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Master of Engineering Management in USA- Top Universities, Visa, Job, Salary (2022)

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The Master of Engineering Management in USA (MEM programme) is designed for seasoned STEM professionals who wish to upgrade their management and leadership skills while also deepening their understanding of both established and emerging technologies.

For those seeking a degree that combines technical and business knowledge, the Master of Engineering Management in USA provides an option. If you are interested in pursuing a career in management in engineering field then Master of Engineering Management in USA is the best option.

Read along to know more about Master of Engineering in the USA!

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Admission requirements for Master of Engineering Management

The USA offers Master of Engineering Management. Both full-time and remote learning options are available for MEM programmes. The prerequisites for admission may differ depending on the institution and the method of instruction.

Eligibility Criteria for Master of Engineering Management in USA:

  • 1-2 years of work experience.
  • GPA in the range of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale (equivalent to 80%) in engineering or STEM
  • Minimum GRE score of 300 or equivalent GMAT scores
  • 4-year bachelors in engineering or related sciences
  • Academic background in Science, Engineering, Statistics, and Calculus.

Documents Required for Master of Engineering Management in USA: 

  • Academic transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate schools attended.
  • Bachelor’s degree program in Engineering or STEM discipline or its equivalent with a good CGPA.
  • Letters of Recommendation 
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores as a proof of your english proficiency 
  • GMAT or GRE scores required by most universities. GRE or GMAT scores may be waived off for candidates with exceptional work experience.
  • A statement of purpose 

Top universities for Master of Engineering Management in USA

In the USA, there are both full-time and part-time options for earning an MS in Engineering Management degree. Part-time programmes often take 6 to 9 months, whereas full-time studies typically span 12 to 24 months.

Check out the table below for top Universities for Master of Engineering Management in USA: 

S.No.UniversityQS World Rankings 2022Programs OfferedProgram Fees (in INR)
1.Cornell University21MEng Engineering Management; 2 years81 lakhs
2.Johns Hopkins University25Master of Engineering Management; 2 year82 lakhs
3.Northwestern University30Master of Engineering Management; 1.3 years48 lakhs
4.University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)40MS in Engineering with Specialization in Engineering Management; 2 years26 lakhs
5.Duke University52Master of Engineering Management; 1 year42 lakhs
6.University of Texas at Austin (UTA)67Master of Engineering Management40 lakhs
7.University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison 75Master of Engineering Management39 lakhs
8.Pennsylvania State University (PennState)96Master of Engineering Management57 lakhs
9.Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL)107Master of Engineering Management; 1.5 years63 lakhs
10.Ohio State University (OSU)120Master of Engineering Management23 lakhs

Why Study Master of Engineering Management in USA?

You should study Master of Engineering Management In USA for following reasons:

  • In the USA, the median annual income for engineering managers is 144,000 USD. This is greater than the 105,660 USD annual average pay scale for management positions From 2017 to 2018, there was a 1% increase in total employment in this industry, reaching 194,250. 51,020 graduates from this field were engaged in the architectural and engineering fields. 
  • However, engineering managers working in scientific research and development services made the maximum income of 177,840 USD annually. Despite the fact that job growth for Engineering Managers is expected to be only 3% until 2028 (slower than the national average). It is a good option for students who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

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Syllabus of Master of Engineering Management in USA

The programme for Master of Engineering Management in USA is broad and comprehensive. To advance in their areas of expertise, students must successfully complete a number of core courses, pick electives, and complete needed internship modules.

Following is the list of subjects covered under the course of Master of Engineering Management in USA: 

  • Product Management
  • Computer Simulation for Risk & Operational Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Systems Engineering and Architecture
  • Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management, Accounting, and Finance, etc.
  • Environmental Systems Analysis, Economics & Public Policy
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Data Science for Business Intelligence
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Development and Commercialization

Duration of Master of Engineering Management in USA

The mode of the programme will determine how long the master’s in engineering management programmes last. The length of a full-time programme might range from 12 to 24 months. Programs that are offered part-time or online can run up to a year or six to nine months.

Cost of Studying Master of Engineering Management in USA

For a student, the cost of studying abroad is relatively expensive because there are various costs involved, including test scores, registration fees, tuition, living expenses, etc. These expenditures are also briefly covered in this section by dividing them into three major categories: pre-arrival costs, post- arrival costs, and cost of living.


