAILI(Director of content at Futurism Media)
  • JAIQI SONG(Trainee at Kraft Heinz, China)
  • KONSTANTIN MIHOV(Cultural Development Manager, Continental)
  • FABIAN RUSSMAN(Data Analytics Consultant at D|ONE, Germany)
  • MEGI MUSTAFA(Associate Project Manager at Amgen, Germany)


”Excellent living conditions: accommodation, food, facilities. A very high number of international students (60-70%). Academic excellence and 6-7 courses per year enable you to finish your BA or BS in 3 years.”

”English is the language spoken in the University and you must be thorough with it to get around here. Outside it, though, German (of course) prevails and it’s a bit tougher, but most of the Germans I spoke knew English.”

“Highly recommended for innovative individuals who want to expand their horizons.”

“Travel is practically free with the semester ticket. The Internet is available and the Telephone is present in each room. Food included in the monthly bill.”

“Very luxurious compared to American Universities. I enjoyed having privacy without being socially isolated.”


  1. For which field of study is this career fair interesting? What does a fair offer for visitors?

Generally, the fair is for all fields (bachelors, masters, Ph.D.). The company offer consists of internships, direct entry positions, traineeships, and thesis projects.

  1. What is the main advantage of studying at Jacobs University Bremen?

The programs have been restructured, making them better. Easy access to faculty. A large number of an international crowd.

  1. Is it hard to get accepted into the Jacobs University of Bremen as an undergrad?

It is not as competitive as compared to American Universities, but is competitive in terms of the financial aid package. The harder part is surviving the undergraduate education among some of the best people from their respective countries. That introduces a whole new benchmark.

  1. Are language courses mandatory?

Yes, 10 credits in language courses are compulsory. It is an integral part of the curriculum.

  1. How is Jacobs University dealing with the COVID-19 crisis?

The University has taken extensive measures, as the health of the community is it’s the main priority. Preventing the spread of the virus has been done at an early stage.

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