MS in Data Science in Canada: A Guide to Top Courses and Universities in 2019

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Canada harbors many world-class universities which are definitely a reason why many students all over the world prefer to choose Canada for higher studies. Quality education with an experience of a lifetime, friendly environment, warm people, a master’s degree from a university recognized all over the world, what else do you need?

Are you still wondering why should you pursue a degree of MS in Data Science in Canada? Well, let us put it this way, why not pursue Data Science in the safest country whose master’s degree is recognized all over the world! Canada has the plus point of being a country with the lowest crime rate so when you move to Canada, you know you are safe.

What are Some Popular Data Science courses in Canada?

With the new inventions and the innovative ideas and advanced technologies, the demand for experts has increased. Data Science is a discipline that extracts information through various processes, scientific methods etc. from data in various forms. 

The term “data science” has become popular in recent times.  business environments and other related areas have recognized and acknowledged its importance due to which the need for data scientists has increased. As technology is an unavoidable part of the human lives the scope of data science is wide and never fading. Read here about the scholarships available in Canada.

Okay, so you want to pursue an MS in Data Science but are confused on which course to choose?

Here we are to help you with the most popular courses in Canada for MS in Data Science. Not only with the best courses, we can also help you to know where to find them. Let us have a quick look at the courses and where to find them.

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List of the Best Masters in Data Science in Canada

MSc in Computing and Data analysis at Saint Mary’s University

This is a program that focuses on preparing its students to be a professional with advanced knowledge and skills that are demanded in today’s competitive world. Master of Science in computing and Data Analytics is a professional program designed to meet the complex challenges relating to big data.

Why study  MSc in Computing and Data analysis at Saint Mary’s University?

Important aspects that are computing and Data Analytics are covered in one program. Students learn Data Analytics and business intelligence the acquisition, storage, management and analysis of huge amount of data etc.

Practical Activities

Students also equipped what the skills and knowledge to solve real-world, problems. Software design, development, customization, and Management are taught in detail.

Why study at Saint Mary’s University?

The Saint Mary’s University is ranked 45th in the whole Canada. It is among the top 10 undergraduate universities in Canada. Saint Mary’s University is located in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada. This university is best known for its nationally leading programs. Saint Mary’s University is the second oldest English speaking University in Canada.

This university is A+ in quality of teaching. This university has been constantly working to provide it student’s positive and supportive learning environment to the effective integration of teaching and research and recognizes the importance of the individual growth of its students.

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Data analytics at Athabasca University

What is Data analytics at Athabasca University course?

Data analysis or Analysis of data or Data Analytics this course is famous with various names. Basically, data analysis is a course that studies in detail about transforming and modeling data. In various business, science and social science domains there is a great requirement of experts in data analysis.


There are various techniques and approaches that are used to collect, clear, transform or model data with the goal of discovering useful information. This master’s program is intended to provide professional development for people already having knowledge about information technology.

What is the Scope of Data analytics at Athabasca University?

The focus of this course is on data analytics as well as on the technical skills and tools required to analyze data. It produces a large amount of job and opportunities for graduate students in the field of Data Management.

How is Athabasca University?

There are only 4 comprehensive academic and research universities in Alberta and Athabasca University is one of them. The Athabasca University in Canada is one popular university for online distance education. The University of Athabasca was founded in 1970 and it was the first university in Canada to specialize in distance education.

Big data at Simon Fraser University

What is the Big data course at Simon Fraser University?

This Master’s program is designed to develop data architects by training them to apply their expert knowledge of computer science to create new tools and find value in a large amount of information generated. Big data is actually data sets that are complex and huge in volume.

What is the scope of Big data course at Simon Fraser University?

Traditional data processing applications and soft wares are inadequate to deal with them. Hence, big data causes huge challenges due to which there is a need for professionals in handling big data. There has been an increasing demand for professionals in this field in recent years.

How is Simon Fraser University?

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The Simon Fraser University in Canada is conveniently referred to as SFU. SFU is a popular public research University in Canada. The university is located in British Columbia, Canada with campuses at various places. SFU has been consistent in maintaining its position as the number one comprehensive University in Canada.

Why study at Simon Fraser University?

The university was founded in 1962. This university was the first university in Canada to be accepted into the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This university which has been ranked as Canada’s best comprehensive University has higher education strategy because of which it has been attracting students all over the world.Sign up to study abroad

Why study Masters in Data Science in Canada?

Future Scope

Technology being an unavoidable part of human life the need for an expert in handling Technology is higher. The technology was invented for the convenience of the human race and make life easier, however, there have to be professionals who create, design and modify them.

Increasing demand

The need for professionals in the field of Technology will never cease. The scope in this field is wide and widening with the invention of new technology and techniques. It is quite natural to have a fascination towards this field.

Eligibility to study Data Science in Canada

  • You need to have a 4 year bachelor’s degree in the related field with a minimum B+ grade (76% at UBC)
  • TOEFL /IELTS upto 7.0 score.

List of Requirements to study Data Science in Canada

  • Some of the universities require special certificates and score like in SFU they expect prior training in Python, Java, C++.
  • In case of Athabasca University they require TOEFL, Bachelors/certification in computers.
  • In case of Saint Mary’s university the requirements are T Bachelors in Computing Science or equivalent and Minimum 70% on Computing Test by Saint Mary’s University.


How long is the course of MS in Data Science – Canada?

Ans. Usually the courses are 12 month long to 2 years long. It depends upon from one university to another and different courses of data science.

What are the requirements of reference letters in University of Waterloo?

Ans. The university requires minimum 2 academic references and 1 professional reference. If you were away from the university for 5 years, you can submit 2 professional references and 1 academic.

Studying data science abroad will get me a good job in India?

Ans. A Master’s degree from abroad has been equated to an applied data science boot camp, rather than just another academic credential. Hence it adds immense value to the CV and a good impression on the interviewer when you apply.
MS in data science abroad is advantageous as it makes the CV better and one can get a high-paid job in India for the same.

Without having a background in CS or Data science, can I apply for that field?

Ans. Student can get admission only if they have adequate training in some of the many subjects related to Data Science; in the case of the university of Waterloo, they need a solid quantitative background with emphasis in computer science, statistics and mathematics studies.

Is GRE required for this program?

Ans. You mostly didn’t require a GRE for applying in Canada universities for Data Science. You can add it as a supplement in your application. It may increase your chance of selection.

Is work experience required for the course?

Ans. No for the data science courses, you don’t necessarily need work experience, however if you have one it benefits your CV. The applications are selected for having good computer/mathematical/statistical background.

What are the job titles after doing MS in Data Science?

Ans. Some of the job titles after pursuing MS in data science are Business Intelligent Analyst, Data mining engineer, data scientist, data architect, business analyst.

What are the language requirements for the program?

Ans. The minimum IELTS score is 7.5 with atleast 7.0 in writing and speaking. The TOEFL score requirements ranges from 80 to 100 and depends upon universities.

Are there enough job opportunities in this field?

Ans. Yes, as data science is an emerging field, more and more companies are opening up creating more job titles and employment for the people.

Are there online data science courses available?

Ans. There are many courses related to data science available and Canadian universities offer many good courses which the students can pursue while sitting at their home.


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