S. no.Type of ExpenseCost (in INR)
1.Program Application Fees7,489- 14,979
2.Visa Application Fees11,983
3.IELTS Fees14,230
4.TOEFL Fees11,983- 18,724
5.GRE Fees15,353- 17,226
6.GMAT Fees18,724

Post- arrival cost 

S. no.Expense typeMonthly Expenses (in INR)
1.Hostel/ Share rentals14,979
3.Eating outs11,234
5.Entertainment and shopping18,724
6.International calls1,123

Scholarships for Master of Engineering Management in USA

International students who want to pursue higher education in the USA must shoulder a significant financial burden due to the cost of attendance and tuition for the MS in Engineering Management programme. Universities, non-governmental organisations, and other outside groups offer loans, fellowships, and scholarships to students in an effort to address this problem. ScholarshipAwarding InstituteAmount (in USD)
1.Knight Engineering Management Diversity FellowshipCornell UniversityUp to 40,000
2.Master of Engineering Committee (MEC) ScholarshipsCornell UniversityUp to 20,000
3.Knight ScholarshipCornell UniversityUp to 40,000
4.Teaching AssistantshipJohn Hopkins University16.50 per hour
5.Albert H. Rubenstein Memorial ScholarshipNorthwestern UniversityVaries 
6.Warren V. Musser Fellowship in Entrepreneurial StudiesPennsylvania State University25,000

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US Visa for International Students

Check out the list of documents required for US visa for International students:

  • Recent Passport with validity upto at least two years
  • The first year’s tuition and living expenses must be paid for out of the bank account.
  • Bank statements can serve as evidence of any scholarships awarded by American universities to whom the applicant may have applied.
  • eligibility documents, such as the I-2O for an F-1 visa.
  • Pay the 180 USD or 200 USD in SEVIS fees if you have an F-1 visa.
  • Make appointments for visas and bring a DS-160 online form to the interview.
  • Visa Varied colleges have different acceptance rates, although more than 80% of applicants often get accepted.

Salary after Master of Engineering Management in USA

The average pay for a MEM or MSEM graduate is significantly influenced by factors like the university, the candidate’s educational and professional background, the firm, location, etc. Graduates from prestigious colleges may earn an average income of $70K to $90K per year. Therefore, candidates should carefully consider their university options.

Check out the table below for salary: Job TitleRangeAverage
1.Project Manager, (Unspecified Type / General)$62k – $130k$90,351
2.Mechanical Engineer$66k – $110k$83,257
3.Project Engineer$63k – $115k$82,472
4.Manufacturing Engineer$60k – $104k$77,109
5.Project Manager, Engineering$70k – $142k$100,193
6.Process Engineer$64k – $103k$81,678
7.Electrical Engineer$68k – $127k$87,876

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Work Visa after MEM in USA

One of the most crucial considerations for students who plan to pursue higher education in the USA is a post-study work visa. Three different student visas—the F1 visa, the M1 visa, and the J1 visa—allow students to remain in the US for a set amount of time after they have finished their studies.

International students with an F1 student visa are permitted to work up to a year in temporary positions that are closely related to their major subject of study. After finishing their studies, F1 visa holders can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT).


Depending on your long-term job goals and interests, you should decide between an MBA and a MEM. While selecting a programme, candidates should be aware of the entrance requirements, programme curriculum, career outcomes, and budget. When deciding between an MBA and a MEM, you should keep the following in mind:

  • The MEM programme is only available to science and engineering graduates with a background in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Mechanics. In contrast to the MBA programme, which accepts graduates from any discipline.
  • Master’s in Engineering Management degrees are more expensive than MBA programmes. MEM programmes are made for young applicants with little to no job experience, whereas MBA programmes are made for candidates with strong professional experience.
  • A technology-focused MBA may or may not cover a wide range of topics. If you wish to advance into higher-level corporate management and leadership roles, an MBA is ideal. However, MEM is the programme for you if your interests lay in technology and technical fields and you have a desire for building strong business and decision-making skills to address complicated problems.

What is the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium ?

The Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium (MEMPC) is a team of forward-thinking universities.  Dedicated to promoting engineering management programmes to students and organisation.

MEMPC consists of the following universities: 

  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  •  Duke University
  • John Hopkins University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •  Northwestern University
  •  Purdue University
  •  TUFTS University
  •  University of Southern California 

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What is Engineering Management Masters in USA?

Ans: Masters of Engineering Management (MEM )of the most popular courses among overseas students, it is extensively provided at many American universities.

Is a masters in engineering management a good degree?

Ans: Having technology at the forefront of company in the twenty-first century, it is undeniable that earning a master’s degree in engineering management is worthwhile. Engineering is a career that involves using scientific principles in the creation of machines and structures.

Is Engineering Management in demand in USA?

Ans: For competent engineering management professionals in the USA, employment is growing steadily. In this area, the median pay has reached $144,000 annually, or INR 1.07 crore. Over the past few years, the sector’s employment has grown significantly.

Is MEM good for freshers?

Ans: In the USA, demand for qualified engineering management experts is growing steadily. In this area, the median annual salary has reached INR 1.07 crore, or $144,000. Over the past few years, employment in the sector has grown significantly.

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